Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to my special Death Before Dishonor report.  Without further ado let’s get to it.

ROH Death Before Dishonor Results

Location: 2300 Arena Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hour One

The show kicked off with a 10-bell salute in honour of Shannon “Daffney” Sprull.

We then went into a video package showcasing the four men who will headline the show, Bandido, Demonic Flamita, Brody King, and EC3. Each man says they will win.

Match 1: Honor Rumble for a future shot at the ROH World Championship

Brian Johnson came out at the number one spot with a mic in hand. He said that he will show everyon that its “Mecca vs Everybody” in his hometown.

Drawing two was Brian Milonas. The two men are fighting as the counter goes to zero and our third competitor is out, Beer City Bruiser. The Bouncers team up and gang up on Johnson. This attack lasts until the fourth competitor came out which was Danhausen. Danhausen gets a few shots on The Bouncers.

The fifth entrant was non other than the ROH commentator, Caprice Coleman. Coleman takes his shirt off at the commentary desk and runs into the ring. He attacks The Bouncers and Johnson. He then hit Danhausen with a Coleman Cutter.

The sixth entrant to the Battle Royal was Sledge. While Sledge was coming into the ring Coleman eliminates Milonas. Johnson elimates Coleman. Sledge is finally in the ring and slams Johnson. Johnson is out of the ring but went through the ropes so he was not eliminated.

The seventh entrant to the Battle Royal was PCO. PCO and Johnson brawl and PCO gets the upper hand on Johnson with a big boot. PJ Black is now in the Battle Royal. Black and Johnson form a union as they get into a fight with Sledge and PCO.

Dak Draper is now in the match and goes straight to PCO and Sledge. Silas Young is in and quickly attacked Danhausen with a clothesline. Rey Horus entered the match and took out most of the competitors with a flurry of offense. Dante Caballero entered the match and comes into the ring and drops Young and Black with kicks.  While the match continued, Johnson tossed Danhausen out of the ring and Black tried to eliminate his student, Johnson but was unsuccessful.

PCO suffered an electrical shortage and sent himself over the ropes to eliminate himself. Flip Gordan entered the match with a new, old look. Gordan is dressed as he used to when he was a rookie. Joe Keys is now in the match and teamed up with Caballero before they turn on each other and start fighting.

Keys and Caballero stop fighting each other and team up again. They turned their attention to Gordon and blast him with a double superkick after Gordon threw up a “Too Sweet”. World Famous CB s in the ring now and takes out Keys and Caballero with a double drop kick. Draper eliminates Caballero and Keys.

The Sixteenth and final man to enter the ring was a returning Alex Zayne. Zayne eliminates Draper with a hurricanrana over the ropes. Horus eliminated CB and Johnson quickly capitalized as he tosses Horus right after. We are now down to the final four, Black, Zayne, Johnson, and Gordon.

Gordon and Zayne fight with one another as Johnson dropped Gordon with two clotheslines, but Gordon threw him over the ropes for the elimination. Black, Zayne and Gordon battle but Zayne took out the other two men with a hurricanrana. Gordon goes crashing to the outside, so the match is now down to the final two, Zayne and Black. Black is eliminated after  attempting a crossbody so Zayne is the last man standing and wins the Batlte Royal and the championship opportunity.

Winner: Alex Zayne

A video package for the finals of the Womens Championship Tournament aired featuring the finalists. Quinn McKay is out on the stage and introduces Maria Kanellis-Bennett. Kanellis-Bennet said that she is super excited to be able to share the women’s division with the world. She thanked everyone who came before her to pave the way for the new women’s division. She said that she will put her champion against anyone, regardless of any “forbidden door’.

Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams of The Foundation run into ROH World Champion Bandido backstage and wish him luck for his match later. Kenny King insults Shane Taylor Promotions.

Main Card

The show kicked off with a video package to introduce us into the 2300 arena. We go right into the action.

