It’s promo time on UWN Primetime Live on, with Fred Rosser saying he’s in the UWN World Title tournament, and ready to show he’s Mr. No Days Off, but “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson is also in the tournament and is going to take down anyone in his path like Rosser.  Vipress wants to get the win to avenge herself tonight against Lacey Ryan for her FSW Women’s title, but Ryan isn’t laying down for that snake. Eli Drake and “Cowboy” James Storm are in a “Deli” calling out the next ticket order, but you know what?  It’s Aron Stevens and the Question Mark whose order is up, and they’re ready to serve “cold cut keyster kicking’s” and Storm adds, “Sorry about your damn luck!”  Drake:  “Yeahh!”  Stevens stops short of quoting Edgar Allen Poe, and walks off, diva that he is.  Finally Mike Bennett tells viewers that they best “expect the unexpected.”  Well, as for me, I’m sold already, so let’s get the show started.

We are Live from Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA.

As always, your ring commentators Todd Keneley, James Kincaid, and Blake “Bulletproof” Troop have the call, and tonight’s show will have not one, but two matches, to advance to the finals for the UWN World Title, along with a plethora of title matches this evening.  So let’s stop yammering like Aron Stevens delivering a soliloquy, and let’s get to the action

UWN World Title Tournament Match:  “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson vs. Fred Rosser

Split screen during Rosser’s entrance emphasized that “Mama Rosser didn’t raise no punks”, and he’s here to show everyone he’s still Mr. No Days Off.  Big story is Rosser enters the ring with a protective brace/sleeve on his arm because of the after match antics of Erik Redbeard last week.  Dickinson gets in the ring hyped up, ready to go, but once the bell rings, Rosser goes for a flash inside cradle, but ends up a quick two count by the ref.  Rosser knows he’s hurt and tries to put away Dickinson quickly, but the “Dirty Daddy” smells the blood in the water and the entire match had Dickinson focus on the injured arm.  Rosser goes for quick offense running the ropes to hit a slam, but gets a two count.  Rosser again with a seated splash, but doesn’t cover as he messes around with his sleeve.  Dickinson grabs his leg and back and proceeds to lock an armbar, but Rosser manages to get to the ropes.  Dickinson with a German suplex, but only a two count.  Majority of the match the “Dirty Daddy” utilizes an array of arm drags and armbars to Rosser but can’t put him away.  Dickinson finally has had enough of manages to get Rosser down on the mat and starts taking the protective sleeve off of Rosser’s bad arm, and then really goes to work, at one point driving his knee to the forearm, and Rosser screaming in agony.  Dickinson lets up enough to start yelling, “How Bad do you want it?!” at Rosser’s direction.  Rosser valiantly stays in the fight, using his other arm to chop away at Dickinson, but doesn’t have enough force to pull it off.  Just when all looked hopeless, Rosser and Dickinson battled outside to the ring where Rosser delivered a wicked backdrop suplex on the “Dirty Daddy” to the ring apron.  Rosser sends him back him and tries to pick up the “Dirty Daddy” for the Gut Check, but can’t grasp with his bad arm.  Dickinson back on the attack, but Rosser goes for a powerslam and just gets a two count.  Second time this match goes outside the ring, where Dickinson drops from the apron and gets crotched on the UWN banner/skirt by Rosser, who lights up the “Dirty Daddy” with chops.  Rosser is back in control, and gives Dickinson a snapmare, then a seated splash on the concrete floor.  Rosser pushes Dickinson back in the ring, but the “Dirty Daddy” still has enough in the gas tank to get Rosser in a Gator Roll, followed by a deep Fujiwara style armbar in the center of the ring, and Rosser has no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner via Submission, and Advancing to the UWN World Title Finals:  “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson

We now head backstage with John Roberts who’s with the Real Money Bro$, but get interrupted by 4 Minutes of Heat, and showing up because he can, it’s Will Allday.  The Bro$ are somewhat nonplussed by this, but the Heat suggest a six man tag match for tonight.  Now, the Money Bro$ are a man short, but they see outside of camera shot a guy that can help out.  They call out to Cam who’s (ugh!) vaping away, and he’ll join in on the fun, so…I guess it’s official.

4 Minutes of Heat (Rick Gibson & Eddie Pearl) and Will Allday vs. Real Money Bro$ (Big Money Clutch & RMB $uge) and Cam

Match starts as all the guys are brawling, and Cam is in the corner…vaping.

(Before I go on, I know that vaping is a “healthier” alternative to regular smoking, and that this is designed to really highlight how much of a douche Cam is supposed to be.  That said, in my opinion, vaping is the equivalent of getting X-Pac-style heat.  Maybe just switch to a stinky cigar like the stars of yesteryear to bring the point across how unlikeable you are?  But I digress.)

