Welcome to The Rich History of SLAM! Wrestling Quiz created by the site's co-founder Greg Oliver.

To mark a year on our own, here's a fun quiz. All the answers are somewhere on the site if you want to hunt around, but some you should know. Thank you for all the loyal readers through the years. We wouldn't be here without you!

Test your knowledge with this quiz.

As an entertainment writer, who has John Powell NOT interviewed?

Bob Kapur portrayed this character on Impact Wrestling.

Which of these former SLAM! Wrestling writers wrote The Top 100 Pro Wrestlers of All Time?

In 2006, WWE reported that this wrestler had died. Greg Oliver of SLAM! Wrestling found his mother and then him, very much alive. Who was the wrestler erroneously reported dead?

Which of these Sun Media writers was actually Mr. X in the pages of the Ottawa Sun?

SlamWrestling.net has been blessed with some wonderful guest columns. Of these names, which one did NOT write a guest column for the site?

Brad McFarlin is a famed photographer and father of SlamWrestling NXT reporter Matthew McFarlin. He has also been a pro wrestling manager. What was his name as a manager?

Contributor Jason Clevett appeared on which TV series on Animal Planet?

Kari Williams has written often about her mentor, who was a key figure in the St. Louis wrestling office and author of numerous books. Who was it?

We have two Steve Johnsons who have written for the site, and the American one, based in Virginia, has done a number of books with Greg Oliver. But he also runs a niche website about an old territory. What is that territory?

Jon Waldman, who co-edited SLAM! Wrestling: Shocking Stories from the Squared Circle, has written numerous books. One was about a specific hockey team. Which one?

The Montreal-based Yves Leroux has been promising an article on this trainer for at least a decade now, a long-running joke on the site at this point. Who was Leroux supposed to write about?