NWA brings us the December 14th edition of NWA Powerrr! Tonight, the Hex defend their tag team titles, and Mike Knox makes an appearance.

Thom Latimer has some strong words for Nick Aldis. He says he doesn’t get to sneak by a win and then just walk away backstage to his “redneck wife and snot-nosed kid.” Latimer says he won’t stop until he sees Aldis in the obituary of his favorite newspaper.

Father James Mitchell claims that Judias was screwed out of the National Heavyweight Championship by a corrupt referee. He promises that Judias will get his hands on the title eventually. Sal Rinauro comes out and asks Father Mitchell to let him join him. Mitchell asks why he would want anything to do with him, and Sal breaks down, repeating nothing but “no, no, no” over and over again.

Aron Stevens and Kratos VS The Dirty Sexy Boys

Dirty Dango starts off against Aron Stevens, with Aron shoving Dango around to start the match. Dango uses his speed to hit a dropkick and tag in JTG, and the two deliver a double back elbow followed by a double elbow drop for 2. Aron uses a throat chop to gain momentum, but it doesn’t even work as JTG strikes with an uppercut for another 2 count. He tags Dango back in who wraps Aron up for 2 before working on his left arm. Kratos hits Dango with a cheap shot to the back, allowing Aron to tag in Kratos.

Kratos delivers some forearms and a gutwrench that displays his incredible power but only gets a 2 count. He tags in Aron, who plants his feet into Dango’s face. Aron gives Dango a little pep talk before delivering rapid fire elbows to Dango. Kratos tags himself in again and locks in a chinlock, but the crowd rallies behind Dango, who escapes but gets caught with a powerslam for 2. Dango hits Kratos with a knee and is able to tag in JTG, who punches Aron off the apron before hitting a neckbreaker on Kratos.

Kratos drives Dirty Dango to the mat. Photo: @nwa on twitter

JTG shows off his own power with an impressive slam on Kratos, but Aron breaks up the pin. He goes and grabs a mic and spouts some random nonsense about something being wrong with wrestling, allowing Kratos to take advantage to deliver a deadlift suplex on JTG to get the win. Aron holds the mic to his mouth once more, getting the crowd to cheer for Kratos, but Kratos tries to get the crowd to cheer for Aron. It doesn’t work.

Winners via pinfall: Aron Stevens and Kratos

Match Rating: 3.5/5

After a commercial break, Kratos talks about how he became the most dangerous animal on the planet, and even though Aron is acting strange, he still stands with him because Aron is a stronger and more dangerous competitor than ever.

Father James Mitchell gives Sal Rinauro a chance to join him. He gives him a series of tasks, from bowing, barking and begging to join him to willingly taking a chokeslam from Judias. His final task is to drink a cup of what is apparently blood, which Sal does without hesitation. Father Mitchell says nothing about accepting Sal onto his team, he only laughs at him.

May Valentine interviews Melina about her loss to Kamille at Hard Times 2. Melina says she thrives when it comes to losses, because that gives her a chance to get better and continue to chase the title she wants. She calls Kamille a puzzle she has to solve to get the win that she knows she’ll get someday. 

The End, Odinson and Parrow, say that they see the past, the future and the present in the NWA locker room. Parrow says that they are the present, which frankly is a little silly coming from The End. That promo was really made for them. Parrow says that they’ve noticed that NWA has made a new 6-man tag team division. They reveal that they’ve added Jax Dane to their team, and Parrow promises the locker room that “size matters.”

Mickie James and Kiera Hogan VS The Hex for the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championships

Kiera Hogan starts off the match against Marti Belle, and the two engage in some very intelligent wrestling, trading holds and reversals, trying to get the better of the other. Marti uses a side headlock takedown to ground Hogan, and when Hogan gets up, Belle delivers a big shoulder tackle. She goes for another, but Hogan hits her with a brutal jumping kick for 2. She tags in Mickie James, and the two deliver kicks that get James a 2 count.

Belle tags in Alison Kay, but Kay runs into a series of kicks and a Thesz Press from James. The Knockout Women’s Champ looks for her signature DDT, but Kay avoids it. She can’t avoid James’ hurricanrana, nor the crossbody from Hogan after she gets tagged in. Hogan gets a 2 count, but Kay retaliates with an absolutely brutal spinebuster. Kay tags in Belle, and the two deliver an assisted strike combo that only gets a 2 count. Belle delivers a suplex to Hogan before both members of the Hex deliver stomps to Hogan in the corner, complete with frequent tags so both wrestlers can punish their opponent. Belle hits a shining wizard, but James breaks up the pin.

