Thursday night’s episode of Impact had a lot of ground to cover. Not only did it have to show the aftermath of last Saturday’s No Surrender event, but it also had to start the short buildup for Sacrifice, which comes up on March 5th. To a large extent, a lot of that was done through promo segments – one featuring Moose to set up his next challenger, and one spotlighting Eddie Edwards’ decision to turn his back on Impact and join Honor No More. All that and some matches, too.


Moose promo segment

Impact World Champion Moose came to the ring, and bragged about beating W. Morrissey at No Surrender. He said that Morrissey will likely lose his mind like others that he’d beaten in the past: Josh Alexander, who got so crazy that he’s no longer with Impact; Matt Cardona, who turned on the fans; and Eddie Edwards, who turned on Team Impact and sided with Honor No More.

Heath’s music played and he came to the entrance ramp and made his way down the ramp. Heath said that Eddie was the flag-bearer for Impact, so his turn isn’t something to celebrate or gloat over. Heath reminded Moose that the company is still at war with Honor No More, so Moose should get serious and become a true leader. Moose questioned Heath’s dedication to the company, noting that he wasn’t even at No Surrender and didn’t do anything when Honor No More was running rampant. Heath said he was following COVID protocols, and now that he’s tested negative, he’s back and wants a match with Moose. Moose said he doesn’t care about Team Impact, the Impact fans, Impact Wrestling as a company, or anything or anyone else – including Heath’s “ugly ass kids”, and that prompted a response from Heath in the form of fisticuffs. Heath won the battle with a Wake Up Call that left the champ laying.


When Heath got to the back, he ran into Team Impact who were itching for some revenge on Honor No More, and they said they would find them backstage and fight. Impact Executive Vice-President Scott D’Amore came in and reminded them that according to the stipulation, Honor No More have every right to be there, and they would need to get their revenge in an official match. D’Amore noted that Eddie Edwards was going to be there tonight to explain his actions at No Surrender, and that nobody was allowed to touch him. But at Sacrifice on March 5th, Rhino would get the chance, as he was going to face Eddie in a match. Rhino was pumped about getting the opportunity to exact some bloody revenge.

D’Amore was still backstage when Honor No More entered the building (late, which he noted). He told them they had safe passage but would be competing tonight. D’Amore noticed that Edwards wasn’t with them, and Taven told him that Eddie would be arriving later to explain his actions.

Moose then walked up to the group. He let them know he had no beef with them as long as they stayed out of his way, and didn’t get designs on his World Championship. After Honor No More left, D’Amore berated Moose for his earlier comments about not caring about Impact. He said that Moose should be angry with Eddie Edwards for betraying Impact. So to make Moose care about Eddie, D’Amore was giving Eddie a title shot against Moose at Sacrifice. Moose wasn’t happy.


Match 1: Jordynne Grace vs. Matt Cardona (c) – Dotcombat (No-DQ, No Countout) Match for the Digital Media Championship

At the bell, Grace whacked Cardona with a DVD player, but could only get a 2-count off of that. They fought for a bit on the floor, and then Grace found a bunch of electronic-themed plunder, like a powerbar and some keyboards to be used as weapons, throwing them into the ring before the show went to commercial. But Cardona had taken over and was in control when we returned – the replay showed that he’d booted Grace in the head and then DDTd her on the floor). Back in live action, Cardona smashed Grace with the keyboard and continued to work over her head and neck.


Cardona tried to Suplex Grace onto a chair, but she reversed him and dropped him rib-first onto the back of the open chair. She then hit him with another keyboard and a broken selfie stick. Then Grace grabbed a bag from under the ring and poured a bunch of cellphones onto the mat and Powerbombed Cardona into them, forcing him to smash her in the face with a mouse to escape the pin, and then blasted her with a chair. A hurt Grace low-blowed Cardona, but it didn’t faze him as he revealed he was wearing an athletic cup, which he took out and mocked her with. With his little Cardonas now unprotected, Grace hit another low blow, and then suffocated Cardona with his own cup – which earned her a two-count. She was going for another move, but Cardona reversed the move and threw her face-first into a chair that he’d wedged between the ropes. That was enough to keep Grace down for the pin.

This was a bit of a jumble and wasn’t great. Grace was the aggressor, doing more with the No-DQ stipulation than Cardona, so that came across as a bit heelish. And the way she lost – just by being outsmarted/ out-maneuvered, it just made her seem weak and kind of dumb – not a good look for someone who’s supposed to be seen as a credible threat.

