This show has a real “Big Main Event” vibe from the start, but will this be the night Myron Reed will Feel the Rush, or will Lio Rush experience Injustice by the Young G.O.A.T.?   We’ll find out soon, as we are live for the GILT Nightclub in Orlando, FL. Your commentators Ray Flores and fight analyst St. Laurent have the call.

Cold open starts out what tonight has in store for the fans.

Before we can speculate who’s going to have the edge in the main event, we first go to your First Match…

Courtesy of MLW

Laredo Kid vs. Gringo Loco

Kid comes out with the AAA Cruiserweight title, which is odd since he lost the title in a Title vs. Title match with Rush, but Flores and St. Laurent explain that when Kid had Rush in a submission that he felt he tapped out, but the ref failed to recognize this.  As a result, he went back, not recognizing the loss, and now has a duplicate title.  So no you know the rest of the story.

As for the match, start has fantastic chain wrestling where Laredo kid gets the better of Loco early, and Loco settles outside to gather his composure.  Back in, and Loco still being taken to school by the Kid, but uses his size to try to slow down the Kid.  Big move by Laredo Kid with a huracarrana to the outside, and another from the ring to the floor onto Loco by the Kid.  Kid sends Loco back in the ring to cover, but gets a two count.  Laredo goes up top for a moonsault, but Loco catches the flying Kid midair in a fireman’s carry and flips to an inverted DDT to knock him down a peg.

Now, Loco is on the offensive with chops to Kid on the ropes.  He sends Kid to the outside, and an impressive somersault dive to the outside by Loco is a sight to see, like early day Kevin Steen (Owens).   Loco goes up top for a springboard split leg moonsault that misses the target, and Laredo answers back with his own moonsault that hits successfully. Kid goes to the well too often (if I may channel the great philosopher Jim Ross) and is caught by loco again in a crucifix flipping slam that garners only a two count.  Loco goes up top, but the high risk attempt is blocked by Laredo Kid, who gets a top rope huracarrana for a two count.  Loco tries again to go up top, but Kid is right there to answer, and delivers a beautiful Spanish Fly by Laredo Kid gets the pin, and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Laredo Kid.

We go back to last week where Salina de la Renta’s plan failed.  As Hijo de L.A. Park lost to Bu Ku Dao, Renta left the ring, but we had “footage” of her being led to a car by a masked man.  What Happened to de la Renta? We’ll find out her fate later tonight, I guess.

Next up, it’s Hammerstone, who addresses being denied his title match request by Josef Samael. He was upset, but realizes Samael wants him so furious that he won’t think straight. Now he’s thinking: why does Fatu duck his challenge, because he can face anyone, and fears no one.  But Your Boy Hammer realizes that it’s not Fatu ducking him…it’s that Samael doesn’t have faith in Fatu, and he will lose to Hammerstone. 

Brilliant deduction, Holmes.  But does Samael have that power to block the challenge?

As if YouTube read my mind (or the 5G from my recent vaccination kicked in), here’s the Interview Queen, Alicia Atout, to address the controversy.  Turns out it’s true that Samael can gatekeep who faces the MLW Heavyweight Champion, but there is one thing: the head brass have decreed there will be a 40 man Battle Riot, and whoever wins is guaranteed a title shot. She also says that Court Bauer knows this demands a bigger roster, so there will be a MLW 2021 Open Draft next week on their website and on YouTube.   Hmmm, who could end up on the roster, I wonder.  Bigger question:  whose 90-day clause ends around that time?  The mind boggles.

Off to Hawaii, now, with the Von Erichs. Marshall praises Ross’s win over Dominic Garrini, but is upset that “Filthy” Tom Lawlor beat him.  Ross tries to console his brother, noting his leg is not quite 100%.  Well, Marshall promises all of us there will be a reckoning on July 10 against Lawlor.  I’m curious what that reckoning looks like, but we “Consumer-inos” will be graced by a Richard Holliday match…

Courtesy of MLW

IWA Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday vs. Ariel Dominguez

Once again, if any promotion (I don’t care which one) feels they want to give me chicken s***, I will turn it into a chicken cordon bleu.  To that end:  you give me a squash match, so here’s a squash recipe I found on Pinterest as the “Match” took place for an awesome Pesto Chicken stuffed Spaghetti Squash recipe that looks divine.  If nothing else, it gives me practice to talk about recipes and how to review cookbooks (Spoiler Alert:  I will be reviewing “Eat Like a Luchador” by Monica Ochoa and some Legends of Lucha Libre that looks awesome.  That’ll be coming soon in another article.)

Huh?  Oh, right!  The match.  Holliday wins with the 2008, and that’s all she wrote.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Richard Holliday

Your Loser:  Your waistline, if you try the Spaghetti Squash recipe

Afterwards, Alicia Atout is wit Holliday to talk post-match, but Gino Medina interrupts. Atout asks medina to leave and she’ll interview him later, and Medina does, while Holliday goes on with, “I Fired him” from The Dynasty…and Medina comes back to blindside Holliday. Medina gets Holliday into the DDT and retorts to Atout, “I didn’t get fired. I quit…bitch!”, and drops Holliday to the hard floor of the nightclub.  Nice way to make a counterpoint.

