Show starts with a cold open backstage interview with May Valentine talking to Colby Corino and his friends, The Fixers, Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky.

Corino says that CW Anderson cannot “cut it” then Colby goes on to say that he does not need George South any more because he has new friends, then he taps Bradley and Legursky on the chest. Valentine asks Corino to clarify what their relationship is, and Bradley interrupts and says, “Understand this, we are playing by the rules.”

Kyle Davis is at the studio podium and tries to interview Kerry Morton and his father Ricky Morton but “That Dude” Jamie Stanley interrupts and they all talk about the upcoming match tonight.

After a break, we see May asking NWA Women’s champion Kamille to help May with her new nemesis, Natalia Markova. Kamille says she cannot get involved.

Match 1: Natalia Markova VS. Kenzie Paige

There’s a good start to the match but after a few minutes, it breaks out into a fight, so the referee Robert King calls for the bell, unable to control the women. NWA USA Managing Director Tim Storm comes out to try to help. Then we see Raven come out and fuss at Tim Storm and then they go to a break.

Raven, left, questions NWA USA Managing Director Tim Storm about the decision to end the match between Natalia Markova (center) and Kenzie Paige. Photo by Greg Oliver

After the break, we get another backstage interview by Valentine as she talks with BLK Jeez, and his client, Marshe’ Rockett. Jeez starts to talk about how pleased he is with Marshe’, but the interview is quickly interrupted when Markova comes on set to complain about the match minutes ago and she is not happy with Tim Storm and how she was treated. A new fight breaks out between Markova and Paige. This was a good angle on the show but the backstage interviews are taped beforehand with no crowd at the studio. Back on the set, all three hosts — Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Austin Idol — talk about what just happened with Markova and Paige backstage.

Match 2: Kerry Morton VS. Jamie Stanley

Morton has his father, Ricky Morton of the Rock and Roll Express, at ringside. As Stanley comes to the ring, a pre-match interview runs where he says he is not scared of Kerry and not impressed by who Kerry’s father is. This was a great match, both are excellent but Kerry is a future star. The match ends and Kerry wins after a flying bodypress off of the top rope much like Ricky Steamboat did years ago. Ricky claps at his son’s win, and Kerry smiles at the camera as Galli pitches to another break.

After the break, Kyle Davis interviews Nick Aldis about Thom Latimer, but then Aldis calls out Anthony Mayweather (formerly Crimson) for a chat. Aldis tells Mayweather that he is a great person and they have known each other many years and are friends but that Mayweather needs to get better and get his “head in the game.” Mayweather just listens as Aldis leaves the studio then Davis pitches back to the hosts who discuss the Aldis-Mayweather interaction.

Match 3: Wrecking Ball Legursky VS. George South in an Empty Arena Match

South has been wrestling more than 30 years, and CW Anderson is there as support for South. This was great with only the wrestlers, camera staff and the announcers in the studio, and no audience for this unsanctioned match. After a few minutes, Jay Bradley comes out and gets into an outside of the ring scuffle with Anderson. South and Legursky were wrestling all over but eventually they got back in the ring and Legursky sees more chaos by Anderson and Bradley. Legursky does a chokeslam on South for the win as the show ends.


NWA USA Episode 3 - Jan. 22, 2022

The third NWA USA show was good, well paced. The only negative was the backstage angle with the women, and that’s mainly because Markova just isn’t very good on the microphone; in-ring, she’s fine … and is pretty good to look at!