When Kenny Omega made history by winning the Impact World Champion this past Sunday, one big question that arose was who would be his first contender. This week’s Impact set those wheels in motion to establish a number one contender to his title. But if the last few minutes of the episode are any indication, Omega – along with his buddy Don Callis, and their hired goons the Good Brother – aren’t going to make it easy for the company to recover their gold.

The show started off with the roster protesting outside Scott D’Amore’s office. He came out and told everyone to head to the ring where he would make an announcement. Afterwards, Don Callis emerged and told Scott that Kenny was going to appear by Zoom. D’Amore said if Omega didn’t appear in the building, under an agreement made with AEW Tony Khan, Omega would be stripped of the Impact World Championship and suspended by both companies. Callis was worried by this news and started to make a call.

D’Amore went to the ring, which was surrounded by the roster. D’Amore said that Rich Swann knew that the unique one-night terms of the match meant that he would not get a rematch clause. So that on May 15th at Under Seige, there would be a 6-way match for the number one contendership. Unless Omega didn’t appear by the end of the show, in which case that match would be for the title.

In order to give everyone a chance to compete in that match, the next two weeks would feature six qualifying matches to be in that match, and called out the competitors for the first one: Jake Something and the returning Chris Bey.


Match 1: Jake Something vs. Chris Bey – Number One Contender Qualifying match

The rest of the roster stayed around the ring for this one. Something used his size and strength advantage to good effect early on, dominating Bey physically. But Bey slipped out of his grasp and mounted a comeback consisting of head kicks and a big Cross Body for a near fall. But Something fired up and he blasted Bey with a Double AxeHandle and a huge Sit-Out Powerbomb for 2-and-a-half. Bey went for the Ultimate Finesser, but Something caught him, and then sent him flying with a huge Lariat. Looking to escape the pain, Bey tried to roll out of the ring, but Jake brought him in the hard way. Before Jake could capitalize, Rohit Raju grabbed his leg from the floor. Jake turned to deal with him, leaving him prone for a sneaky pin by Bey.

This was a good, competitive match. Something has the size and knows how to wrestle like a big man, but he’s just missing the personality to be a bigger star.

Winner, and qualifier for the Number One Contender six-way match: Chris Bey

In the back, Don Callis was on the phone, presumably with Omega, and told him to take the jet and get here tonight. When he hung up, Sami Callihan came up to Callis and lay down a threat to Omega.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Taylor Wilde, who is excited to be having her first match in a decade. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb came up to her, and suggested that Taylor become her new tag team partner. Wilde said she came back to Impact to face Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship, but Tenille was oblivious.


Match 2: Sam Beale vs. W. Morrissey

Before the match, Morrissey (formerly, WWE’s Big Cass) took the mic. He told the viewers at home that nobody in the back cared about the fans, and that the industry is full of bad people. And the only difference between him and the others is that he’s not afraid to admit he’s a bad person.

This was an old-fashioned squash match. Morrissey beat Beale silly, ending the slaughter with a huge Powerbomb. This was a good television debut for Morrissey, who they are establishing as a true monster.

Winner: W. Morrissey

Gia Miller interviewed Kimber Lee, who was with Purrazzo and Susan. Lee said that Wilde would pay for attacking them at Rebellion on Sunday. Purrazzo said that she would wait in the back and simply watch Lee beat Wilde. Gia questioned if Purrazzo was afraid to be in the arena with Wilde, but Purrazzo vehemently denied it, saying she can beat any other Knockout. As she was about to leave, Havok came up to her and blocked her way. She eyed Purrazzo and then walked off, leaving Purrazzo looking shaken by this development.

Gia Miller interviewed Willie Mack about W. Morrissey and how he beat down Mack on Sunday. Mack challenged W. Morrissey to a 1-on-1 match at Under Seige.


Match 3: Kimber Lee (w/ Susan) vs. Taylor Wilde

Lee started off aggressively, giving Wilde a hard welcome back to the company with a huge running Dropkick at the bell, and then using the ropes to scrape Wilde’s eyes. Taylor showed some of her old fighting spirit to come back, but Lee took out her legs to knock Wilde down before the commercial break.


She was still in control when the show resumed, stomping Wilde and then locking her in a few submission locks. Wilde tried to mount a comeback, but then had to deal with Susan’s interference from the floor in addition to Lee who floored her with some big kicks. Lee went up top, but Wilde moved and Lee crashed hard. Lee locked on the Wilde Thing (Indian Lock) and Lee had to submit. After the match, Susan attacked Wilde, but Tenille and Kaleb ran down to save Wilde from a beatdown. Tenille tried to endear herself to Wilde, who was reluctant to accept her help.

This was pretty good. For having taken such a prolonged absence, Wilde was in decent ring shape, and she had the right opponent to put on a fine match – if there is one quibble, it’s that Wilde never really got a chance to shine and showcase her offense, but rather was on the defense for the most part. A pairing with Dashwood could be an interesting combination, if only to give Dashwood some relevance, and allow Wilde to get some good momentum before her eventual championship program with Purrazzo.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

The Flashback Moment of the Week saw Ace Austin win a multi-man match at the 2019 edition of Rebellion.

