It’s time to go on a trip, folks; and it’s a POWERRR-trip courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance.  This show, in conjunction with Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling, is another pop up event that has some spectacular action.

This is the first of three shows taped for NWA POWERRR (and before anyone asks…No, this is not *that* show.  You know the one I’m talking about.  So cool you jets and remember, all good things to those who wait, dear Clarice).

But it does have a great women’s match with Chelsea Green and Kenzie Paige, a two out of three falls match with Colby Corino and Rhett Titus, and a title Match with the NWA Women’s champion Kamille versus…Taryn Terrell?

Okay, admittedly that last one is a hard sell, but I’ll roll with it, as we are coming to you all the way from Valor Hall in Oak Grove, Kentucky. Your commentators Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call.

Speaking of which, Galli is in the ring and talks to Jax Dane on what’s next. Dane promises violence is what’s next.  He’s done with kissing babies, and smiling for grandparents.  That Jax Dane, he says, is dead and he “killed” that side of him off, like he did “Crimson”. Galli asks what to expect, and Dane promises more of the same.  That leads right to the First Match of the night…

Jax Dane vs. Eric Jackson

Yes, Kentucky, this is a squash match, and I do not recap squash matches.  So please take the time to enjoy this Kentucky Southern Squash Casserole recipe. 

Two things I will note from the match:  Dane spent the entire time wrestling in a fur vest, without breaking a sweat, and he hits the Dane Event clothesline that sounds like a shotgun blast to poor Jackson, which is apropos as it puts young Jackson out of his misery.

Your Winner:  Jax Dane

Kyle Davis comes in the ring after the “match”, and asks Dane about the one mile distance that his “legal team” issued in the restraining order with Anthony Mayweather, because he correctly points out he’s in the same building as Dane, and it’s nowhere near the distance needed.  Dane doubles down and calls all that talk as lies, but is gracious and says to Davis, “You’re welcome for my time.”

(Note to Self:  Use that phrase every time I have to deal with any people.)

But let’s gets to your next match which is between…

Courtesy of the NWA

“The Hot Mess” Chelsea Green vs. Kenzie Paige

While Green is introduced as “The Hot Mess,” she looks nothing like it, as the makeup is on point and she is more focused on the match ahead. As Paige comes to the ring for her intro, I can’t help but notice she is looking more toned than in matches past.  I know a lot can happen in between tapings, but it was a stark contrast, and kudos to her.

As the match starts, it’s a great back and forth between Paige and Green, going move for countermove, and even going to seesaw sunset flip pin attempts (say that three times fast!), and Paige gets the Exploder suplex on Green.  Paige goes on the attack and tries a pendulum dropkick, but Green grabs her leg and sends Paige crashing to the concrete floor. The ref starts to count her out as Green rolls back in the ring, but Paige gets back at the seven count, but gets a stun gun on the top rope by Green and a big boot to cover for a two count.  Green tries multiple pins to put her away, but Paige keeps kicking out every time to her frustration.  Paige rallies back and a dual head butt knocks both women out. The fans are getting into this, chanting “This is Awesome!”

The women are on their feet, delivering back and forth slaps, and Paige fires up with a Superkick and covers for a close two count.  Paige is getting frustrated, and tries a package piledriver, but Green escapes. Paige rushes, but Green catches her and sends her head first to the middle turnbuckle.  Green follows with a curb stomp to the second turnbuckle, and covers for a two count.  Paige rallies and gets a Kenzie Cutter for one, two… Green gets her foot on the ropes for the ref to break the count.  Green covers her face and complains about her nose.  As the ref checks on Green, Paige separates and turns her back, but she catches Paige in a Killswitch and that’s enough to get the pin and the win for the Hot Mess.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Chelsea Green

We go to a recap of NWA USA last week, but you should check out the recap by our own Greg Oliver for his take on what took place.

(On that note:  Thanks, boss!  I know I owe you, and then some.)