Winner, and still Digital Media Champion: Matt Cardona

In their dressing room, Tenille Dashwood wasn’t happy with Kaleb for costing her the match at No Surrender. The Iinspiration came in and said they were looking forward to facing the Influence at Sacrifice. They tried to talk with Kaleb which angered Madison Rayne, and the two teams started arguing, with Cassie Lee slapping Rayne. Kaleb broke it up, and then Rayne challenged Lee to a match next week. The Iinspiration left, making a point to say bye to Kaleb on their way out. Rayne and Dashwood were mad at Kaleb, blaming him for what just happened.

They showed the ending of the BTI pre-show match where Ace Austin and “Speedball” Mike Bailey beat Trey Miguel and Jake Something.

In the back, Gia Miller asked Something if being pinned in that match would affect his momentum going into match with Miguel at Sacrifice for the X-Division Championship. Miguel came in before Jake could answer, saying that Something shouldn’t feel bad about losing. Something got hot, saying that he didn’t need a pep talk or for Trey to pity him, but rather to fear him, and then stormed off.


Match 2: John Skyler vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Brian Myers was sitting at a separate commentary table for this one.

Gujjar started off quickly and rattled Skyler with some big hits and throws. Skyler begged off, but that was a ruse, and he whipped Gujjar into the corner face-first and took over. But Gujjar came back with some big moves like a Short-Arm Flying Knee and a big Spinebuster. After some more back-and-forth, Gujjar blocked a Superplex attempt, shoved Skyler off, and then hit a Flying Shoulder off the middle ropes for the pin.

This was a good, short match. Gujjar showed some good fire, especially at the start, and the finishing move looked pretty neat.

Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar

After the match, W. Morrissey came down the ramp, bee-lining it to Myers’ commentary table, pausing only to take a shot at Skyler on the way. Morrissey went to put Myers through the table with a BQE Powerbomb, but Skyler hit Morrissey in the back, freeing Myers. So Morrissey put Skyler through it instead, while Myers scurried away.


This was fun. Though after seeing Morrissey in title contention this past weekend, pushing him down into a feud with the likes of Myers is a huge step down.

A pre-taped Steve Maclin promo aired. He’s not interested in any excuses that Eddie Edwards will offer for his actions at Turning Point. The two will have a match next week.


Match 3: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lady Frost – for the AAA Reina des Reinas Championship

Lady Frost answered Purrazzo’s open challenge, and chose to compete for the AAA title.

After some nice technical exchanges, Frost hit the first big move with a hard boot to the head for a two-count. But when she went for a follow-up corner charge, Purrazzo avoided it, got behind Frost, took her down, and targeted Frost’s knees in a take down and some knee locks. Purrazzo continued to go after Frost’s legs, while Frost tried to fight back – including hitting a nice Standing Moonsault from the apron onto Purrazzo who was on the floor.


But, as she does, Purrazzo went back to her submission strategy, working on Frost’s legs from every possible angle. Frost fought back and tried to roll up Purrazzo, but couldn’t plant her legs. So Purrazzo was able to reverse position, grab Frost’s arms, and lock on Venus De Milo, forcing Frost to tap out immediately.

This was a good match, and from a psychology / storytelling standpoint, one of the better ones that Purrazzo has had with these open challenge opponents.

Winner, and still AAA Reina des Reinas Champion: Deonna Purrrazzo

After the match, Gisele Shaw walked to the ring, sharing a glance with Purrazzo on her way to the ring. With Frost down in the corner, Shaw posed grandiosely in the ring, stealing the spotlight from Frost like she did a couple of weeks ago after Frost’s debut match.

Backstage, “Switchblade” Jay White was with Chris Bey and the Good Brothers who, after No Surrender, are back in the Bullet Club. White said that his match at Sacrifice against Alex Shelley won’t be personal, but rather strictly business. He said that him turning on the Guerillas of Destiny at No Surrender was similarly, strictly business. He said that G.O.D. didn’t meet his standards, so as the leader of the Bullet Club, he had to dump them and replace them with the Good Brothers.

Violent By Design walked up, and reminded White that they had a deal, and that the Good Brothers owe VBD a Tag Team Championship match. White said that VBD’s deal with the Good Brothers is null and void now that they are back under his fold. As they debated the point, the G.O.D. ran in and attacked the Bullet Club and chased them away. After they left, G.O.D. and VBD share a look of mutual understanding.


Match 4: Zicky Dice vs. JONAH

Zicky tried to start hot but ran into the brick wall named JONAH who dropped him with a Suplex, squashed him with a Running Senton, and ended him with a Sit-out Powerbomb. After the match, JONAH put the punctuation point on it by hitting a Tsunami off the top for good measure.

This match lasted about as many seconds as this paragraph has words. Another great showcase for JONAH.

Winner: JONAH

When Jonah got to the back, Gail Kim admonished him for beating up his opponents after the bell. JONAH said he was bored with lesser competition and wanted to face someone worth his time. Gail obliged him, making the match between JONAH and PCO at Sacrifice.

