In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Sabu said that, after a recent bout where his body didn’t hold up, he is hanging up the tights.

“I’m not doing real good. I hurt my back about a year ago and it’s still been hurting. I wrestled a couple of weeks ago but I shouldn’t have,” Sabu (Terry Brunk) told WHI. “I’ve only wrestled like twice in the last year [and] I only went to the gym a couple of times the last year ’cause I hurt my back. I’m probably not gonna wrestle no more… I’m probably just gonna do autograph signings and personal appearance-type stuff.”

This being wrestling, where no one ever stays retired, Sabu said there was an unlikely possibility: “I’d definitely get back in the ring for Brock Lesnar, I’d love to wrestle him. Especially if it was my final match, I’d love to wrestle him… He’s the best, he’s a shooter, he’s a good worker, he’s my kind of opponent. I like big guys, I like wrestling big guys. I don’t like wrestling guys like me because it’s not that interesting. It’s more interesting wrestling a guy like me against a guy like Brock Lesnar.”

Sabu is the nephew of the legendary Original Sheik (Eddie Farhat). He has been wrestling since 1985.

His long-time companion, “Super Genie” Melissa Coates died in June.

Here is the interview: