Brian Kendrick was pulled from Wednesday night’s episode of AEW Dynamite after controversial statements he’d made about the Holocaust, Sandy Hook, and 9/11 resurfaced online. Kendrick, who reportedly received his release from WWE earlier this week at his request, was scheduled to face Jon Moxley on the  show. After he was pulled, he was replaced by Wheeler Yuta.

Khan had promoted Kendrick’s debut match on Wednesday afternoon along with other scheduled matches.

A few hours later, he announced the change, noting that the company had “… been made aware of abhorrent & offensive comments made in the past by Brian Kendrick. There’s no room in AEW for the views expressed by Brian. We think it’s best for all that Brian be pulled from tonight’s card as we gather more info.”

After the initial announcement, a tweet with clips from a 2011 Kendrick interview was posted. In it, Kendrick espouses  theories about “Zionists” and “Jewish medics” being part of a “Reptilian” plan to control the world.


Other tweets followed with quotes made by Kendrick in a Highspots interview from 2013. During the interview, Kendrick had theories on a number of topics, including the Illuminati (one of whom he believes is Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson), 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Holocaust.

According to a summary posted on, during the interview, Kendrick’s theories include the following:

  • The Holocaust was overblown, and the actual numbers of Jewish people killed was 250,000; numbers were inflated to justify the creation of Israel;
  • Sandy Hook was a ploy to try to have guns removed in America, with an ultimate goal of causing a US civil war;
  • The Oklahoma City bombing was a false flag operation;
  • The moon landing was faked;
  • The Twin Towers collapse wasn’t caused by the fire resulting from the plane crashes, but rather a microwave ray or other radiation, or an artificially-created mini-hurricane; and
  • “The Bull” is a sign of the Illuminati so one must consider The Rock’s Brahma bull tattoo a sign that he is connected to the group.


Late Wednesday night, Kendrick posted two tweets, apologizing for his comments and retreating on his past comments.

As Khan’s tweet noted that AEW was gathering more information, it is possible that Kendrick may perform for the company at a later date.

Stay tuned for further information as the story develops.