The National Wrestling Alliance debuted its new show on Saturday, January, 8, 2022; it debuts on YouTube every week at noon ET. It’s called NWA USA. Let’s jump right into it.

NWA USA opens with May Valentine welcoming everyone.  She is standing between Luke and PJ Hawx talking about their upcoming match later in the show.  A nice new video package runs, and the host, Joe Galli, welcomes everyone and talks to co-host Austin Idol and Velvet Sky.  They talk about the upcoming NWA Junior Heavyweight championship tournament.

Kyle Davis is at the interview podium and talks to NWA Legend George South about his history with Colby Corino. After South talks about his long history with the NWA.  The new heel tag team called the Fixers come out and tell South that Corino is in the back getting ready, South tries to talk but then is attacked by the Fixers and beat down. Tim Storm comes out and saves South.

The program returns from a break with Kyle at the podium about to interview new NWA USA Managing Director Tim Storm, who suspends the Fixers for what they did to George.  Storm says he is looking forward to the NWA World Junior Heavyweight tournament in the future.

Match 1: Colby Corino VS. CW Anderson

Finally, our first match. George South is in Anderson’s corner.  The match is good with a lot of offense by both.  Eventually Corino uses the middle rope as leverage and gets the pin and win over CW.

Before Joe Galli throws to another break, a video package airs on Natalia Markova of the women’s division at a photo shoot and she gets angry at the photographer. It was a bad acting job, like you would see on WWE Raw.

Following a NWA Replica Belt ad, a video package airs with many future participants in the upcoming NWA World Junior Heavyweight tournament.

Kyle Davis interviews Nick Aldis about the past of the NWA and this new show and the future of NWA USA.  Aldis leaves then Davis interviews NWA National Heavyweight Champion Chris Adonis. After the interview, we see Galli, Idol, and Sky on set as Galli says there will be more next week so tune in for more information about the NWA World Junior Heavyweight tournament.

Luke and PJ Hawx are interviewed by May Valentine.

Match 2: Luke Hawx VS. PJ Hawx

This is a NWA World Junior Heavyweight tournament qualifying match.  Both Luke and PJ give us a good realistic fast paced match with Luke reversing a Boston Crab that PJ had on Luke and Luke gets the win over his son PJ.  After the match both are tired, PJ is sad with both lying on the mat trying to get up and they eventually hug as the GPB Studio audience in Atlanta claps for the father and son.

Joe Galli closes the show and encourages all to tune in next week for more NWA USA.

The show is very well produced and is only one hour but is better than most two-hour shows by other wrestling promotions.

TOP PHOTO: Kyle Davis and Nick Aldis.



NWA USA Episode 1 - Jan. 8, 2022

The show is very well produced and is only one hour but is better than most two-hour shows by other wrestling promotions.