Tempers are rising to a pitch in the NWA, and Nick Aldis joins forces against Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis in a tag match later tonight.  Truly we’ve stepped Into The Fire, and we at coming to you from the Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza.  Your commentators are Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and…Austin Idol, thinking this is Idol-Mania (and Velvet Sky is, appropriately, skeeved out by this weird old man).

As Galli tries to take control of the chaos in the booth, he sends it to Kyle Davis at The Podium.  He’s with the NWA Women’s Champion, Kamille, on her take with her man fighting tonight against Aldis. Her take is they’re like brothers, and sometimes brothers’ fight, and they need to get it out of their system because she’s sick of it.  As for the topic of attacking Melina, She consider her beneath her, and she got what she deserved for talking smack about her.  As for her being a threat to her title, Kamille mentions her age and how she is a “legend” (using the term loosely, but she’ll snap her brittle bones when she gets a chance.

Kamille steps off, and Davis now brings out the NWA Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.  When Davis asks about Jax Dane trying to pull a Money in the Bank-like punk maneuver to get a title shot when he got hurt in a match, Murdoch lays out the trials and tribulations he went through to get a match. Simply put, Murdoch states Dane’s approach was the biggest b**** move, and if Dane wants a shot he better come correct.  Now Pope comes out, and Kyle asks if he’ll do a title shot against his boy Murdoch.

Pope will states he will not take an underhanded way to vie for the Ten Pounds of Gold, and he’ll be upfront.  When pressed by Davis if he’s challenging for the belt, Pope says in so many words to check out next week for an announcement on the matter.

That sounds like something to keep an eye on, but we send it to the First Match of the night, which is a…


Courtesy of the NWA

Lucha Scramble Match:  La Rebelión (MechaWolf/Bestia 666) vs. Ill-Begotten (Rush Freeman/YUMA) vs. Marshe Rockett/Slice Boogie

For those of you in the cheap seats, a “lucha scramble” means each man on their respective tag team that enters first is legal at all times; pinballs and submissions count at all times, and eliminations will continue until one man or one team remains in the squared circle.  This match was specifically requested by La Rebelión, as they deal with lucha matches like this constantly.

Sounds complex?  Try following Formula One racing religiously.

In any case, Boogie, Bestia and Yuma start, but it’s La Rebelión in firm control with front suplex to BTE-style trigger (wrist control to double knees to YUMA’s face), thus making him your YUMA in Peril.  YUMA gets a nice plancha to the outside, but Bestia manhandles him and delivers a muscle buster neckbreaker to eliminate Yuma.  Now Rockett and Boogie take it to Rebelión, and Boogie hits a German Suplex and a belly to belly suplex to Bestia.  One Brooklyn’s Edge finisher by Boogie is enough to eliminate Bestia.

MechaWolf, taking umbrage, Works over Boogie and Rockett, and ‘Wolf manages to get Boogie in a uranage to slam Rockett to the canvas to send Boogie outside.  ‘Wolf catches Boogie in a tope suicida and brings him back to pin him in the ring.  Freeman comes in for the first time and delivers a blue thunder bomb to MechaWolf for a two count.  But Rockett sneaks behind and nails a cutter to Freeman to eliminate him.

The last two men left are MechaWolf and Marshe Rockett, and they have a stare down.  Both men chop away at each other, and but ‘Wolf gets cocky and hits the ropes, but walks into a Rockett Powerslam to cover for a two count.  Marshe winds up for another cutter, but ‘Wolf holds onto the ropes as Rockett crashes down (See what I did?  Rockett?  Crash?!   Nevermind), and he heads to the top turnbuckle for a 450 splash and he is…

Your Winner via Pinfall:  MechaWolf

Back at the podium with the former tag champs Aron Stevens and Kratos.  Davis asks what’s next for the team.  Before Stevens speaks, Kratos grabs the mic, and…Well, let’s have him talk…

“Like I explained last time. Where I come from, I believe in brotherhood, and that’s why I stand here. But you…you need to go to that place, so deep, so low… that killer inside of you.  Because if you don’t, this is why we are losing it. We lost the tag team titles, not because of me. Because of you!

You need to own that!  You want to know why? Aron, let me break it down to you and I’m gonna shoot you nothing but the damn truth:  You’ve been all over the world, an international superstar, but you would have never fit in. You have never been accepted. You have never even been accepted by your own father!  You need to go to a place where that killer’s inside you, and find that there is peace in this chaos.  Control it!   Bring it out of you, because let me tell you something; when you do that, we are unstoppable. No one will be able to beat us in that ring.  We will go get our tag titles, and we will run through this company. This place is a circus. And you need to come sit with me at the lion’s table!”

Yo, that was…yo!  When Kratos speaks, you damn well better listen.

Now let’s see how the next match fares…

Courtesy of the NWA

Judais vs. Cowboy James Storm

Davis announce him as the “Priest of punishment.”  Nice touch, I say.  This match is the rubber match from last week that ended in a double count out and there must be a winner.  I’d love to get into the match, but Idol and Sky have clashed through with their commentary and sniping at each other.