Now we go to a match that is bound to be a sleeper hit, and it’s the…

Courtesy of the NWA

Two out of Three Falls Match: “The Last Bastion of Professional Wrestling” Colby Corino vs. “The Professional” Rhett Titus

I haven’t followed Ring of Honor as much as I used to, except on the peripheral.  But seeing Titus in his new incarnation, my impression is he has come a long way from being “Addicted to Love” to being “The Professional”, which is an impressive reinvention.  Also, for those of you jonesing for some ROH action, then consider this the amuse bouche.

Titus starts off with the Code of Honor (naturally), but Corino sneers at it. Honor No More, indeed.  The start has some fantastic technical wizardry by both men.  While Titus has the height advantage, Corino is no slouch, as he has the Dark Side of Douchenozzlery ™.  To that point Corino stun guns Titus on the top rope, and uses the ropes to slingshot and target his lower back. Titus tolls out and Corino follows with a high speed tope suicida that crashes both men to the barricades.  Back in the ring, Corino covers for a one count, and the fans rally for Titus, with chants of “Let’s go, Pro!”  Corino goes to the ropes and Titus slingshots him to a suplex with a bridge for a two count.  Titus follows with a backbreaker to a gutwrench suplex.  He attempts a dropkick, but Corino sidesteps, and rolls him up for a two count. Titus goes again for a standing dropkick, and this time hits the target to cover for the first pin.

Your Winner of the First Pin:  Rhett Titus, 1-0

After a break, Titus rushes and nails Corino with a running boot.  He goes up top, but Corino sweeps the leg (yeah, Johnny!  Put him in a body bag).  Corino follows with a package to a backbreaker to cover for a two count.  Corino goes to a sharpshooter submission, but releases to nail an elbow to the injured back of Titus.  Corino tries to pick up Titus, but he collapses his weight and covers The Last Bastion for a two count.  Corino comes back and focuses his attacks on Titus’ back, with a backstabber to cover for another two count. He nails the Colby Crush on Titus’ back and covers, but the ref catches Corino’s feet going past the ropes to stop the count, amidst his protests.  Corino riles up the crowd, but Titus goes with a small package for a two count.  Corino catches Titus in a modified Koji Clutch, but his height works to his advantage and he gets to the ropes to break the submission.  Corino grabs Titus and goes to a double arm to a backbreaker and covers for another two count.  Corino is starting to get desperate, as he’s behind the eight ball in this match.  He goes up top, but Titus nails another dropkick and covers but Corino has the presence of mind to get his foot to the rope to stop the referee count.  There are pin attempts a-plenty, but a roll up for Corino this time ensures he gets the second fall over Titus.

Your Winner of the Second Pin:  Colby Corino, 1-1

Now this is do or die for the third and final pin, as Titus and Corino trade chops.  Titus attempts a suplex, but a knee by Corino to his face into an Ace Crusher stops that.  Titus throws his entire weight to Corino’s back, and follows using the ropes to do a slingshot belly to belly suplex to cover for a two count.  Titus goes for a single leg crab submission, but Corino fights off with kicks to his face to break the hold.  Corino gets a double stomp to Titus’ back, and a suplex to another backbreaker, but just gets a two count.  Corino then cinches in a calf crusher/Indian Deathlock variation and leans to the side to add pressure to Titus’ leg and left side of his body.   Titus’s height manages to push himself and Corino to a sitting position, and both men trade slaps to the face.  Titus is out, and Corino stalks his prey, but Titus was playing possum and smoothly gets a single leg carb submission to a knee in the back of the Last Bastion, but Corino reaches the ropes to break hold.  Titus goes up top for a superplex to Corino, but his back is now starting to show the wear and tear.  He instead backdrops Corino to the mat, and then whips him into the corner turnbuckles hard.  Titus gets Corino in a spinning backdrop for one, two…And he just barely kicks out to Titus’ surprise.  Corino goes in the corner, and Titus grabs him by the waist, but he hangs to the tag ropes hanging from the turnbuckle. The ref steps in and pulls Corino away from the ropes and tucks them back.  While he’s distracted, Corino gets a mule kick to the…err, “little Professionals” of Titus, and a rolling elbow to the back of his head ensures Corino gets the decisive pin, and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Colby Corino, 2-1

After the match, The Fixers come carry Corino out on their shoulders, and that is proof that sometimes Douchenozzlery prevails.