Match 2: Dalton Castle vs Eli Isom

The match starts off right away as Isom dives onto Castle on the outside. Isom also goes to the outside and whips Castle to the barricade. Isom also suplexed Castle but Castle comes back with a suplex of his own. Castle hits a running knee to Isom. Isom attempted a comeback but Catle slammed him yet again. This didn’t stop Isom though as he rallied back as he clotheslined Castle, then hits a neckbreaker to his opponent. Dak Draper, who was on commentary comes to ringside and pulled Castle out of the ring to help him regroup and get a breather. Isom dives onto the Boys but missed Draper and Castle as they moved out of the way. Isom, now frustrated with Draper kicks him below the belt but this gave Castle enough time to hit Isom with The Bang-a-Rang, after Isom blocked one moments before. Castle went for the cover and got the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Match 3: Jake Atlas vs Taylor Rust

The two opponents adhere to the code of honor as the match started. Both men trade holds but Rust traps Atlas in an ankle lock, but he escapes. Rust and Atlas continue to trade offense but Atlas got the advantage with a chop to the chest of Rust. Atlas controlled the match for a but but was able to rally back as he kicked the shoulders and arms of Atlas. Rust continued his centered offense as he delivered a nasty arm-breaker. Atlas came back with an arm-breaker of his own for a very close two count. Rust continued his attack on the arms and shoulders of Atlas. Rust locked in a Kimura Lock and Atlas had no choice but to tap as Rust’s plan worked flawlessly.

Rust kicks Atlas’ arm and blasts him with elbows to the shoulder. A nasty arm-breaker earns Atlas a close two count. Atlas has no choice but to tap out when Rust puts Atlas in a Kimura Lock.

Winner: Taylor Rust

After the match, it was announced that both Rust and Atlas will be on ROH TV in the coming weeks.

Match 4: Violence Unlimited (Chris Dickinson, Homicide and Tony Deppen) vs. Lee Moriarty, LSG and John Walters

Tony Deppen is a crowd favourite and gets a warm welcome. Homicide and Walters started the match. Walters gained the early control of the match with a head-lock on Homicide. Dickinson and LSG are now in the match and they trade ankle locks. Deppen and Moriarty are in the ring and Moriarty (newly signed to AEW) showed off his very unique style of offense. Moriarty locked both Deppen and Dickinson in an abdominal stretch. After some offense from both teams, Walters put Homicide and Deppen in a double submission but it was broken up by Dickinson.

Homicide and Walters are now front and center as they traded blows. Homicide delivered a lung blower to Walters that kept him down. LSG and Dickinson are now in there but LSG chopped Dickinson and hit him with a very stiff kick. Moriarty is now in the match and got a two count on Dickinson.

Walters traps Homicide and Dickinson in a double Muta Lock, but Deppen breaks it up. Moriarty and Dickinson are now in the middle of the ring as they trade punches with one another Homicide dives onto his opponents outside the ring, and Dickinson pins Moriarty after delivering a Spicolli Driver.

Winner: Violence Unlimited

After the match, the losing team of Lee Moriarty, LSG and John Walters argue with one another. The Foundation comes to the ring to stop it. Jay Lethal took the mic and says that its been a long time that he has not had a match at an ROH PPV.  He says that watching so many talented wrestlers on the card excites him. Lethal said Eli Isom excites him. Lethal said the Women’s division excites him. Lethal then shook the hands of LSG and called Walters a living legend. Lethal then looked at Moriarty and said he wishes the AEW Signing could be part of the ROH division. Lethal then gave a passionate speech about the ROH pure division while name dropping some wrestlers of the divisions past like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and others.  Lethal said that the world of pro wrestling is going pretty damn good but its time for pure wrestling to prevail. Lethal reminds people that the Pure division is not new and no matter what company you are in, the pure division is thriving in ROH.

