With title matches galore and a women’s match that is jam packed with awesome, you know you stepped Into The Fire.  This Super-Powerrr edition of NWA POWERRR is coming to you live from the GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA.  Your commentators, Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky (It’s Velvet Time!) have the call, and there is no time to waste as the first of two title matches are on the line, so we have Kyle Davis to introduce the First Match of the night…


Courtesy of the NWA


NWA Television Title Match:  Da Pope (c) vs. Sal Rinauro

The match, as always, is contested with a 6:05 minute time limit.  This was supposed to take place last week, but in case ya missed it, here’s what happened:

Sal is selling his injuries at the hands of Colby, but he wants his shot at Da Pope, in his sixth title defense.  Bell rings, and Pope gives a Fist Bump of Respect for Sal to start off.  Collar and elbow tie up, but Pope pushes Sal off.  The clear underdog, Sal tries to rally, and at the 5:15 mark, Sal gets a small advantage but Pope dominates for the next minute, and works over the bad shoulder.   From the 4:45 mark, Pope slings Sal to the corner, and works him over, but Sal starts to get some hope spots at the 3:35 mark, but Pope slows it back down.  Pope in clear control, but at 2:49 left Sal gets a suplex, followed by a superkick to cover, but gets a two count.  Sal tries to keep up the momentum and tries to yank Pope’s arm, but his bad shoulder can’t pull it off.  From there with 2:00 left, Pope sends Sal to the corner, and gets a mid-rope assisted neck breaker, and then the coup de grace with the Elijah Express for the pin and the win.

Your Winner and Still NWA Television Champion:  Da Pope. 

After the match, Pope goes to congratulate a still smarting Sal Rinauro, and then Tyus and Austin Idol come out with Jordan Clearwater and Black Jeez staring daggers that is going to…


But before I can complain as to what in the name of the WWE is doing this nonsense, they do promos for The Champions Series coming to Fite.TV on July 27th.  So I calm down a bit, and smile that we’re getting a little more programming of the NWA.

At The Podium, Kyle Davis is surround by Idol and company.  He says they’re unscheduled, but that never stopped Idol. As much as I love a long-winded rant of epic proportions, so let me explain…no, there is too much.  Let me sum it up:  Austin Idol says Pope hasn’t beaten anyone worthwhile, and only his client Tyrus has his number. That’s why he set up the seventh title defense of the Television title for his client.  Should be an interesting sight to see. But while commentary is pondering what Idol was spitting, it’s time to get ready for the next match.

Courtesy of the NWA

Serena Deeb and Kylie Rae vs.  Thunder Rosa and Skye Blue

This is a nice blend of rivals and up and comers.  The bell rings and Rosa gets in Deeb’s face, and Deeb rears back…and tags in Kylie.  Hmm, a different side of Serena in this match.  Wonder how this will play out? In any case, “Smiley” Kylie is game, and she and Rosa go toe to toe in a very scientific wrestling match.  Neither woman appears to have the advantage, but La Mera Mera catches Rae in a crossface to wear her down.  Rosa then tags in Blue, and Blue has some moves, too whipping Rae to the corner and following up with a leg lariat.  Rae slows down Skye and gets her in a Gory Special, but Blue reverses to a sunset flip.  Rae tags back to Deeb, and The Woman of 1000 Holds takes Blue to school.

During her time in the ring, Deeb is showing flashes of heel moves, with Deeb getting Blue in abdominal stretch and raking Blue’s eyes.  It’s not looking good, as she is your Skye In Peril.    Deeb tags back to Rae, and she gets Blue in position for a back body drop, but Blue wiggles out and gets a hot tag to Thunder Rosa and she is your La Mera Mera En Fuego.  Rosa lays out Rae, but Deeb cheats at points, tripping up Rosa and using the ropes for a neckbreaker.  Rosa gets Blue back in, but Rae is also in the ring and delivers a super kick and Russian leg sweep, and sinks the crossface to Skye Blue. Rosa is distracted by Deeb pulling her off apron, and Blue has no choice but to tap.

Your Winners via Submission:  Kylie Rae and Serena Deeb

Deeb doesn’t stick around to celebrate, as Rosa chases her back to the curtain.

Back at The Podium with War Kings, and Dane has to share something with Crimson, who is decked out in a smart, dark suit. He hems and haws, as he fears his tag partner’s emotion will get the best of him.  Even Davis wants to know what this is about, and Dane asks for the mystery guest to come out and it’s….Slice Boogie. Crimson can’t believe it, and walks off. Well, that was…anti-climactic.

Courtesy of the NWA

May Valentine is backstage with one half of the NWA Tag Team champions, Kratos. Kratos loves the belt and the prestige. He says he was hired by Stevens to do the job and he believes in the “W”, and nothing else matters.  May asks Kratos if he respects his tag partner, despite their differences.  Kratos ponders the question for a second and responds:

“Respect is earned…and the way things are going right now, you could say that I sorta like Aron Stevens…but RESPECT is definitely earned!”


