Last night’s AEW Revolution definitely went out with a whimper.

After Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley in their Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship, Omega left a handcuffed and beaten Moxley in the ring as the countdown timer continued to herald the final explosion.

Eddie Kingston sprinted to the ring covering his handcuffed friend as they prepared for what was to be a massive detonation. Instead of a blistering explosion, a few, small fireworks went off signaling a possible technical botch on AEW’s part.

Fans in Daily’s Place loudly booed the show’s weak finale.

AEW CEO Tony Khan addressed the end of the show in a media scrum after the event. He put a creative spin on things.

“I think we’re all lucky that the bomb going off at the end didn’t really hurt anybody and that Kenny’s big master plan ended up being a dud. Who would have thought when he drew up his big plan with crayons that it would fail to take both guys out?” asked Khan chuckling.

Later during the scrum, Khan would again speak to the issue reiterating what Jon Moxley said to the crowd when the event was over.

“Kenny Omega might be a bad son of a bitch but he can’t build an exploding ring worth a s–t,” said Khan. “I think the basic explanation is that Kenny’s built this thing with a hammer and nails and as we saw that the final bomb just didn’t go off.”

When asked about the health of both superstars following the match Khan assured everyone that they were both doing very well.

“Honestly, I’m glad neither guy came out with a serious injury because it was a really scary match and they both really put their health at risk for a huge pay-per-view main event. I think it was awesome. It was great spectacle. I thought that the battle really delivered excellent action. Both guys came out okay which is great because on paper it looked like the kind of match where somebody could get hurt,” said Khan in his update.

The other big news coming out of AEW is the signing of Christian Cage. Khan said the deal was struck recently even though he has known Christian for quite some time. He admitted being one of Christian’s biggest fans.

“He’s been a friend of mine for a long time. I met Christian Cage seven years ago and he’s a great person but long before that I’ve been a huge, huge fan of him as a wrestler. I think he’s one of the great wrestlers of the last couple decades. He’s had great matches in different companies. He’s been a great singles wrestler and a great tag team champion. He’s one of the best minds in wrestling and he’s in great physical condition,” said Khan.

Khan stated it was Christian who called him up a few weeks ago and Khan himself didn’t even know that he was working without a contract at the present time. When he found out, he was eager to strike a deal with him.

“Christian Cage had just recently returned to the ring and looked incredibly impressive. I was not aware that he did not have a contract and was going to be interested in wrestling for us.  I never in a million years would have imagined it and honestly I was kicking myself that he wasn’t here when I saw him come back. I just have so much respect for him and all the wrestlers here have so much respect for Christian Cage. He is one of the great minds and one of the great wrestlers. So many many people here consider him one of their heroes. It’s great that the younger generation is going to get a chance to wrestle with somebody who’s known for being one of the best minds and is not a selfish person at all. He is someone who is looking to share his knowledge with all these young wrestlers,” Khan explained.