Maybe it’s the fact that James Brown is pumping at full volume as I type this recap, but tonight’s NWA POWERRR is all about The Payback, with rematches galore.  So no Dokken needed to step Into The Fire, as we head straight to the action, where Mike Knox faces the NWA Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch, as he puts the Ten Pounds of Gold up for a chance to face Matt Cardona down the road.

We go to the GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA.  Your commentators Joe Galli, Austin Idol, and Velvet Sky have the call, and we waste no time, because at the podium is Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox. Murdoch says to Knox he’s lucky to fight him, because it’s obvious he didn’t get enough of an ass whupping. Knox replies back that he respects the champ and Murdoch is worthy of holding the title, but he ain’t smart. He’s just gonna smarten him up some more once they get in the ring tonight.

Nice promos to whet the appetite for the Main Event, but for now let’s get to the First Match of the night, which is a handicap tag team rematch between…

Courtesy of the NWA

Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG & Dirty Dango) vs. Ill Begotten (Rush Freeman, Captain YUMA and Alex Taylor)

Last time, The “Honorary Ill-Begotten members” The Fixers managed to… err, fix JTG and Dango.  This time, DSG is laser focused and want to dole out receipts in full.  Freeman starts, and then quickly tags to YUMA.  YUMA stressed to Dango and JTG he wasn’t part of the shenanigans Taylor and Freeman cooked up, but they are clearly not interested.  DSG quickly isolate Captain YUMA, and becomes an Ill Begotten in Peril.  YUMA manages to get JTG to his side, and then Freeman starts using underhanded tactics, much to the Captain’s chagrin. JTG gets the hot tag, and The Dirty One is a Dango en Fuego (say that five times fast, kids!).  He takes the offense to YUMA, and Dango nails a falcon arrow, and finishes to a flying leg drop to win.

Your Winners:  The Dirty Sexy Boys

Kiera Hogan is on the hot seat with May Valentine on another edition of Heart 2 Heart! Valentine notes that Hogan seems to have elevated her status with her matches against her idol, Mickie James.  Hogan agrees and notes it’s been a dream for her, and has had an impact on her.  It does weigh on her that she hasn’t beaten James twice, but she wants to continue to stay positive with all opportunities.

Nice interview, and maybe sowing the seeds for a heel turn for Hogan.  Guess time will tell on that one.

Now backstage with May Valentine is Christopher Silvio, Esquire. As the lawyer for Jax Dane, he states that Anthony Mayweather served himself.  Silvio further lays out that given the threats to his client, Mr. Dane, it is *he* who running afoul of law. Resto ipso loquitur.

Me, I know some Latin, too.  Specifically, In vino veritas.

Now, going from courtroom drama, to wrestling mat mayhem, it’s time for a …

Courtesy of the NWA

No Disqualification Match:  Sal Rinauro vs. Cyon

Sal comes out to the ring, half dressed, with a crazed look in his eye.  No sooner than he comes in the ring does The Sinister Minister appears with Judais in tow, and says, “You’re here, father!”  Cyon appears, and is focused, but as soon as the bell rings, Sal goes outside the ring and goes under the mat, straight for hardware.  Once he comes up with a few steel chairs, he comes in and Cyon gives a big boot to Sal, and follows outside with chops to Sal’s chest.  He gives a big back drop to a The Podium, and then Cyon takes Sal to the Commentary desk.  He tries to slam Sal’s head, but Your Pal Sal reverses and he rams Cyon mask first on desk.  He then gets a chair and Sal comes down and slams the chair on Cyon.  Your Pal Sal is more and more becoming Dark Side Sal™, grabs the Timekeepers table, props it up, and slams Cyon onto the table. 

Back in the ring, Cyon comes back with a somersault front slam, to a surfboard submission, to a slam to cover for a two count.  Cyon is in control, and goes for an Irish whip to the corner, but Sal reverses and Cyon gets hit with a chair propped in the corner.  Cyon sends out Rinauro outside, and then Austin Idol comes out and looks like to mock him, but… no, he’s encouraging Sal to get up.  Well, Salt gets Crazy Eye and grabs that Timekeeper’s ball peen hammer, and Sal has evil intentions, but Cyon gets him in the signature DVD, and transitions into a crossface with the hammer pressed firmly on Sal’s temple.  Sal is screaming bloody murder, and the ref has no choice but to call it.

Your Winner via Referee Stoppage:  Cyon

Sal is still screaming in pain, as the Minister and Judais walk away.

We get plugs for Team Wars.  It is a trios matchup of eight teams (a total of 24 competitors), vying for a chance at $30,000.00.  Quite a few people have ideas on how they’ll get the prize.  I’m curious how this will play out.

We get a recap of the latest NWA USA, and you should be following the show on Saturdays, or checking the recap to see what you’re missing.

Back at The Podium, Kyle Davis is with Paola Blaze, Jennacide, Taryn Terrell and Natalia Markova. Blaze is incensed at Markova, and wants to break her face. But Jennacide challenges Markova, the Russian beauty agrees, and the match is happening so on.

The best part of the segment?  Terrell wasn’t given the chance to speak.  Between her and Markova, I’ll take the Russian cold shoulder versus bubble headed ditz-speak any day.  I’m used to women overlooking me for less desirable choices.

But, enough about Provo, UT.  Let’s turn to The Main Event, and it’s for the …

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Part II: Trevor Murdoch vs. Mike Knox

Idol says it’s a super heavyweight fight, and he ain’t kidding.  I already covered the original match for Hard Times 2, and the rubber match looks to be just as intense, as the stakes are higher this time around.  Once the bell rings, it’s off to the races, and Murdoch attacks with a double leg takedown and cross face punches.  He keeps up the offense, by taking Knox to the apron, and delivers a picture perfect Undertaker-style leg drop.  Murdoch follows up with a crossbody to cover for a two count.

Soon, the audience could sense a tremor in the Douche Side of The Force™, as Matt Cardona shows up, and Murdoch is immediately distracted, and that gives Knox the opportunity to throw the champ to the corner, and his shoulder hits the ring post.  Knox keeps up the violence, ramming Murdoch on the outside from post to post.  Back in the ring, Knox works on arm, wrenching on the champ to take away flying bulldog finisher.  Murdoch gets an eye rake, and then Knox follows with a body slam.  Knox goes to elbow drop, but misses. He tries again and succeeds in hitting the mark, and covers the champ for a two count.  Knox picks him up, but the champ gets a boot to his midsection, and a spike DDT to Knox.  He rolls up Knox for a close two count, and then gets an inside cradle that gets the one, two, and three.

Your Winner, and Still NWA Heavyweight Champion:  Trevor Murdoch.

After the match, Murdoch stalks Cardona, and he is backing away quickly, in true chickens*** fashion. The champ gives chase, but Knox gets a crossbody, and mounts the champ with punches. Knox props up the champ, and Cardona grabs the Ten Pounds of Gold and brains the champ with it, as he gloats over Murdoch’s prone body as show goes to credits.



Final Thoughts

There were receipts a-plenty on tonight’s show, and the upcoming title match between Cardona and Murdoch is just picture perfect.  Not sure what’s going on in Sal Rinauro’s head, but I’m not bored.  I’m curious where this will lead.

The NWA is doing great works with the POWERRR and USA shows, so keep following the recaps and we’ll see you in seven!