Last Monday, WWE put on one of the best episodes of Monday Night RAW in a long time. Can they keep up that momentum tonight? There probably won’t be another WWE title change, but they can still tell a coherent and cohesive story through out the show. There is still much work to be done on the road to WrestleMania, too. Time to enter the ThunderDome.

WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, heads through the back with the Hurt Business and Sarah Schreiber would like a statement. The champ talks about 16 years of busting his butt to get where is finally is today. He is going to make an example of the Miz, tonight. The All Mighty Era has begun.

The Miz and Morrison make their way to the ring. The Miz is quite upset that he is now empty handed and throws a temper tantrum in the ring. He feels that he got jobbed last week, since he had to defend his title twice in one week. The stunt he pulled by getting counted out, was just him outsmarting everyone. He is getting rematch, tonight, though.

Bobby Lashley (champion) w/MVP vs. The Miz (challenger) w/John Morrison – WWE Championship Match

Drew McIntyre has a vested interest in this match, and is seen watching in the back. Miz rolls out of the ring at the start of the match, trying to keep his distance. Lashley bring Miz back in the hard way with a delayed vertical suplex. Miz tries to grab the apron to fend off the champ. Lashley catches Miz in the corner and tosses him across the ring. Lashley shrugs off the strikes from Miz, but then gets dumped out of the ring by a low bridge. Miz misses a drop kick through the ropes, and Lashley slams him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Lashley hits the flatliner and then rains down punches on Miz. The champ hits the Almighty spinebuster and sets up the Hurt Lock. Miz has no choice but to tap out.

Winner…and still WWE champion…via submission: Bobby Lashley

Drew McIntyre tells Sarah Schreiber that he is the only challenger for the WWE Title. He puts Lashley on blast for taking him out after Elimination Chamber, which allowed Lashley to win the title off the Miz. Sheamus blindsides McIntyre, tossing him into a crate. Sheamus tells him that this isn’t over.

Rhea Ripley is still coming to RAW. Just when?

Drew McIntyre finds Adam Pearce, demanding a match with Sheamus. And he wants it to be no disqualifications.

Braun Strowman walks through the back stage. R Truth wants to get something off his chest. He needs Braun’s help and then apologizes for a whole list of things. Braun doesn’t want an apology from him; he wants one from Shane McMahon.

Braun calls out Shane in the ring; wanting to know what his motivations are. Why was he held out of the Elimination Chamber? Why did he make him tag in Adam Pearce, costing him the RAW tag team titles. Braun does know that Shane can fire him in the spot; he just wants some respect. Strowman demands that Shane come out and apologize.

Shane obliges, shuffling his way to the ring. Shane gets in Braun’s face and apologizes. Short and succinct. Shane stops at the top of the ramp, but decides against saying anything else.

Backstage, Sarah Schreiber asks Shane if he would like to elaborate on what just happened. He would not.

Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre – No Disqualification Match

Drew attacks Sheamus on the ramp, pummeling him into the ring to start the match. Sheamus absorbs the beating and fights back with a flying clothesline. The two spill to the floor and Sheamus in driven into the ring steps. Drew follows by tossing him over the announce desk. Sheamus grabs a kendo stick, but swings a misses. McIntyre picks Sheamus up, slamming him onto the ring steps.

Sheamus catches Drew reentering the ring, using the middle rope to land a low blow. He follow with kendo stick shot and then a rolling senton. Drew counters another strike with an over head belly to belly suplex. McIntyre strikes with the kendo stick.

After a commercial break, Sheamus locks in a cloverleaf after hitting the Irish curse back breaker. McIntyre plants Sheamus in the mat with spine buster. McIntyre catches Sheamus on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex. Sheamus counters with White Noise, but can’t get the pin. He goes out for a steel chair. McIntyre blocks the chair and turns it on Sheamus. He follows with the Future Shock DDT onto the chair. Sheamus kicks out of the pin. Drew wants the Claymore, but Sheamus tosses the chair at him. The Celtic Warrior sets a chair up in the ropes, but McIntyre reverse the whip into the corner. Sheamus crashes into the chair and then McIntyre hits the Claymore. Unfortunately, Sheamus falls out of the ring.

Drew tries to pull Sheamus back into the ring, only for Sheamus to roll back out. On the floor, Sheamus connects with a Brogue kick. Both men pick up a set of stairs. The two collide, sending Drew over the ring barrier. The referee checks on Sheamus. He calls for the bell and for officials to check on both men.

No Contest

Kevin Patrick asks AJ Styles  about the Road to WrestleMania, but Styles just wants to talk about Randy Orton and the Fiend. And Alexa Bliss. Omos has to step in when Orton hears what Styles his saying. AJ calls him weak. Orton wants to show him how weak he is. Styles wants to know if Orton needs bigger problems, because if so, he accepts.

