Start playing Dokken on Spotify, because the NWA is back Into The Fire.  Live from the GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA.

Your commentators are Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and…wait, Velvet Sky?  What is the name of the Beautiful People is this Allure?!

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We’ll have to address it later, because Galli sends us to the Back Podium, with Kyle Davis interviewing the three members of Strictly Business, and tries to address their involvement in the six-man tag team match. Latimer grabs the mic, and says he’s unhappy with the decision in last night’s Television Title match with Pope, and promises a rematch.  Davis goes to Kamille, who is (now) very chatty, talking about winning the number one contendership, and she’s gunning for Serena Deeb and her title soon. Davis tries to address that Trevor Murdoch was injured following the attack last night by Chris Adonis at the PPV, and the six man will be one man short. Latimer is still hot, until Aldis shows that cool “Keep Calm” British charm. He tells Davis to get the facts right and don’t calm down Latimer.  Aldis states that what happened with Murdoch was bad, and he doesn’t condone those kinds of actions, himself.  Aldis puts over Strictly Business and the fact that Fite cleared the check, and promises that the NWA will be back on top, and that’s strictly business.  Davis then acknowledges that Kamille has business in the ring with the…

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First Match:  Kamille vs. Alex Gracia

Galli brings up that Gracia is a top prospect of Thunder Rosa’s, but this is the Kamille show, folks.  Kamille just manhandles (errr…womanhandles) Gracia, and at one point puts her in the Torture Rack, and unceremoniously dumps Gracia.  Gracia stand little to no chance, and Kamille delivers not one, but two Spears to Gracia, and the match mercifully comes to an end.

            Your Winner via Pinfall:  Kamille

Back to the podium with Davis, and he’s joined by Da Pope, and he is pimpin’ away.  Pope tells “textile Kyle” he wasn’t happy with the win, but he survived, and he’ll keep on keep in’ on. He does say if Da Big Pope upstairs does allow him six more wins, then he’ll be ready to challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold. But, hold on, Austin Idol comes out with Tyrus, saying he’s his new client. Tyrus palms Davis’ head like a basketball, and Tyrus just says any questions need to go to Idol.

We get an “Ad” for Austin Idol’s, and who doesn’t want to stand in the same ring with the Idol?  Eh, it’s probably more legit than Trump University.

We go back to Galli and Storm, and they’re joined by Pope, who’s trying to make sense of what just happened, but we need to go to the ring for…

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Fred Rosser vs. Matt Cross vs. “All Day” Marshe Rockett for the #1 contender for the NWA Television Championship

First, it’s great seeing Rosser back.  Second, Cross is sporting a new chrome dome.  Huh. 

This is my first time seeing Rockett, so let’s see how this goes.  Start of the match has Cross and Rosser take big Rockett out, then Rosser focuses his attack on Cross.  It’s back and forth between the two competitors, but Rockett comes back and knocks both men out.  Rockett then delivers a beautiful standing dropkick to Rosser, that puts Bob Holly’s to shame.  But don’t count our “Mr. No Days Off” as Rosser delivers chop blocks to Cross and Rockett.  Rockett is still in the fight, and sends Cross to the ropes, who bounces back and it’s Cross with cutter, followed right behind by Rosser with a leg drop.  Cross redoubles his effort to beat Rosser down, and then he has Rosser in prime position for a double stomp, but misses.  Rosser knocks out Rockett, and a Gut Check to Cross gain the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and the new Number One Contender for the NWA Television Title:  Fred Rosser

May Valentine, with Slice Boogie (Queens in the house), went through some big boys like Jordan Clearwater, Jax Dane, and Crimson.  He’s got some big bruises, but he came out on top, and he’s here to make an impact. May asks who he’s got his eye on, and Boogie looks her up and down and goes, “I got my eyes on you right now. Whatcha doing afterwards?”


