Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to my special Honor for All report.  Without further ado let’s get to it.

ROH Honor For All

Location: Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena in Baltimore, MD

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman

Match 1: Pure Rules Match: Tracy Williams vs. Taylor Rust

The card kicked off as Brian Johnston joined Riccaboni and Coleman on commentary so that he can get a closer look at the competitors as he is now the #1 contender for the Pure Championship. Of note, with Jay lethal now gone, Josh Woods introduced Tracy Williams out to the ring.

The match started as they each tried to get a take down and forcing one another to a rope break. Both competitors were in the corner trading forarms until Williams was bale to get an ankle lock on Rust. Rust was able to break loose and get a leg lock on Williams but Williams is able to turn this into a rear-naked choke which forced Rust to use his first of three rope breaks. After some back and forth Williams got the clear advantage but Rust locked in a hammerlock which Rust quickly reverses into a kneebar.

Both men are on the ground and now it was time to enter the ground submission portion of the match. Both men were jocking for position trying to find submission holds but Williams puts a Cobra Twist which forced Rust to use his second rope break. Once the match re-started, Rust hits a gut-wrench powerbomb but Williams quickly gets a crossface on Rust which forced him (Rust) to use his last rope break of the match. Williams used his second rope break after a submission attempt from Rust. When the match started again, Rust got Williams in a Goya Lock taking advantage of an injured shoulder that Williams had as he screams out in submission.

Winner: Taylor Rust by submission at 11:47

After the match, it was a bitter sweet moment as Riccaboni and Coleman talk about the end of an era as they acknowledge the re-tooling set to happen in the first quarter of 2022. They mention that at Final Battle it will be the “end of an era”.

Match 2: Four Corner Survival Match: Holidead vs. Vita VonStarr vs. Quinn McKay vs. Trish Adora

Miranda Alize joined Riccaboni and Coleman on commentary for this match. It was announced that this match is now a #1 contendor’s match for the ROH Women’s Championship and that match is set to take place Christmas weekend which will be the final TV show if this era of ROH.

All four women had a promo before the match giving us reasons why they will win the match and become #1 contender. Holidead and Adora started the match with a test of strength. Adora put a head scissors on Holidead but she (Holidead) was able to get out and exit the ring. McKay and VonStarr entered the ring bickering. McKay hit a dropkick and a knee in the corner to VonStarr. Holidead is back in the match and hits a pendulum on McKay but she quickly escaped and tagged Adora back into the match.

Holidead hit a pump handle slam onto adora and went for a pin attempt but was only able to get to two. Holidead and Adora had a back and forth. After sometime, Adora locked in a submission but VonStarr came into the ring to break it up. VonStarr hits a Michinoku Driver onto Adora but was only able to get a two count at the pin attempt. McKay came back into the ring after VonStarr exits the ring. Adora hit a backbreaker and clotheseline onto McKay but Holidead and VonStarr both break up the pin attempt. All four women were in the middle of the ring and a brawl breaks out. VonStarr and McKay break out into a fight of their own as VonStarr stomps on McKay.  McKay recomposed herself on the outside and when she went back into the ring she knocked both Holidead and Adora to the outside. McKay then dove onto Adora. With Holidead ont he corner, VonStarr attempted to take advantage of the fact there were two women outside and went for a Big Splash on the corner but missed. Holidead then his a Darkness Falls and got the three count to become the number one contender to the ROH Women’s championship.

Winner: Holidead by pinfall at 13:53

Match 3: GCW Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes (Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe) (c) vs. Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray & Effy)

Effy and Jay started the match. Effy got the early advantage until Jay tagged Mark into the match. Effy was being knocked around the ring and he clearly had enough as he tagged Gray into the match. Gray hit a clothesline on Mark and got an early two count. Jay tagged back into the match and got the advantage back for the Briscoes. In very Briscoe fashion a chair was thrown intot he ring but Gray suplexed Mark onto it. effy and Gray are now tossing in chairs and a table for good measure. Mark and Jay come back into the match and took advantage for a bit until Effy tossed Mark onto chair that was set up in the corner of the ring whcih caused Mark to bleed. Effy then set up the table and hit a blockbuster onto Jay for a two count. Effy, feeling very confident set up another table in the middle of the ring but Jay is able to take advantage and lay Effy out on the table. Mark hit the Froggy Bow to Effy on the table, Jay hit the Jay driller on Gray and went for the pin for the win.

Winner: AND STILL GCW Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes (Mark Briscoe & Jay Briscoe) by pinfall at 8:34, 

After the match, the commentators mentioned that the Briscoes will likely defend their GCW titles at the Hammerstein Ballroom show. They also mentioned how the Briscoes are now free so they could be holding many more tag titles soon.