Anyway, the bell now rings, and the action spills to the floor where Cam goes from the ring to the floor on all four men on a tope suicida.  As for Allday, he proves he can do this all damn day, and tops Cam’s high flying offense.  Back in the ring Cam gets shown up by 4 Minutes and Allday.  Tag to Pearl, and we gets a unique tag combo from 4 Minutes who have Cam up for a double suplex, and Allday gets on the top turnbuckle for a crossbody/suplex combo.  Too bad it gets the team a two count.  Cam tags out to Clutch, and Pearl gets in some offense before a mistimed moonsault gets him in trouble with the Money Bro$, and they start laying in the boots and Eddie is your Face in Pearl…err, Peril.  Eddie manages to escape the Bro$ clutches (to turn a phrase, if I may), to get the hot tag to Gibson, who is now your Rock God en fuego.  Gibson to the ropes, but $uge drops the ropes, so that Gibson ends up hitting the concrete floor below.  Once the Bro$ send Gibson back in, Tag back in to Cam, and a cocky foot cover just gets him a one count.  The Bro$ and Cam do everything to keep Gibson isolated, even hitting the Money Elbow Drop that gets a two count, but still can’t put him away.  Gibson dives for a desperation tag, and Allday gets in and hits a huracanrana on the Bro$, and goes on a tear….all damn day (what can I say?  It’s just fun to type).  4 Minutes gets back in the action with an Allday assisted Back Stabbeth, but still can’t put away the Bro$  End of the match became a Pier Six brawl between all the teams, but Cam hits a vape in the eye (douche!), and Money Bro$ get that Signing Bonus finisher for the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Real Money Bro$ and Cam

It’s now time for ads, and I won’t recap the ads.  So, let’s move along, shall we?

We head backstage again with John Roberts who interviews….Davey Boy Smith, Jr.  Smith apologizes to fans for not being in the UWN Title tournament like advertised earlier (he was supposed to face Mike Bennett), but he praises the talent, and whoever wins the title tournament Smith promises to make an impact.  So now we head back to ring for the women’s match.

FSW Women’s Championship match:  Lacey Ryan (C) vs. Vipress

Ryan owns a win over Vipress on Episode 4 of PrimeTime Live (if you all bother to read the recaps), and just like the other matches tonight, Vipress Pearl Harbors Ryan, but Ryan counters with an arm drag.  Ryan stays in control, but Vipress has moves of her own with a unique variation where she shoots from the ropes, dives between Ryan’s legs, grabbing them and then planting Ryan into a facebuster (I am not giving the move justice.  Try to seek it out on the Interwebs).  Anyways, Vipress then takes Ryan’s leg and then slams it against the ring post.  From there, it’s all Vipress in control, focusing on leg/knee attacks to take away Lacey’s knee exploder finisher.  For all Vipress’ efforts and Ryan unable to get her explosive power to her legs, she doesn’t back down.  Out of desperation, Ryan goes for a spinning kick that catches Vipress flush.  Ryan tries to get back in control, but Vipress hits a chop block to knock her back down.  Despite this, Ryan gets in her offense with a suplex.  She kips up but her knee is still tender from Vipress’ attacks. A DDT from Vipress manages a cover on Ryan, but it was a close two count.  Lacey tries her knee exploder, but Vipress counters to a straight ankle lock dead center of ring.  Unable to break out of the vise, Ryan grabs Vipress and elbows her way out.  Dazed, Ryan takes advantage and grabs Vipress to hit the knee exploder, and the ref counts one, two…three.

Your Winner and still FSW Women’s Champion:   Lacey Ryan

Just as I took a breather from that women’s action, we go back to the ring for more tag team action that has more questions than answers, if you will.

NWA Tag Team Championship:  Eli Drake and “Cowboy” James Storm (C) vs. Aron Stevens and The Question Mark

Stevens enters the ring wearing some guy-liner, and a ring attire outfit that makes me wonder if he raided Lord Steven Regal’s wardrobe.  During this time, he looks all around Thunder Studios for Question Mark.  He then gets in the ring still “perplexed”.  As Drake and Storm hit the ring, we’re about to get to my favorite part…boxing style intros by Adnan Kureishy  to an empty arena, but Stevens takes the mic away from him.  Stevens asks where is the Question Mark, but then JR Kratos enters and…yup, you guessed it.  Another Pearl Harbor-style attack.  Stevens then points out to everyone, “Here is The Question Mark.  You can’t prove it’s not him!”  Well, he does have a point, that magnificent bastard.