Match 5: The Briscoes vs. The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett)

This match started off right away. Mar Briscoe and Taven started things off but their partners came into the match shortly thereafter. Jay dropped Bennet with a forearm as the Briscoes Isolated Bennett in their corner. Bennett was able to gain control and deliver some offense as he tagged Taven in the match, who delivered a diving dropkick to Mark. This surge in offense did not last for the OGK as the Briscoes regained full control of the match. OKG once again rallied and double teamed Jay. Taven drilled Mark with a superkick. Mark gets the tag and clears house as he started performing his “Red Neck Kung Fu” to the OGK. This showcase of offense ended when Mark delivered a diving Blockbuster to Taven on the outside.

Bennett dropped Jay with a Spear, but Mark caughts him with a rolling Death Valley Driver. Taven tightly rolled Jay up for the surprise three count.

Winner: The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett)

After the match, the Briscoes are upset at the surprise victory for OKG and they hesitantly adhered to the code of honor.

Match 6: ROH Pure Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Josh Woods

Gresham and Woods start the match by each sharing technical holds. Woods and Gresham are tied up together on the ropes as the referee charges both men with their first rope break. The champion continues to target Woods’ arm/hand, and the referee got in the face of both wrestlers when they would not listen to his instructions. Both men continue to trade blows near the ropes and the referee charged both men with their second rope break. Gresham and Woods roll on the mat and both men’s shoulders are down as they both attempt an inside cradle. The referee counted to three and the match is a draw. The fans are not happy and neither are the competitors.

Gresham grabbed a mic and told the referee to restart the match as he doesn’t want the match to end that way. The match restarts and both men trade blows. Both men are attempting a leg-lock near the ropes and the referee charges both men with their third and final rope break. Gresham gets a two count with a sunset flip. Woods locked in a sleeper hold and trapped Gresham in the body-scissors. Gresham is fading, but he escapes.

Gresham and Woods hit each other with several strikes, and the champion suplexes Woods. Gresham hits Woods with a stiff forarm to the back of the head and lokced in a Kimura. Woods powers out with just one arm and takes control of Gresham. Woods puts Gresham in the Tombstone position but tosses him behnd his back as Gresham’s head hit the mat hard. Woods covers a fading Gresham for the win.

Winner: new ROH Pure Champion: Josh Woods

Match 7: ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor Promotions, Moses and Kaun) (c) vs. La Faccion Ingobernable (Dragon Lee, Kenny King and La Bestia Del Ring)

As the teams were coming out it was announced that Rush has a knee injury and will be away for several months. La Bestia Del Ring will be replacing Rush in this match. Before the match began, Kenny King attacks Shane Taylor with a chair. Shane Taylor cannot compete so O’Shay Edwards stepped up and took Shane Taylor’s spot in the match.

Once the match started, LFI isolate Kaun in their corner and have their way with him. LFI continued their attack on Kaun until Moses got the tag and gained control of the match for STP. Edwards tags in and slammed Lee to the mat but King broke up the pin. Lee and King double teamed Edwards but Edwards was able to overpower both men as he power bombed Lee and delivered a cutter to King.

Later in the match, Lee dropped Kaun with a shotgun dropkick. Lee then hits Kaun with a stiff Knee but Edwards was in to break up the pin attempt. After the pin attempt, pandemonium started as Bestia dove onto Edwards ont he outside. Kaun, Lee, and King each with a dive on their own. Now its time for Moses to dive onto the group as he performed a cannonball from the apron onto everyone on the outside of the ring. Moses and King are left alone in the ring, and they have a one one one match. Taylor enters the ring and blasts King with a chairshot to the head; the referee doesn’t see it, and Moses pins King to win the bout.

Winner: still ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Shane Taylor Promotions

Match 8: ROH Women’s World Championship: Miranda Alize vs. Rok-C

After weeks of build up on RH TV, it was time to crown the new ROH Women’s champion. Rok-C and Alize start by exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. They both attempted submission holds as both women are evenly matched. Alize with the early advantage as she suplexes Rok-C. Rok-C then quickly answered that with an arm drag, but Alize bit her opponent. The fans have started showing more support for Rok-C. Rok-C delivered a Lou Thesz Press and got a two count after connecting with her Moonsault knees. Alize got up and rocked Rok-C with a knee to the face.