After JONAH left, Johnny Swinger popped out of nowhere and said he still had issues with JONAH who tried to end him the other week. Swinger asked Gail for a match against JONAH next week, and she agreed. Poor Swinger.

Gail met with Knockouts Champion Mickie James and Chelsea Green in her office. Mickie said that she wants there to be featured Knockouts Championship match at Sacrifice, and she wanted Green to finally get her match for the title, so asked that Gail make the match. Gail was going to grant the request, but Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans barged in. Steelz said that Green hasn’t done anything to deserve a title shot, but Gail reminded Steelz that she actually helped Green get a disqualification win over Mickie some weeks back. After some arguing, Gail made a match between Tasha and Chelsea next week, with the winner becoming the number one contender for the title. Green wasn’t pleased by this development. Mickie said that she’ll have her back next week, but Green told her that she wanted to do it on her own.


Match 5: Honor No More (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Kenny King) (w/ PCO, Vincent, and Maria Kanellis-Bennett) vs. Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, and Willie Mack (w/ Rhino and Heath)

The teams started brawling before the bell, and when the dust settled, Team Impact were the ones in control.


But after losing a few seconds to a distraction by PCO on the floor, Chris Sabin got surprised by a big shot from Bennett, and soon he was in jeopardy. He got trapped in the wrong corner for a while, but finally got loose and tagged in Swann who had a little more success. Team Impact were doing well, but some Honor No More shenanigans resulted in Sabin and Swann being taken to the floor and Willie Mack not knowing who the legal opponent was. After some double-teaming, Taven and Bennett hit Mack with the Proton Pack, and that was enough to keep him down for good.

This felt a bit rushed, but it was a good showcase for Honor No More. The win was pretty definitive and clean, so having Mack take the fall was the right way to go.

Winners: Honor No More


Eddie Edwards promo segment

After the match, Maria introduced Eddie Edwards, and he came to the ring. As he made his way down the ramp, Swann got right into his face, but didn’t touch him, respecting the edict laid down by Scott D’Amore earlier in the night. But during the commercial break, apparently Team Impact were ready to defy D’Amore as he was at ringside, ordering them to the back as they objected.

Edwards said that he understood the anger that the Impact roster – and fans – must be feeling. But he said he’s not the one to blame. Edwards said it wasn’t because of his friendship with the HNM guys that made him join them, nor was it their shared sense of betrayal that the company announced its hiatus. Rather, he joined them because he – like they – wanted to shed light on the corruption and dishonour that has taken root in the wrestling industry. Eddie said that he wanted to expose the corruption within Impact Wrestling.

He said that during the pandemic, Impact opened the Forbidden Door, and Eddie had faith that it was being done because it was best for business. But when the company allowed an outsider like Kenny Omega to win the Impact World Championship, and Impact management didn’t prevent that from happening, then that started to open up Eddie’s eyes. He realized that the roster would do what management failed to do and regain the title. But after Sami Callihan failed to get it back, and Moose failed to get it back, and Josh Alexander was given a chance – despite the fact that Eddie had pinned Omega in a tag team match – that he realized the company had “honor no more.” That despite the faith he had in the company, it was clear that the company had no faith in him.

He said that he was called the heart of Impact Wrestling, but management ripped the heart out of him when they made the decision to not give him a chance to regain the company’s title. He said he gave everything for the company and got nothing in return. And as to him joining HNM, he said his motivational mantra that “anything is possible.”

Eddie’s wife Alisha then came to the ring, angry and disappointed with Eddie for his choice. Eddie questioned why she was out there. She said that Eddie should be asking for forgiveness from the company, the roster, and the fans.


Eddie said that she should understand because she was there beside him when he never got his shot. She said that he always told her to keep the faith that anything was possible. She asked him if he really felt that the others didn’t deserve the chance to bring the title back to Impact. She said that Josh Alexander was the one who actually did it. So Eddie needs to stop whining and come back to the Impact family.

He pointed to Honor No More and told her that they were his family now. She asked if that meant she’s no longer his family and he said that was up to her. But he was walking away on anyone who has turned his back on him. He and Honor No More left the ring, leaving Alisha standing there alone looking upset.

This was good. Eddie was never the best promo and it took a bit to get to his reasons, but when he go there, the story made sense. Alisha isn’t the best talker either normally, but she also did well. It was interesting to hear so many references to Josh Alexander on the show, both in the opening and closing segments. Kind of makes you wonder (and hope) if these are seeds planting for a return?



Impact Wrestling - February 24th, 2022

Alario Center - New Orleans, LA

The timing between No Surrender and Sacrifice may be a bit too short, as they really had to cram in a lot into this episode. As a result, there was a bit of an imbalance in terms of talking vs. in-ring action. The in-ring was good for the most part, but in some cases felt almost perfunctory compared to everything else.