Kyle Davis is with Taryn Terrell, and she promises when she wins the NWA Women’s title, she will get “The Burke” and rename it “The Terrell,” and Kamille will say “Byeeeeee!” to the title.

Folks, it hurts my soul just typing that. I took no joy in it at all.

Nor do I take any joy in recapping or typing that this is the Main Event of the night, which is for the…

Courtesy of the NWA

 NWA World Women’s Championship match: Kamille (c) vs. Taryn Terrell

During Terrell’s ring intro, Sky really hyped up the fact that she is a true competitor, having fought against Gail Kim and being a World Champion.  As Kamille comes to the ring, and Kyle Davis starts to deliver the boxing style intros, Terrell gets the mic to get someone special to introduce her…like herself.

Never have I wished harder that the Brickhouse delivers true bodily harm to another person than this match with Terrell.

(Author’s Rant:  Before I start, I would like to state for the record there are a few people in wrestling that I loathe.  Like truly loathe, and if the Gods of the Squared Circle hear my prayer, I ask they grant the swift, brutal revenge that those individuals so richly deserve, and if they do not listen, well then to Hell with them!

Terrell fits a category that I call Character Detest.  As a human, I think Terrell by herself is an accomplished woman, and really has solidified her place in wrestling, especially with her time in TNA/IMPACT wrestling.

But *this* Character?  This vapid, insipid, uninspired, tedious, bubble-headed Character?!  If she stayed in a manager role with Jennacide and Paola Blaze, I’d be less irked.  As a wrestler in this Character incarnation, I have little to no patience, and the “matches” have done nothing for me to invest in the Character.  The only way I can truly get into and handle this match is if I tap into my German heritage and appreciate the true Schadenfreude of watching the Character of Terrell suffer at the hands of the Brickhouse herself.

If you think I’m being unreasonable, ask Bob Kapur what he thinks of Brian Myers, and then come back to me.

Oh, and I’m also coming off work in a foul mood, and wishing the worst of people get some horrible retribution.  Now normally, good wrestling soothes this savage best.  But this match?  Not happenin’ today, sunshine!  Let the schadenfreude commence!

End Rant.)

Gods, I needed that off my chest.  Anyway back to the (sigh) match:

Terrell asked for her water cup to stay hydrated and the ref acquiesced.  Even Kamille is tired of this nonsense, and she gets Terrell with a fisherman suplex with a release, and she proceed to woman-handle Terrell, and I have never been happier

(Remember…schadenfreude.  Look it up.)

Kamille is the de facto ’face here, as she tries to rip Terrell’s head off its shoulders.  Terrell manages to get a jawbreaker, and tries to follow with a crossbody, but Kamille counters to a fallaway slam.  The fans in Valor Hall chant (rightly so) “Brickhouse.”  Terrell goes to her corner to get some more water to stay hydrated.  When Kamille kicks her in the midsection, Terrell a spit take, and she uses the distraction for a cover, but gets a one count. Terrell is feisty, but this is Kamille’s world.  Terrell gets a flying neckbreaker and covers, but it’s only a two count, even though she thought it was three.  Terrell goes to put the Thirst Trap (Camel Clutch), but… you guessed it, Kamille powers out.  Kamille finally gets serious, nails the Spear to Terrell, and mercifully the match is over!

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Still NWA Women’s Champion:  Kamille

Your Losers:  We, The Fans

The Brickhouse stands tall as the show fades to credits.


Final Thoughts:

I typically rate a show on the First Match setting the tone for the show, with the Main Event providing the satisfying climax.  Jax Dane’s squash match was harmless, but added nothing.  Paige/Green and Corino/Titus were easily 4 and 5 star matches.

The Main Event?  I can just say I enjoyed the schadenfreude… but then again, I’m half German, so take that for what it’s worth.  But, whoever was editing the show… yeah, good luck with that.

In any case, we’ll see you in seven for another PowerrrTripp