Match 4: Brody King vs. Jonathan Gresham

This match was officially set up as the number one contenders match for Bandido’s ROH Heavyweight championship at Final Battle. The action started right away as Brody King hit a Gonzo Bomb on Gresham. Gresham goes to the outside but Brody doesn’t waste time as he chases after Gresham but ended up hitting the ring post head first for his efforts. Gresham then attempted a suicide dive but King caught him and tossed him onto the post. Brody placed Gresham on a chair sitting down and hit a huge cross body. Gresham, trying anything he can was able to knock King off the apron onto the outside. Gresham, still trying anything he can then hit three suicide dives in continuation onto King. King barely made it back into the ring. Both men began trading chops and kicks but but King hit Gresham with an over the head toss onto the corner. With Gresham on the corner, King went for a Cannonball but no one was home.

Gresham is now on the offensive as he connects with furious kicks. King, being incredibly powerful overpowers Gresham and lays him out on the corner, this time connecting with a Cannonball but not without injuring his own hand during the flurry of offense. Gresham noticed King’s injured hand and took advantage of it. Gresham kept going for a sleeper lock but King kept breaking out of it. Gresham hit a moonsault, a stomp, then a sleeper. Gresham hit King with a forearm to the back of the head and was able to successfully get the three count to become #1 contender.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham by pinfall at 10:51

After the match, Gresham and King shake hands as Gresham calls out the world champion, Bandido.

Match 5: ROH World Tag Team Championship: La Facción Ingobernable (Dragon Lee & Kenny King) (c) (w/ La Bestia Del Ring) vs. The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)

Shane Taylor joined the commentary desk for this match as he wanted a closer look at Kenny King before their match at Final Battle. King cuts a promo before the match saying that Bennett is only known because of his wife and being Adam Cole’s lackey. Taven and Dragon Lee started the match with intensity. King and Bennett tagged into the match. Taven took out both Long and Lee. King and Lee then took advantage of the match and tossed Taven around the ring. King hit a basement dropkick to Taven after Bestia Del Ring distracted the ref but this only gave them a two-count after Bennett made the save.  King hits a spinebuster on Taven, but Bennett breaks up the count. Bennett tagged in and went toe to toe with Lee trading forearms before he (Bennett) hits Lee with a brainbuster followed by a spinning forarm. Bennett went for a pin but King broke up the attempt at two.

King is now firmly in the match and hit a sit out powerbomb on Bennett but Taven made the save. Taven hit a frog splash but Lee again made the save during the pin attempt. Taven and Lee were now the legal men and going at it. Then in an interesting part of the match, Max the Impaler came out with Amy Rose to stop Bestia from getting involved in the match. In the ring, Bennett hits the Proton Pack on Lee, as Taven kicked him and got the pin and the win.

Winner: The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) by pinfall at 12:00, to become NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions

After the match, OGK are emotional in the ring and Max speared King.

Match 6: No Disqualification Match: Demonic Flamita vs. Bandido (Non-Title)

Before the match, EC3 joined the commentary desk.

As the match started, Flamita took it straight onto Bandido by knocking him around the ring then throwing him against the barricade on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Flamita retained control of the match until Bandido reversed an attack with a read-naked choke. Flamita then regains control of the match by choking Bandido in the corner. Flamita then gets a chair and attacked Bandido’s leg. After sometime, Bandido is able to get some offense in the match as he hits a one-handed press slam then clotheslining Flamita to the outside where he hit a Fosbury flop.

Bandido then started attacking Flamita on the outside. Bandido tossed Flamita right into the ring post. Bandido then grabbed  atable from under the ring and tossed it in the ring. Bandido grabbed Flamita and tossed him in the ring but the delay after tossing the table in the ring gave Flamita the time to recover and he hit a drop-toe-hold to Bandido’s face onto a chair that was previously thrown into the ring. Flamita went for a pin after hitting a suplex but it was only a two-count. Bandido now hit a crucifix bomb for a two-count. Bandido was now firmly in control as he hit a pop up cuter and Spanish Fly on Flamita. Both men are on the ground as the match took a lot of them both. Bandido got tossed outside and Flamita hit a 450 splash off the apron onto Bandido outside. Both men are giving it their all but Bandido hit a back body drop on the already set up table, which did not break. Both men made it back in the ring and traded forearms and kicks. Flamita hit a sit-out powerbomb on Bandido, went to the top rope but Bandido with a final grasp of energy stopped him and hit a top rope hurricarana of his own. Flamita, now trying for anything hit a low blow on Bandido but it was only good enough for a two count. Bandido got back up and landed a bridged German Suplex for the pin and win over Flamita.

Winner: Bandido by pinfall at 13:31

After the match, EC3 says that he will take the ROH World Title into the new world and newly imagined ROH.

Final Thoughts:

It has now been confirmed that Final Battle will be the final PPV of ROH but the final show of this era of ROH will be ROH TV during Christmas weekend. I find that to be an interesting choice but I will see where this goes. It appears there will be two World Ttitle matches on that TV as Holidead and EC3 are #1 contenders heading into that night. Unfortunately, this could overshadow Final Battle as Bandido and Rok-C already have opponents for that night. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Overall, this was a fun but bittersweet night of ROH. Until next time!