We head back to commentary, where Galli and Storm are joined by the other half of the NWA Tag Team Champs, Aron Stevens (in another sinking chair) out on commentary for this upcoming tag match to scope the competition in the following Lucha Rules match (where if a man is out of the ring, his tag partner can step in right away) that has a mystery partner for La Rebelion…

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Hawx Aerie (Luke and PJ Hawx) and El Rudo vs. La Rebelión (Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666) and???

What in the name of Violence Unlimited?!  It’s Homicide!

Courtesy of the NWA

The Notorious 187 is back after almost a year away from the NWA ring, and as the philosopher Jim Ross would say, business is sure to pick up on WWE Dynamite.

Wait.  That didn’t sound right.

In any case, PJ and Mecha grapple, and the younger Hawx shows off his amateur skills. Tag to Bestia, and PJ is taking La Rebelion to school.  Now a tag to homicide, and wrestling is over and now it’s a fight as all three rudos clean house.  As La Rebelion and Homicide are celebrating a mite early, El Rudo is in and cleans house using Homicide to do a leg drop on Bestia’s back, and then backdrop suplex Homicide. Anyway, the whole rest of the match is a straight-up cluster, so here are the highlights:  La Rebelión turns the tide and take it to El Rudo with knee strikes.  Then Hawx Aerie gets back to take out La Rebelión, and Luke does an impression moonsault using the middle rope from the outside to leap back in and splash Bestia (it’s would seeing to believe).  Mecha Wolf gets back in and gets PJ in a uranage to a slam on Rudo, and then Homicide does a tope to the outside of the ring on Hawx Aerie, and its La Rebelión with the Mark of the Beast for the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  La Rebelión & Homicide

Back to commentary, and this time it’s Trevor Murdoch joining on commentary with Galli and Storm in the finals of your Main Event of the night….

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA National Championship Match:  Chris Adonis vs. JTG

Chants for “JTG” from the studio audience, and some serious boos for Adonis, with boxing style intros by Davis punctuate the importance of the match.  It’s Adonis with the power, and JTG with the speed, but Jay Tha God takes it to the Masterpiece and shows he’s no pushover.  JTG is backed to a corner, and as Adonis starts to break the hold, he kicks to JTG’s midsection and now the match favors the Masterpiece.  Adonis sends JTG to the ropes and Tha God gets a sliding uppercut to Adonis’ jaw, followed by a sling blade, and he sends Adonis to the corner turnbuckle and slams Adonis face first to the canvas. JTG covers for a count of two. JTG keeps up the offense with shoulder tackles in the corner and a big right hand.  Now JTG sends Adonis to the ropes but he reverses for back body drop to JTG, and double underhook suplex to cover for a two count.

From there, the match favors Adonis’ methodical pace, as he works over the back and neck of JTG to prime him for the Masterlock.  Adonis keeps up the pressure with a headlock, but JTG fights out to sunset flip Adonis into a pin, and Adonis kicks out. JTG fights back, but an Adonis clothesline knocks out JTG, and he goes back to work wearing down Jay Tha God.  JTG fights back, and Adonis body slams him back to the mat.  Adonis keeps up the attack, but JTG reverses to a clothesline to knock both men down.  Referee Robert King starts counting both men, and they get back to their feet.  Now JTG fires up with clotheslines and a neckbreaker, then lifts Adonis to a reverse cutter to cover for a two count.  JTG grabs Adonis in a power slam position, but wiggles out and catches JTG in the Masterlock.  JTG manages to power out of the vicious hold, but Adonis clubs away at JTG’s already injured back and neck, and he cinches the Masterlock tighter than before.  JTG is starting to fade, and King starts to do the three count, but Fred Rosser comes out and says to call the match.  Referee King calls for the bell, so now…

Your Winner via Referee Stoppage, and New NWA National Champion:  Chris Adonis

Courtesy of the NWA

After the match, Trevor asks Rosser why he interfered, and Rosser says it’s so JTG can live to fight another day, and JTG will thank him for it.  JTG is still hurt, but is upset by the loss as he walks past Rosser as the credits roll.


Final Thoughts:

Great show, with two good title matches bookending the matches in the middle.  Pope title victory is telling a great story, while Adonis/JTG looks like this will not be the end.  Oh, and for everyone who hasn’t seen JTG, I would like to take a moment to deliver this PSA:  Do.  Not.  Sleep.  On.  JTG.  Ever!

The interviews were good, but nothing too mind blowing.  Not sure what direct NWA is doing with War Kings, but if a barbershop is involved down the road, Jax Dane…Just keep your eyes open, is all I’m Say.