It’s as smooth a transition as going to the next match…

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Mike Parrow vs Jordan Clearwater

Ring Debut of Parrow, and Clearwater trying to avenge his loss in last night’s Fatal Four way. Bell rings and Parrow attacks before Clearwater can get his ring jacket off.  Parrow ain’t messing around, planting a full nelson slam to Clearwater.  Clearwater gamely comes back, but Parrow clotheslines him back down.  Clearwater with the Midas Touch, misses, and Parrow catches him in a choke slam. Covers with an arrogant boot for a count of two.  Clearwater tries to get momentum going again, and fires up with a Midas Touch, followed by a neckbreaker, but Parrow shoves him off at the count of two.  Clearwater is stunned and tries get back, but Parrow grabs the Golden boy, and delivers a vicious sitout driver, and that’s all she wrote.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Mike Parrow

Back to the Podium as Davis interviews Thunder Rosa. Davis salutes the match Rosa had at last night’s PPV, but Rosa isn’t feeling it.  All she wants and still wants is to regain the women’s title belt. Davis brings out Melina, and Melina in a shaky voice calls Rosa an inspiration, and offers support (because Latina Power, I guess).  Rosa is flattered, but doesn’t need help right now. Melina offers again, but Rosa says she’s gonna do it on her own. 

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Well, this is awkward, as Davis lamely sends it to the ring for tonight’s Main Event…

Six Man Tag Team match: Aron Stevens and Kratos (NWA Tag Team Champions) and Da Pope (NWA Television Champion) vs. Strictly Business (NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and Thom Latimer) and …Chris Adonis

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Whelp….I guess Aldis approves of Adonis’ actions if it suits him.  Even the commentary notes this, but they also notice that the demeanor of Aron Stevens and Kratos seem off.

(Author’s Note:  You probably have a big Question Mark as to how Stevens and Kratos got the tag titles, since Stevens was teaming with his late, great sensei.  Hope this helps catch you up.  And now you know The Rest of The Story.)

Match starts with Adonis and Stevens, and Stevens takes advantage on Adonis with his technical skills, but soon Adonis gets upper hand, and punches Stevens in the neutral corner.  Stevens manages to get back the upper hand, but shenanigans by Strictly Business distract the ref, and a well-timed thumb to the eye by Adonis stops that, and they send Stevens to the corner, who’s isolated from Pope and Kratos becoming your Face in Peril.  Kratos, meanwhile, just glares and is disappointed in his tag partner.

Quick tags by Strictly Business is showing that they’re… strictly business.  Latimer with a pin, but Stevens kicks out at two.  Latimer keeps up the offense and shoot Stevens to the ropes, but Stevens gets Latimer in a desperate DDT.  That knocks both men down.  Crawling, Stevens reaches the corner and gets the hot tag to…Da Pope.  And Pope comes in and is your Pimp On Fire (God, I hope I don’t get cancelled for typing that). Pope is very pumped, going after Strictly Business.  Aldis and Latimer tries to double suplex Da Pope, but Pope reverses into a delivers double DDT.  Latimer tries to bring in a steel chair, but Pope stomps on the chair, pinching his fingers.  Stevens back in with a bulldog to Adonis gets a two count.  Adonis comes back with a spinebuster that sends Pope out, but then Kratos gets into the ring for the first time (after spending it yelling at Stevens) and answers Adonis with an atomic drop and a wicked clothesline.  Latimer knocks out Kratos, and Stevens is back in with a Lou Thesz press and punches away.  Aldis with a Kingslayer to Da Pope, but Stevens answers with a superkick then sends them out of the ring.  Now it’s Adonis and Pope in the ring, and Pope hits his STO/clothesline, and lines up for Pope Express in his corner, but a blind tag by Kratos, gets him back in the ring.  Kratos then grabs a chair, but Stevens pulls the chair away, saying they won’t win that way.  Kratos is absolutely livid as his tag partner, and that distraction is enough for Adonis to get a roll up for the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Strictly Business

After the match there is turmoil between the tag champs, and what their future holds in the ring.  Guess we’ll have to wait until next week.



Final Thoughts

After a year without the NWA, it’s great to have them back.  Nothing too fancy with this beginning show, but solid matches serve to showcase they offerings, from newcomers Rockett/Clearwater/Boogie, and a chance for journeymen like Rosser/Cross/Parrow to strut.

Of course, the show is Strictly business, and this latter day Four Horsemen will keep business booming for the NWA, but the story of Aron Stevens is the one to really keep an eye on, especially with the emotion and momentum of the Back for the Attack continuing to propel him on his newfound babyface status.  As for his partnership with Kratos…well, let’s call that a Question Mark for now, eh?

Until Next Week, See you in Seven and Subscribe Harder to see the NWA on Fite.TV!