I get that commentary needs to have their own “Face/heel” dynamic at times, and in my humble opinion none have done it better than Vince McMahon/Jesse “The Body” Ventura, where they could trade insults at each other, but still call the action in the ring.  Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler perfected that formula.  This is not the case as it distracted me from what I was supposed to cover.  If Idol was covering Tyrus, then this type of commentary would work, but it was “nails on chalkboard distracting.”

As for the match?  Well, Judais was in control for most of the time, but when he attempts to powerbomb Storm, he escapes and gets a Last Call superkick and a cover to Judais because it’s another way to say to the Priest of Punishment…sorry, about your damn luck!

Your Winner via Pinfall:  “Cowboy” James Storm

As Storm exits the ring, Judais stand and stares daggers at the Cowboy.  This is not over folks.  Not even a small bit.

Back to The Podium with May Valentine with Kylie Rae and Lady Frost, who’ll be fighting in a few seconds.  Rae is super excited to prove herself, but Frost is calm, cool, and collected…but mostly cool, according to her.

As they wind down, The Hex come up to the Podium and Allysin Kay is pissed at how Frost cost their match last week, and wants to take her frustration out on her.  Rae want to join the fun, so the one-on-one match is now….

Kylie Rae vs. Lady Frost vs. Allysin Kay

Kay makes a beeline to frost, but Rae attempts a roll up. Frost chills out (eh?  See what I did now?  Oh, come on that was gold!) and watches the two beat each other silly while waiting for her moment.  When that moment arrives, Frost tries to jump Kay from behind, but she tossed her off.  Now Rae and Frost jostle a bit, and Frost gets a standing moonsault to cover, but Kay breaks up the count.  Kay then deadlift German suplexes Frost, who rolls out of the ring, and Rae grabs Kay and attempts to cinch in the Charity Case crossface, but Kay powers through and gets Rae on her shoulders to a Samoan drop.  Frost comes back to attempt a moonsault at the prone combatants.  Kay gets to her feet, but Rae superkicks her, and Kay hits the ropes hard enough for Frost to lose balance, and Rae manages to get the Charity Case to make Frost tap out.

Your Winner via Submission:  Kylie Rae

Davis is back at The Podium with Mims, Sal Rinauro, and Danny Deals, alongside Luke and PJ Hawx of Hawx Aerie.  Deals attempts to talk, but Team Tyrus comes out, and everyone gets out of the way.  Idol exits the commentary booth, and Velvet Sky utters the words *no* woman would ever say:  “Thank God for Tyrus.”

Tyrus complaints on title defenses, and complains on Cyon cashing in on his opportunity to his NWA Television title.  Tyrus then gets out the cheap heat to the Missourians in attendance (sample dialogue:  “I thought Y’all was a red state?!”), and Team Tyrus promises to keep the belt in the family and Tyrus is focused on facing stablemate Jordan Clearwater, who promises to give 130%.  I echo Kyle Davis in that it is not a real percentage, but then again I just have an M.B.A., not an M.S. in Finance.

But now we go to The Main Event, and it looks to be a barn burner with…

Nick Aldis/Tim Storm vs. Chris Adonis/Thom Latimer

Aldis and Latimer start, and both men go hold for hold, but neither has a clear advantage.  Now a tag to Storm and Adonis, and Adonis tries to overpower Tim, but you never want to discount Momma Storm’s boy.  Tag back to Latimer against Storm, and Adonis distracts Storm from the outside just enough for The King of all Evil to deliver a chop block to his left leg, thus making him a Storm in Peril.  Adonis and Latimer take turns working over Storm and continue the attacks on his left leg.  Adonis keeps up the attack with a spinning toe hold, and then gets Storm up, but Storm manages a desperation neckbreaker to stop the assault.  He crawls to get the hot tag, and now Nick Aldis is a National Treasure en Fuego, just working over the Strictly Business stablemates, and catches Latimer in a Thesz Press to cover for a two count.  He gets a Latimer in a Michinoku driver for one, two…no.  Storm gets back in, but Adonis sends him out of the ring.  Latimer gets up top Aldis’ shoulders and goes for a Victory Roll, but Aldis gets him in a pin for one, two, and three.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Nick Aldis and Tim Storm

Chants of “NWA!” fill the ballroom, as Latimer shakes hands with Aldis and Storm after the match.  It’s an absolute bro-fest…then Adonis hits a low blow to Storm, followed by Latimer to Aldis.  Now the Strictly Business men beat down their former leader with steel chairs, and Latimer delivers two piledrivers to Aldis, and sends him out.  As Strictly Business celebrate in the ring, the staff, Storm, and Mickie James are out to check on Aldis who apparently is shaking and unable to move.

It’s so bad that medics comes out, and stretcher him as the show goes to credits as we ponder the fate of Aldis.


Final Thoughts:

Match-wise, this was still solid and chugged along.  I really would have liked to give this 3.5-4 stars for this.  I would have liked to have done that.

The Idol/Velvet Sky commentary was way too distracting.  I don’t have a problem if it leads to a big angle, but it was just too hard to tune out, and served little to no no purpose, other than to remind everyone that creepy old men have no business trying to mansplain to the Allure of Beautiful People.

Well, we’ll see you in seven!