Marti Belle gets twisted up by Kiera Hogan. Photo: @nwa on twitter

Kay tags herself in and locks in a headlock, but the fans get behind Hogan, and she fights her way up. Kay slams her back down and taunts James before tagging in Belle, who rocks Hogan’s jaw with a right hand. Hogan and Belle take each other down with a double clothesline, and both women tag in their partners.

James comes in with clotheslines and a nasty neckbreaker. Kay avoids another DDT attempt, but she can’t avoid another hurricanrana. James tags in Hogan, tells her to go to the top rope, but Belle and Kay come in and knock them down. Belle grabs Hogan and she and Kay deliver Hex Marks the Spot to get the win. 

Winners via pinfall and STILL NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions: The Hex

Match Rating: 4/5

Thom Latimer and Kamille come out after the match and taunt James, clearly trying to get on the nerves of Nick Aldis. Hogan is clearly frustrated at James for telling her to go to the top rope and costing them the match, and she leaves the ring in a huff.

Austin Idol comes out with his lovely group of individuals. Idol gives BLK Jeez a name tag that says “Junior Manager of Idol Mania Sports Management,” and all of his friends congratulate him on his new promotion. As his first act as Junior Manager, he signs Marshe Rockett to Idol Mania Sports Management.

William Patrick Corgan comes out to address the fact that people are upset that Mike Knox is in attendance tonight. He says that what they do in the NWA is professional wrestling, and despite Knox’s demeanor, he is a sanctioned professional wrestler. He knows people are angry with him, but he says having Knox in the NWA is his decision and he stands by it.

Matt Cardona struts to the desk along with Mike Knox to tell everyone why he’s here in the NWA: to see his “old buddy” Trevor Murdoch. He wonders if Trevor is upset that he hasn’t had an action figure in over a decade. He’s also here to visit Knox, and apparently, the way he lifted the title over Murdoch and posed with it because he “wanted to see how heavy it is.” Knox makes it seem like everyone should pray for the Pope after what happened at Hard Times 2, but he was just joking.

Knox issues an open challenge, but he says the reality is that nobody will come down to the ring to face him. Mims comes out and calls Cardona and Knox garbage rejects. He says they came into his house and disrespected him, the fans, and the whole NWA. And even worse, they sent the Pope to the hospital. He says seeing the Pope in so much pain lit a fire in him, and he’s here to make things right. Pope was doing charity work before Knox and Cardona took him out, and Mims can’t stand the sight of them running their mouths. He readily accepts Knox’s challenge.

Mike Knox VS Mims

Knox attacks Mims as soon as he gets in the ring with punches to the back and knees to the gut. Mims fights back with the crowd and commentators fully behind him, picking up Knox and driving him hard onto the mat for 2. He looks for an attack in the turnbuckle, but Knox dodges him and hits a bicycle kick. Knox drops a couple elbows before crushing Mims in the corner with an avalanche and choking him with his book. Knox charges into the corner and delivers a running hip attack, but Mims rallies and hits a series of punches.

Mims hits Mike Knox with a right hand. Photo: @nwa on twitter

Knox strikes right back with a kick, but Velvet Sky has unfailing trust that Mims will fight his way to a win in honor of the Pope. Knox slingshots Mims right into the bottom rope and pins him for 2, but Mims comes back and stuns Knox with some punches and headbutts. He delivers an absolutely massive clothesline and looks for the Big Strong Slam, but Knox scratches his eye to escape and delivers a crossbody before delivering a spinning flatliner and winning the match to the absolute dismay of Velvet Sky and the entire NWA crowd. Mims receives some well-earned applause, despite his loss.

Winner via pinfall: Mike Knox

Match Rating: 3/5



NWA Powerrr December 14

The Hex VS Mickie James and Kiera Hogan was a truly incredible match, I enjoyed every second of it and I got very engaged in the story. Mims is specifically great on the mic. I also really enjoyed how completely biased Velvet Sky is on the commentary desk, especially in regards to her hate towards Mike Knox. It’s amusing and it sets her apart from the other commentators.