It’s now time for the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top Ten list in line for the MLW Heavyweight Champion, and there is a small shuffling of the deck as start with…

10. Rocky Romero (usurps from ACH a couple weeks ago)

9. Ross Von Erich (cracks the list after his win against Garrini)

8. Calvin Tankman (rises up a spot, even though he lost to Fatu in their heavyweight match)

7. Myron Reed

6. Mil Muertes (both Reed and Muertes rise a spot, while Low-Ki is, strangely dropped from the list. From there, it remains consistent with…)

5. Richard Holliday

4. Mads Krügger (I ask…why?  Someone please explain?!)

3. Lio Rush

2. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

1. Hammerstone

And your MLW Heavyweight Champion is still…Jacob Fatu

Will that Top Ten list change with tonight’s Main Event?  Let’s hit the ring to find out together, for it’s time for your…. 

Courtesy of MLW

MLW World Middleweight Championship: Lio Rush (champion) vs. Myron Reed

Big question of the night: with Rush holding the win over Reed, does he have a psychological advantage, our commentators ask.  To me, Reed looks laser-focused, while Rush is still displaying that cocksure attitude.  All I know is it will be a king-hell trick to try and capture all this action.

Bell rings, and the combatants go nose to nose, then tie-up to start. Reed with the height advantage over Rush, but Rush has some technical prowess as well to show up “They Young G.O.A.T”, but Reed is showing he can counter anything Rush throws at him.  Beginning of the match is a game of one-up-manship, and whatever move Rush hits, Reed answers. Big move early on with Reed catching Rush with a series of springboard guillotine legdrop to the outside and inside of the ring, and Rush goes outside to collect himself and come up with some strategy.  Reed comes back to the ring, and a low enzugiri catches Reed on the side of his head, and Rush covers for a count of two. 

Now Rush shows off those veteran skills, slowing the pace of the match with a knee to the throat of Reed. He follows it up with a side Russian leg sweep to a standing frog splash to Reed’s back, and the Young G.O.A.T. is feeling the Rush of Lio’s attacks to his lower back.  Rush in full control, delivers a big back body drop, but gets a two count.  Rush twist up Reed and gets a unique arm bar submission, but Reed doesn’t give in to the pain.  Rush loses control of the armbar and sends Reed outside.  Rush tries to capitalize with a moonsault \from the ring to the floor that misses the mark. Reed then goes from the ring for a no assist cross body that (from my vantage point) looked scary as he almost landed on his head.  Reed is fired up, and gets Rush back in the ring.  Rush tries to send Reed outside, but he grabs the ropes for a springboard codebreaker that stuns the Middleweight champ.  Rush responds back with reverse ‘rana and a standing one man Spanish Fly, and covers for another two count. Rush is now getting frustrated he can’t put away The Young G.O.A.T as easily as last time.

Rush kicks his offensive to another gear as he delivers palm strikes to Reed’s chest (which is odd, since he’s still wearing his chest protector). Reed hits the ropes, but is sent to the outside by Rush, and now hits a low rope suicide dive on Reed.  Back in the ring, Rush goes to his signature bounce back stunner, but doesn’t bounce all the way through, as Reed catches him in an inverted suplex.  Reed goes up top for a flying cutter, and a Cap’n Crunch (inverted facelock driver) for 2 3/4 count, and now Reed is in disbelief.  Reed tries to get back on the attack, but Rush answers with spinning kicks, and goes up top for the Final Hour, but Reed slides out of the way to the middle of ropes, further frustrating the champ.  Rush comes down and goes outside to meet Reed, but Reed hits a spinning enzugiri and goes for the flying cutter to the outside, but Rush catches him and sends him to the ring post. Then, Rush hits the reverse ‘rana on the outside, sends him back in the ring, and now hits the Final Hour frog splash, but can’t cover right away. He goes to cover, and gets a two count that leaves Rush livid.  Rush finally has had enough, and wants to put him away, and he takes off tape from his hands to show he means business.  Rush gets Reed in a fireman’s carry, but Reed reverses to a Cap’n Crunch, and goes up top for the No Cap (450 degree) splash for the one, two, and three!

Your Winner And New MLW Middleweight Champion:  Myron Reed

Flores and St. Laurent mention that with this win, Reed is the only two time Middleweight champ in MLW’s history.  Rush walks away, dejected, while Injustice member Jordan Oliver and Calvin Tankman celebrate as the show fades to….

A cinematic scene, as we go to Boyle Heights(?!), and a familiar office where Salina de la Renta has a sack on her head, crying and screaming, and she gets to deal with El Jefe…Dario Cueto(?!?!). 

Courtesy of Azteca Underground

Cueto tells de la Renta that she has failed The Believers, and all he asked in return for bailing out Promociones Dorado was for gold and violence. He’s building a new temple, and that requires…a sacrifice. As de la Renta is led away kicking and screaming, Cueto answers a call, and tells the other person on the other end that he will see them…on July 10.



Final Thoughts:

This was a tremendous show, as “Season Finales” for wrestling goes.  This could have been a 5-Star show, but…squash matches that don’t have a point will inspire me to put out squash recipes in it’s place.  Let’s hope that isn’t the case when July 10 comes around on Vice TV.

If nothing else, the opening match with Laredo Kid/Gringo Loco was the amuse bouche that signalled the main course that was Lio Rush/Myron Reed that did not disappoint.  If there was a crowd there, this is your, Fight Forever” chant right there, and an early Match of the Year candidate.

And seeing Dario Cueto, again?  Uhhh….Yes, please!  I still Believe (but can’t wait to see what monster lawyers from MGM come out of their termite-infested woodwork).

Well, Until then, follow MLW on Vice for previous matches, check their YouTube channel, and we’ll see you on July 10th!