Who better than masked wrestlers to enforce a mask policy? Nobody, says those who manage and supervise the Central de Abastos market in Mexico.

Central de Abastos is a massive food market and the largest in the world. Industry professionals and customers converge on the market on a daily basis. It covers 810 acres and is the home to 2,000 businesses.

To encourage patrons and businesses to wear masks as they go about their business the managers have hired luchadors from Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre.

SBS News in Australia shared a video on Twitter of the luchadors doing their job putting masks on people and spraying them with sanitizer. Some people are happy to be reminded of the need to protect themselves and others while some are not too pleased about being tag-teamed.

In the report, an avocado salesmen complimented the luchadors for all of their work.

“It is really good because they are helping to prevent more infections. Today, I forgot it (my face mask). I do have one but I forgot to bring it but now I am wearing one,” Rafael Gonzalez told SBS News.

With Mexico reporting 7,407 new COVID-19 cases and 866 more deaths just a few days ago, the densely populated country still has a lot of work to do like many nations in the world and the luchadors are happy to do what they can to prevent the spread and educate people.

‚ÄúPeople look up to us. They are drawn to our masks and I think it helps to make them slightly more responsible so that we can be an image and help society to continue becoming aware that this virus is still very strong,” said Cyclone Ramirez Jr.