The show opens with a cold open, May Valentine interviewing Chris Adonis, Thom Latimer and Kamille. They talk about how happy they are not to have Nick Aldis with them in Strictly Business any longer. Host Joe Galli and co-hosts Austin Idol and Velvet Sky talk about this week’s show and the continuation of the NWA Junior Heavyweight championship tournament.

Then we see Kyle Davis at the podium interviewing Natalia Markova and her new friend Raven, and Davis asks about their new relationship. Raven puts down decisions made by NWA USA GM Tim Storm and Markova says Raven is only her friend and she has a “Daddy at home that takes care of her needs.” Raven does a good bad guy style promo but Markova is still not good on interviews. They also talk about the suspension of Kenzie Paige due to her actions on last week’s show.

Match 1: Darius Lockhart VS. Sal Rinauro (Final qualifying match for the NWA Junior Heavyweight tournament)

This match was good. Rinauro, with manager Danny Deals in his corner, has a lot of energy and even bites Lockhart during the match.  It seems like they are turning Sal into a bad guy with a slow turn. Lockhart wins quickly over Rinauro after Lockhart pushes Rinauro into the ropes. Lockhart rolled through a body press off the ropes from Rinauro. Lockhart will be a star but it was hard to tell how good he will be, as this match only lasted about five minutes. After the match Rinauro sits down in the middle of the ring with Deals, both are sad about the loss.

Valentine interviews Austin for his thoughts on Luke Hawx. Aries talks about how he has been a champion all over the world and is here in the NWA for his shot at the NWA Junior Heavyweight championship and Aries says he does not believe in Hawx. This interview was just okay, and did not do much to promote Aries as a bad guy or anything else.

After another break, Valentine interviews Ricky Morton about his son Kerry Morton and asks if Kerry can beat Colby Corino, son of Steve Corino. As Morton begins to answer Valentine, The Fixers — Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky — interrupt Morton but say they are not here to start any trouble but they have their “eyes on Morton.” Valentine then says, “It looks like The Fixers have a vested interest in protecting Colby Corino.” This interview was not very good at all.

We then see Galli, Idol, and Sky at the desk as they talk about what just happened with the interview. They throw to Davis again, who has Luke and PJ Hawx ready to talk.  Just after they begin to talk, they are interrupted by Colby Corino, who starts to talk about being a second generation star and before he can say much more, Corino is hit from behind with a chair by George South. Storm comes out to try to restore some order, Raven is in the background watching all this. Corino screams for The Fixers, then out come Bradley and Legursky who get into a scuffle on set with the Hawx Aerie. This was a great old school 1970s or 1980s interview angle that turned into a minor brawl by all on set as we go to another break. This sets up not only Hawx Aerie VS. The Fixers in the future, but obviously a future South-Corino match. As someone who has worked with South and has seen a lot of his past work in the 1980s Crockett territory, I can say that South is doing some of his best work here and is making himself a true force in the NWA.

Match 2: British Invasion (Doug Williams & Nick Aldis) VS. Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis

This tag match is the best on the show with a great deal of action by both teams. All four give their best in this match and you can tell they all are top stars. Aldis hits a Lou Thesz body press in the middle of the match. They are in and out of the ring continually. The match ends when Aldis comes off the top rope with a flying elbow on Latimer for the pin. The British Invasion have had a good past, and look like they will have a good future.



NWA USA Episode 4 - Jan. 29, 2022

I give the show four stars because of the tag match at the end and the George South attack on Corino earlier in the show. The negatives were interviews by Austin Aries and Natalia Markova. The NWA USA shows seem to be the fastest 30 minutes in wrestling.