The National Wrestling Alliance is continuing its forward momentum this Saturday, December 4th, with their upcoming pay-per-view Hard Times 2: Revenge has no Bounds.  This show is billing more offerings in that it will incorporate some major players from Ring of Honor and title matches from multiple promotions, as well as a few title defenses of their own, along with a re-introduction of the NWA Junior Heavyweight championship title.

Since there is not a regular NWA POWERRR episode, there’s no need to step Into The Fire this week, but FITE is showing a nice documentary of Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch’s journey to the Ten Pounds of Gold that is worth seeing.  For our purposes, we have a lot of matches on the upcoming to sink your teeth into, so strap in and see why this PPV will be worth the $24.99 price tag.

According to preliminary reports, the event will feature a special in-ring tribute to Jazz, the former NWA women’s champion and currently an agent working behind the scenes for NWA POWERR and the recent EmPOWERRR PPV.  There is also scheduled a special appearance of the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley, which is always entertaining on its own.

Now, onto the matches:

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Trevor Murdoch(c) vs. Mike Knox

The Story so Far:  After a hard-fought battle at NWA 73, Trevor Murdoch finally succeeded in besting Nick Aldis for the Ten Pounds of Gold.  Since then, there have been a few people wanting to step up to challenge Murdoch like Da Pope or Jax Dane, but have yet to cash in on their opportunity.

Enter Mike Knox.

During the By Any Means Necessary supercard, Murdoch stepped in the ring to pose for fans, but a “mysterious stranger” barreled his way through the fans, tossed the champs son like a ragdoll, and delivered a savage beatdown to Murdoch.  Afterwards, Knox cut a promo on YouTube, saying in so many words that Murdoch is a paper champion and isn’t worthy of the belt and is half the man his mentor, Harley Race, was.  So now, the former WWE/ECW/TNA wrestler is stepping up to the challenge, and Murdoch is putting up the belt and wants to teach Knox a lesson in the worst way possible.

The Prediction:  That’s the thing with babyface champions, isn’t it?  They don’t have the same number of challengers that a heel champion gets, and lately, Murdoch hasn’t had enough people stepping up so he can defend the belt.  Knox, at 6’7” and 293 pounds, looks every bit the challenger for Murdoch to test himself.  The only problem is that the challenge just came out of nowhere with little buildup, and in the past with other promotions, Knox was always an upper-mid to mid-card performer, and not a big title contender.

Then again, that’s the same argument people made with Murdoch, and now look how far he has come.

Since it’s still early in his title reign, the Ten Pounds of Gold needs to stay on Murdoch, but hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of Knox.

 NWA Women’s Championship Match:  Kamille (c) vs. Melina

The Story so Far:  Since winning “The Burke”, Kamille has been exactly what her moniker makes her out to be:  a Brickhouse.  She has been a solid foundation for the women’s program, fending off challenges from all comers, like Thunder Rosa, Serena Deeb, “Legit “Layla Hirsch, and Kenzie Paige, just to name a few.

Melina, herself a titleholder in her own right, hasn’t been happy with how Kamille has been conducting herself as champion, and has been putting the bad mouth to Kamille at every opportunity, much to Kamille’s chagrin.  Since earning a title shot, Melina want to add the NWA Women’s title to her list of accolades, but Kamille will do everything she can to keep holding on to “The Burke.”

The Prediction:  This is a feud that has some legs, and Melina and Kamille are ready to give their all.  As decorated and well-known a champion as Melina is, this match looks to be is all Kamille, and I don’t see that she is losing the title at this particular time.  But it will be interesting to see what Melina can throw at the Brickhouse.

NWA World Television Championship Match:  Tyrus (c) w/ Austin Idol vs Cyon, with special guest referee Da Pope

The Story So Far:  Since the reintroduction of the Television championship, Da Pope has been the only modern day holder with six successful title defenses.  A seventh title defense would have guaranteed him a shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold.  That went down the toilet since Tyrus and Austin Idol challenged Pope, and Tyrus claimed the prize for himself.

Since then a masked wrestler named Cyon has entered the scene and since earning a title shot by being on the winning team during the Champion Series, Cyon will defend the title in a no time limit, no disqualification match, and the special referee for this match is (wait for it)….Da Pope.

The Prediction:  Tyrus has proven to be an effective heel champion and used his platform on places like Fox and Friends to promote the belt.  Even though I dismissed the man I once coined “The Son Of The Question Mark ™”, Cyon has proven he can hang, and adds an air of mystery and intrigue in this match.  Plus, having Pope in the mix is just (*chef’s kiss*) the cherry on top of this Sundae Slam.  But, expect that Idol will interfere to protect his client.  But I think this is the dark horse pick where Cyon goes over and gets the belt.  Whether Tyrus rips the mask off is a discussion for another time.

Grudge Match (No Seconds at Ringside) Nick Aldis vs Thom Latimer

The Story So Far:  Once the strongest stable in the NWA, Strictly Business started falling apart at the seams once Aldis lost the Ten Pounds of Gold.  The King of all Evil, Thom Latimer, was willing to take on the new champion, but Aldis had a change of heart.  All that changed when Latimer, Kamille, and Chris Adonis turned their backs on The National Treasure, and Latimer amped up the violence with two piledrivers.  Now the former friends have become bitter enemies, and there’s no end in sight.  NWA owner Billy Corgan sanctioned this grudge match and added the stipulation that should either one or both men get disqualified in the match, they with both be suspended from competition for eight weeks.