Gia Miller was trying to get an Omega update from Scott D’Amore when Moose interrupted. Moose was upset that he had to compete like everyone else to get a title opportunity at Omega. D’Amore tried to dismiss Moose, but Moose grabbed him and threatened him. James Storm came in and started jawing with Moose, as those two will be competing in a qualifying match next week.


Match 4: Ace Austin (w/ Mad Man Fulton) vs. Josh Alexander (c) – for the X-Division Championship

Alexander out-wrestled Austin early on, and was in control for the first few minutes, until Austin too him down with an unorthodox Leg Sweep, and then blasted Josh’s back with kicks, stomps, and elbow smashes. Austin then worked over Josh’s midsection to take away his power advantage. His strategy was pretty effective, as even after Alexander hit a Rolling German Suplex, he couldn’t follow up because of the strain on his own body. Josh eventually got back into it, and put Austin down with a couple of big throws. Austin hit another kick to the midsection that folded Alexander over, and a big Crescent Kick by Austin nearly ended things. The action spilled to the outside of the ring where Alexander got the edge, slamming Austin hard on the apron. Some Fulton shenanigans gave Austin the chance to hit a Springboard Kick and a Flying Senton onto Josh’s knee – but unbelievably Josh kicked out! Austin looked to end things with another top rope move, but Josh caught him and dropped him with a Powerbomb Backbreaker before clamping on the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring, forcing Austin to tap out.


This was really, really good. Alexander continues to impress no matter who he faces in the ring. Hopefully this is the beginning of a lengthy championship run for Alexander, establishing him as a top star until he’s ready for the next level of gold.

Winner, and still X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

Don Callis was on his phone and got confirmation that Kenny was in the air on his way to Nashville. Johnny Swinger and Hernandez walked up to him, and Callis reminded Swinger that he owed him $20,000 for betting on Rich Swann at Rebellion. Callis said that the debt would be cleared if Swinger picked up Omega from the airport and drove him to the building.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering. The former champs Fire N Flava interrupted them, saying they were going to invoke their rematch clause at Under Seige.


Match 5: Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona – Number One Contender Qualifying match

The match started on the floor, with an aggressive Cardona smashing Myers against the ringside barrier. Myers feigned injury, which drew Cardona in, only for Myers to kick him in the injured knee. Myers took over, working over Cardona’s knee, including smashing it into the rings steps. Cardona was still in control after the commercial break, still attacking Cardona’s knee. Cardona eventually fought back and hit a Radio Silence out of nowhere to get the surprise pin.

This was fine, but these two continue to be boring in this feud. The shame is that either one of them will be in the Number One Contender match, since there are so many other talents that are so much better.

Winner, and qualifier for the Number One Contender six-way match: Matt Cardona

A Violent By Design video aired. They said that losses to James Storm – like Deaner’s loss on tonight’s Before the Impact preshow don’t matter because the war is a long way from being over. Their war will continue when Rhino competes next week to be in a Number One Contender qualifier match.

A hype video aired for New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s El Phantasmo, who will be on next week’s show.


Match 6: Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan –  Number One Contender Qualifying match

The match just got underway before going to a commercial break right after Eddie hit a flying dive on Sami on the floor. Eddie was in control after the break, but when he went for a top rope move, Sami slipped underneath and knocked him down hard. Sami then used some viciousness, including trying to tear off Eddie’s face. Sami then locked on a series of wear-down moves, but Eddie wouldn’t go down, escaping a Sleeper attempt with a Chin Breaker. Eddie finally did go up top, hitting Sami with a Hurancarana to get some breathing room. A chop exchange ensued and developed into a slugfest that Eddie ultimately won after hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb. Sami blocked a Boston Knee Party attempt, catching Eddie in mid-air and PowerBombing him. Sami set him up for a Cactus Special, but then Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers ran into the ring and attacked both men, causing the match to be thrown out.

The Good Brothers dropped Eddie and then Sami with Magic Killers, taking them out. They held up Sami for a V-Trigger by Omega, but before he could hit it, FinJuice ran in and a brawl ensued. But Omega and his goons had the 3-on-2 edge, and they beat down the champs too. The show ended with Don Callis hyping up Omega and the Good Brothers as the bodies of Edwards, Callihan and FinJuice lay strewn around the ring on the floor.

The match was good while it lasted, but was really meant to set up the big angle at the end, and keep Omega and the Good Brothers looking like an unstoppable force who will do what they can to run roughshod over the roster in order to keep the title on Omega.  At some point, someone is going to have to step up and look like a threat to Omega, or else this is going to be another failed invasion angle. Might Moose be the one? Time will tell.

Winner: No contest

Impact Wrestling - April 29th, 2021

Skyway Studios - Nashville, TN

With some solid in-ring action, and a cohesive storyline thread running through the episode – trying to find a viable opponent for Kenny Omega – this was a strong follow-up from Sunday’s Rebellion Pay-Per-View. And set the path for what should be a good Under Siege special event in May.