Anyway, it’s bedlam around and outside the ring, with both teams even taking the fight to the commentators’ booth.  Once Drake gets Stevens in the ring, the match officially begins, with Drake/Storm utilizing tag team prowess over Stevens.  Stevens was in trouble until a tag to Kratos turned the tables, and Kratos really used his power to his advantage by manhandling Storm.   Storm blind tags in to Drake, who hits his C4 (flying neckbreaker) to Kratos to cover, but only gets a two count.  Drake tries to get in some offense, but Kratos’ power is too much and soon Kratos is back in control, clotheslines Drake to cover, but also gets a two count.  Kratos tags back to Stevens, who isolates Eli in the corner, becoming your Drake in Peril.  Drake gets shoulder tackles to the corner, followed by a snap mare to flying knee to cover, but gets a two count.  Meanwhile Storm tries to get back in, but the ref just holds him back while Steven and Kratos keep up their shenanigans.  Drake out of desperation hits a Blockbuster on Kratos, who goes down, and Drake crawls to Storm.  He reaches out and Storm gets the hot tag, and he becomes your “Cowboy” en fuego.  Storm hits the ropes, and delivers a Polish hammer to Kratos to knock him down to cover, but it’s good for a two count.  Soon the match spilled out of the ring onto the floor, where Stevens takes a steel chair to Drake’s throat, then brings it to the ring.  But Storm stops that nonsense, and tries to pry it from Stevens’ hands.  While Storm was distracted, Kratos went behind him to deliver a low blow to Storm’s little Cowboys to cover for the one, two…three.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and New NWA Tag Team Champions:  Aron Stevens and JR Kratos/The Question Mark

(Heck even poor Adnan was confused how to call the match)

Post-match, Stevens gets back on the mic and says everyone needs to pay attention to the greatest tag team in him and Kratos “and you can’t Question that!” Again, I say, that magnificent bastard!

But we don’t have time to understand the identity of The Question Mark, because it’s now time for…

Your Main Event for the UWN World Title Tournament Match:  Shawn Daivari vs. Mike Bennett

The theme of the match for both men is one of career redemption (Bennett) versus career renaissance (Daivari).  Split screen during their respective entrances had Daivari’s promo talking about holding his head high again and remembering who he is, and how he will walk out a champion.  Bennett, on the other hand quotes from the musical Hamilton about not throwing away his shot.  Powerful stuff from both men

Once the bell rang, Bennett just spears Daivari (, it was so impactful, even Keneley’s voice gets an echo effect) but Bennett pulls up hurt, with commentary speculating he has a possible trapezius injury.  Daivari takes Bennett out of the ring and throws Bennett shoulder first to the ring post to further aggravate the injury.  Once both men and back in the ring, Daivari focuses on the injured neck/trapezius of Bennett to ground him.  Bennet tried to get some offense of his own in, with an Irish whip reversal that launches Daivari to the corner turnbuckle with authority.  Bennett again whips to the ropes, but a neckbreaker by Daivari stops that momentum, and Bennet pulls up in pain.  Back in control, Daivari keeps up the attack tying Bennet in the ropes and lighting up w/ chops.  Bennett is down but not out, and Daivari send him out on the floor to timekeeper table to bang his head about.  Back in, Bennett gets Daivari into a running DVD (perhaps a message to Dickinson?), and both men are down, unable to cover for a pin.  Bennet gets back up, hits a brainbuster to Daivari, then follows up with a nasty exploder suplex damn near on his neck.  Bennett’s in the driver’s seat, but Daivari sends to him to ring post, going for an inside cradle that gets a two count.  Daivari keep raining blows, but Bennett gestures him to keep bringing it and showing no quit in him.  Daivari then loses concentration, and that allowed Bennett to hit another Speak to send Daivari to outside, despite the pain his shoulder was still causing him.  Once outside, Bennett takes Daivari to the timekeeper table, gets on top and hits Daivari with the Hail Mary piledriver on the table, a la Terry Funk to Ric Flair.  From there it’s all academic as Bennett drags Daivari’s carcass to the ring, hits another Hail Mary, and that’s all she wrote.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Advancing to the UWN World Title Finals:  Mike Bennett

Closing moments by commentary verified that in the coming weeks we will see Mike Bennett and Chris Dickinson in the finals to see who will be the first UWN World Champion.  But until then, next week will feature the Equal opportunity Ass Kicker Ruby Raze vs. American Kaiju Lindsay Snow, Danny Limelight returning, and Ray Rosas will be defending his Hollywood Heritage Title.

Final thoughts on Episode 9:

This was smart booking to have the two tournament matches bookend the show to emphasize the importance of the tournament, and having a strong competitors like the four gentlemen only show how strong their talent roster is and what they can be capable of.  As for the upcoming finals matchup with Dickinson and Bennett, that is going to blow the roof off of Thunder Studios.  I’ll be honest, the six-man tag match didn’t do much for me, but it didn’t offend either.  So, call it a push.  Again, the Vipress/Ryan match also is a great showcase for women’s matches on the brand, and it begs the question which of the stars will get the rub from other talent like Thunder Rosa or Serena Deeb, or any others down the road.  But the NWA Tag match definitely ensured that Aron Stevens is just a devious sonnuvabitch to pull all the stops to get the gold, and JR Kratos now working with Stevens produces endless possibilities what their tag team chemistry can accomplish when given the opportunity.  So, once again, this show is worth the $7.99, so go to and subscribe already.

Until then, see you next Tuesday!