Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to my special Glory by Honor report.  Without further ado let’s get to it.

Night 1 – Friday August 20, 2021

Match 1: Rey Horus vs Silas Young

Young gets on the mic and says ROH could have picked any city for this show but they decided to go to where ROH started. He called Philadelphia the worst wrestling city in the USA. He wanted the fans to show him the respect he deserves after he beats Rey Horus.

Horus comes out and the Code of honor is adhered to. The match was technical and Young got the win by delivering Misery after turning the mask of Horus on his head so he couldn’t see.

Winner: Silas Young @ 7:58 via pinfall


Match 2: Demonic Falmita vs Eli Isom vs Dak Draper vs PJ Black vs Mike Bennett vs Danhausen

It was announced that the winner of the match will be ranked for the ROH World Title. This was a typical multi-man match where everyone was able to shine for a bit.  Danhausen was alone in the ring in a very confusing moment of the match. Danhausen suplexes Black, then Draper, then Isom, before Bennett goes for a piledriver. Danhausen blocked the piledriver and was able to hit the Goodnight Hausen. Demonic Flamita took advantage of this as he ran back into the ring and hits his top rope Gord Buster to get the pin for the win.

Winner: Demonic Flamita @ 11:47 via pinfall


Match 3: The Allure (Angelina Love and Many Leon) vs Vita Vonstarr & A Mystery Partner

Chelsea Green was on commentary for this match. The mystery partner for Vita Vonstarr was Max the Impaler.

The end of the match saw Love gets in and hit Max who no sells every move that Love could get in. Love gets scared and leaves the ring. Max tags VonStarr and goes after Love. Vonstarr rolls up Leon for the win.

Winner: Vita Vonstarr and Max the Impaler @ 6:39 via pinfall


Match 4: EC3 vs Brian Johnson

EC3 and Johnson started the match with a classic wrestling stare down. Johnson was super over as he is from Philadelphia. The end of the match saw Johnson delivering a low blow to EC3 but the referee had his back turned. EC3 hit a single arm DDT and a double underhook suplex. EC3 put Johnson in the Purpose and EC3 hits Johnsons hand on the ring matt. Johnson submitted.

Winner: EC3 @ 12:51 via submission


Match 5: Bateman vs Mark Briscoe

Bateman hit a Saito suplex. Briscoe quickly gets up and delivered a Spicoli Driver and the Froggy Bow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe @ 6:18 via pinfall

After the match, Dutch attacked Briscoe. Bateman joined in on the beat down until Mike Bennett came out to save the day for Mark Briscoe


Match 6: ROH Pure Championship: Johnathan Gresham (c) vs Rhett Titus

The code of honor was adhered to The end of the match saw Gresham and Titus going back and forth with pin attempts until Gresham used his body weight to get the three count.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham @ 14:44


Match 7: Violence Unlimited vs La Faccion Ingobernable (LFI)

Pandemonium broke out as the match goes into a no contest in under two minutes. Brody King went on the mic and said that people didn’t come to the show for a no contest. The match restarts.

Brody hit a move that was missed due to a production issue but he pinned Bestia for the win

Winner: Violence Unlimited @ 15:30


 Main Event: ROH World Championship: Bandido (c) vs Flip Gordon

EC3 was the guest commentator for this match. Bandido went for a 21 Plex but Gordon was able to block it. Bandido eventually was able to land a 21 Plex on Gordon for the win.

Winner: Bandido @ 17:18 via pinfall


After the match,EC3 walks into the ring. Bandido and EC3 have a stare down. Brody King walked out and said that EC3 isn’t next in line. Ec3 pushed King as Flamita ran in and a brawl broke out to end the show

Night 2 – Saturday August 21, 2021

Match 1: Dan Hausen vs Dalton Castle

Danhausen made Castle swallow some teeth and lands a boot to the face. Castle hit the Bang-a-Rang on some teeth for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle @ 8:02

Match 2: LSG vs World Famous CB

CB goes for the sleeper but LSG threw him out of the ring. LSG and CB lock up as LSG hit a Ace Crusher. LSG hit a Rocket Bye Baby and cradles CB as the ref counted to three.

Winner: LSG @ 7:22 via pinfall

After the match both men adhered to the code of honor.

We go to the back as Quinn McKay says she had some bad news for Mark Briscoe. Jay is unable to compete so Mark needs to find a new tag team partner. Brian Johnson walks by and is chosen by Mark to be his tag team partner for later.


Match 3: Miranda Alize & Rok-C vs Chelsea Green and Willow

Maria Kanellis is on commentary for this match. The end of the match saw Rok-C hit the Code Roc for the three count. After the match, the code of honor was adhered to.

Winner: Miranda Alize & Rok-C @ 7:47 via pinfall


Match 4: ROH Six-Man Championship: Shane Taylor promotions (c) vs Incoherence

After moves on the outside of the ring,  Taylor is left in the ring with Frightmare. Frightmare rolls him up but was only able to get a two count. Taylor hit a knee and the Marcus Garvey Driver for the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor Promotions @ 13:17 via pinfall


Match 5: Demonic Flamita & Flip Gordon vs Mark Briscoe & Brian Johnson

Gordon threw a chair in the ring but Flamita didn’t want to use it. Gordon is frustrated by this and starts yelling at Flamita, slaps him on the chest and spits on him. Briscoe saw that Gordon was distracted so he took advantage and hit him with a Jay Driller for the pin and win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe & Brian Johnson @ 11:26 via pinfall


Match 6: Violence Unlimited vs The Foundation

Homicide dove onto Titus on the outside of the ring. Also on the outside of the ring, King dove onto Williams. This left Lethal and Deppen alone in the ring. Lethal hit the Lethal Injection for the victory.

Winner: Violence Unlimited @ 16:06

After the match Violence Unlimited challenged any pure wrestler, past, present or future to fight them.


Match 7: Bandido & Rey Horus vs La Faccion Ingobernable (Rush & Dragon Lee)

Horus sends Rush into Lee on the top rope and takes out Rush’s knee. Rush was now favoring the knee for the rest of the match.  Lee connects with a top rope body scissors and jumped on Horus’ back. Rush hits a running kick on Horus in the corner for the victory.

Winner: Dragon Lee and Rush @ 13:01 via pinfall


 Main Event: Matt Taven vs Vincent in a steel cage Match

Taven climbs the cage, goes for a splash, and missed him. Vincent hits Orange Sunshine for a two count. Dutch was out and also climbed the cage but was met by Taven who knocked him off the cage and through a table that was set up earlier in the match. This distracted Taven enough so that Vincent landed Orange Sunshine off the top rope for the victory.

Winner: Vincent @ 19:24 

Final Thoughts:

The shows were fun and the crowd was super hot for both shows. Brian Johnson is such a talented performer and was elevated by the home town crowd.  The Steel cage match was what it was. They were fighting on the outside in a match that is meant to keep the competitors inside and with no outside interference which we also saw. I am interested to see where the ROH World title picture goes from here. Overall, it was a fun two night event.