Alize was now showing some frustration as she talks smack to her younger opponent. Alize gets a DDT on Rok-C but that move was only good enough for a two count. Alize was now firmly in control as she locked in a crossface to Rok-C, who struggled to make it to the ropes for a rope break. Rok-C got some momentum back as she slammed Alize to the barricades on the outside of the ring. Alize hit Rok-C with a dropkick and both women were down and out as the referee began his count to twenty. The referee was at sixteen before both women stormed back into ring so that the match can continue.

Back in the ring, Alize catches Rok-C with a cutter, but Rok-C nailed an explosive kick that leaves both women down again. Both women are giving it their all as the championship and a place in ROH history is on the line. Alize locked in the Miranda’s Rights (crossface) that gained her many victories in this tournament, but Rok-C countered it with a crossface of her own. Alize managed to escape. Rok-C kicked Alize and hit the Code Red for the win.

Winner: new ROH Women’s World Champion: Rok-C

After the match, Rok-C celerated in the ring as her family also came into the ring to celebrate with the newly crowned ROH Women’s champion.

 Main Event: Four-Way Elimination match for ROH World Championship: Bandidoo (c) vs. Brody King vs. EC3 vs. Demonic Flamita

King and EC3 started the match while Flamita and Bandido were fighting on the outside. King gets the advantage on EC3 after tossing him across the ring. King ran and clotheslined EC3 on the corner of the ring as he tossed him yet again. Flamita does an impressive hand-stand into a backflip on EC3. Bandido followed this up with a dive onto Flamita on the outside of the ring. EC3 now got some offense in as he sent Bandido head first into the ring post. EC3 now with a brainbuster on Bandido on the outside. All four men eventually made it back in the ring as EC3 slammed Bandido into King. EC3 continued his impressive offensive showing as he powerbombed Bandido onto King. Flamita came back into the ring with a chair in hand and hits EC3 with the chair but there was no referee to see it. EC3 retaliated with a chair shot of his own onto Flamita but this time the referee was there to see it so EC3 got disqualified.

EC3 has been eliminated. 

We get a brief Mexiblood reunion, as Bandido and Flamita double-team King before they embrace. They continue to work together, but King hit both men with strikes. All three men are down after Bandido and Flamita double-team King. King slammed Flamita to the mat with the All-Seeing Eye and pinned him to eliminate him.

Demonic Flamita has been eliminated.

The final two men are King and current champion, Bandido. King was able to get control of the match with a snap piledriver for a two count. Bandido regains some control of the match as he delivered a snap hurricanrana on King for a two count of his own. Bandido now with a crucifix drier for another near two fall. Bandido maintained control of the match with a shooting star press on King, but King kicked out after only one. King tried to rally back into the match after delivering a lariat to Bandido. Now both men are attempting to gain control of the match. Bandido rolled King around the mat and eventually went for a pin as he got a surprise three count on King.

Winner: still ROH World Champion: Bandido


After the match,The Foundation comes to the ring and celebrates with Bandido. Jay Lethal shakes the hand of the champion as does Jonathan Gresham. Gresham looks at the title as he and Bandido shook hands so there is now some tension brewing as we got the hint that Gresham wants the ROH World Title. The Righteous also comes out as Vincent, who earned a title shot of his own applauds the champion to close the show.

Final Thoughts:

This show was a very entertaining four hours of television. The low part of the night for me was actually the first match during “hour one”, which was the Battle Royale. The match seemed clunky and production was off. The highlights of the night were the ROH Women’s and World Championship matches. These two matches showcased what is great about ROH. Another fun match was the Pure Championship, because of its fantastic story telling. Overall this was a good show that will keep me interested in ROH TV as we head into Final Battle.