The Prediction:  If the previous match has sizzle, then this is the steak to chew into.  Therefore, expect violence.  Lots of it.  The way these two have gone at each other in promos as well as in the ring is nothing short of vicious.  The Corgan stipulation will be curious to see how they kill each other without getting DQ’d for their efforts, but in the end, expect Latimer to go over and continue on a path of destruction in the NWA.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match: Chris Adonis (c) vs. Judais, with The Sinister Minister

The Story So Far:  Judais won a battle royal at NWA 73 to earn a shot at the National Title, held by Strictly Business member, Chris Adonis.  Judais wants the belt, and with the Sinister Minister at his side, he has managed to retain his title shot, and will stop at nothing to hold the secondary title.

The Prediction:  I am not a fan of heel vs. heel matchups, unless one of the men involved is a ‘tweener, and this is neither individual.  This is honestly a coin flip, so “heads” Adonis wins; “tails”, its Judais.  Using the power of my Canadian Dollar Coin o’ Decision Making ™…it’s heads, so expect the Masterpiece to retain.

 NWA World Tag Team Championship Match:  La Rebelion (Bestia 666 and MechaWolf) (c) vs. The End (Parrow and OdinSon)

The Story So Far:  Since winning the tag titles at NWA 73, La Rebelion went back to Mexico and told the NWA to ring them once they got some worthy challengers for them.  Over the course of many episodes on NWA POWERRR, a tag title tournament was set up to see who would face off against the champs, and The End stood tall.

The Prediction:  La Rebelion have their work cut out for them, facing off the modern day equivalent of The Road Warriors in Parrow and OdinSon.  Again, the title reign is too soon for La Rebelion to drop the belts, and Bestia and Mecha Wolf will use the powers of Lucha Libre to retain.

 NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship Match in a Three Way Match:  The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) (C) vs Lady Frost & Natalia Markova vs Kylie Rae & Tootie Lynn

The Story So Far:  Kay and Belle have been dominant since earning the revived tag championships.  Not many women teams have been able to break The Hex, but the pairings of both Frost and newcomer Markova, plus Lynn and the returning Kylie Rae might be enough of a challenge.

The Prediction:  Again, this is another pick’ em, so using the science of “enney-meeny-miney-moe”, my mother says to pick the very best one you…are…it, Lady Frost and Natalia Markova.

Colby Corino vs Doug Williams

The Story So Far:  Once a prominent member in Total Nonstop Action (now IMPACT!) wrestling alongside Rob Terry and Brutus Magnus (now Nick Aldis), Williams announced via Twitter that has was returning to active wrestling in the United Kingdom, and he now comes stateside to face off against the cocksure Colby Corino.

The Prediction:  This looks to be a nice matchup of British Strong Style versus the Power of Douchenozzlery.  Corino can go, and it will be interesting to see if Williams still can keep up after a three year hiatus from the squared circle.  But, expect Corino to win because (sing it with me, kids)… douchenozzlery.

 NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Match:  Austin Aries vs Rhett Titus

The Story So Far:  The NWA Junior Heavyweight belt, for those of you in the cheap seats, is a title that would nowadays be akin to a cruiserweight belt for those wrestlers that were lighter and more agile.  Kinda like wrestlers from Ring of Honor.

Seems appropriate, now that ROH is off for the foreseeable future, it seems like a good time to utilize their talent.  Also,who better than the former Foundation member and mainstay of ROH, Rhett Titus, facing against a returning Austin Aries in a qualifying match.

The Prediction:  Like Williams above, Aries has wrestled a handful of times on the Indies since leaving IMPACT in 2018.  Titus and other ROH members have time on their hands, and are making the most of the opportunity.  But all signs suggest Aries will be the one that advances.

 NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Gauntlet (Order of entry to be chosen by random draw):  Jeremiah Plunkett vs Victor Benjamin vs PJ Hawx vs Ariya Daivari vs Darius Lockhart vs Homicide vs CW Anderson vs Sal Rinauro vs Kerry Morton vs Jamie Stanley vs Alex Taylor

This is likely to be part of the preshow before the PPV starts, and the competitors range from NWA mainstays, like Plunkett and Hawx Aerie and Rinauro (the pride of SLAM! Wrestling), to veterans like Homicide and Anderson and Daivari.  The new kids in this tourney to watch for are Benjamin (the real life husband of Lady Frost), and the son of Ricky Morton, Kerry.  Who advances, is anybody’s guess.

But, since I like underdog odds, I think Rinauro will be the one to earn the qualifying shot

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match The OGK (Mike Bennett and Matt Taven) (c) vs. Aron Stevens & Kratos

The Story So Far:  The OGK came to town at By Any Means Necessary and made their mark in the NWA.  They currently hold the ROH tag belts, and they need opponents.  Enter the former tag champs, Aron Stevens and Kratos.  If a dictionary had a definition of “dysfunctional”, the picture of these two would found next to the meaning of the word.  Since losing the tag belts, Stevens seems to be in self-doubt, and despite Kratos’ best efforts, hasn’t snapped out of it.  But they have a chance to get back on their winning ways.

The Prediction:  Yeah, I hate writing this, but The OGK will retain, and this will be the final straw to break up Stevens and Kratos’ pairing for good.  Where they go on their singles journey remains to be seen.

So there you have it.  Subscribe to the PPV, and we’ll see you this Saturday with updates from the show.