Xavier Woods w/Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Cedric Alexander

Benjamin dominates Woods, slamming him into the mat repeatedly. Woods creates some space with a forearm shot on the apron, but Benjamin strikes him in the throat. Woods slides under Benjamin, connecting with a forearm shiver. Benjamin knocks Woods the mat again. He talks trash to Kofi. Woods takes advantage, rolling up Benjamin and getting the pin with a small package.

Winner via pinfall: Xavier Woods

Riddle tells Sarah Schreiber that he isn’t worried about the numbers of RETRIBUTION. He’s more worried about where he can park his scooter. Thankfully, Kofi can keep an eye on his scooter.

Riddle vs. Slapjack w/Mustafa Ali

Riddle with a suplex at the bell and then forearm shots. He hits an exploder suplex and then the Bro-ton. Slapjack rolls out of the ring. He catches Riddle on the apron as Ali yells instructions. Slapjack with a snap suplex out of the corner. Riddle kicks out at two. Slapjack connects on a drop kick. Riddle slows down Slapjack on the top turnbuckle. He knocks Riddle to the mat. Riddle catches Slapjack attempting a drop kick and connects with the Final Flash knee. Slapjack kicks out of the pin. Slap counters a powerbomb with a knee strike, but can’t get the pin. Riddle counters the Slapback and hits the Final Flash. He finishes him off with the Bro Derek and covers to get the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Riddle

After the match, Ali is furious.

Adam Pearce wants to know if Shane was going to say anything else to Braun. In fact, there is. Shane asks Adam to get Strowman and meet him in the ring.

Shane is waiting in the ring for Strowman, but then leaves to replace his microphone. Shane makes his way back up the ramp, though. He tells Braun that he had fun last week, because that is what he does. He likes to have fun at others expense. Shane needs to get one thing done with Braun, but doesn’t know if he can talk to him about it. Shane just settles on insulting him. Braun chases Shane up the ramp and into the back. Shane gets to his vehicle and speeds off before Braun can do anything, but Shane never left. After Braun storms off, Shane calls him stupid.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax (champions) w/Reginald vs. Lana and Naomi (challengers) – Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Before the match, Nia introduces us to Reginald, for those who don’t watch Smackdown. He was Carmella’s sommelier, but she fired him, so Jax asked him to be at ringside tonight.

Naomi and Lana double team Jax, both landing kicks, but Shayna tags in. She powers Lana into the corner, who responds with a bulldog. Lana and Naomi team up on Baszler with a Russian leg sweep. Lana is sent to the floor, but Naomi take out Baszler and Jax to protect her. We head to commercial.

After the break, Baszler has Lana in a bad way. Lana is able to escape and get the tag. Naomi hits Jax with the Rear View and chops her down with a  drop kick the knee. Baszler breaks the pin. Jax accidently knocks partner off the apron. Naomi looks to take advantage, but Reggie trips her up. Lana tags in, allowing Naomi to take him down. Jax charges Lana at the ropes and takes out Naomi. Jax hits Lana with a powerbomb and covers her to get the win.

Winners…and still Women’s Tag Team Champions…via pinfall: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Sarah Schreiber tells Randy Orton that several other superstars are concerned about him. Orton is surprised, since no one has told him. He wants AJ Styles that he just has to concern himself with three letters. You know what they are. RKO.

After the break, Sarah asks Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke about their plans heading into WrestleMania and a possible championship match. Rose has thought about it, even if they haven’t declared. Dana doesn’t think they should be overlooked as a team or individuals. Charlotte Flair interrupts. She wants Dana to show her something over the next five weeks.

AJ Styles doesn’t regret his comments, but he didn’t expect a match. He calls Orton crazy, saying he should be focused on the Fiend.

Randy Orton w/Omos vs. Randy Orton

Orton immediately power Styles into the corner, laying into him. He knocks AJ down in the corner and then bounces him off the turnbuckle. Styles avoids an RKO and rolls out to the floor. Orton stalks him, but AJ is able to kick him coming into the ring. Orton stares down Omos as he stomps away at AJ. He slams Styles onto the announce desk, right in front of Omos. Styles is rolled back into the ring, but is able to catch Orton with a kick and then a plancha as we go to commercial.

After the break, Styles is beating Orton down in the corner. Styles with kicks to the leg. Orton crumples to the mat after a big fight from AJ. Orton fights out of the corner only to be taken down with a enziguri. Orton connects with a huge clothesline, laying out Styles. Styles floats over, but can’t avoid the back breaker. Styles kicks out of the pin.

The two fight a top the turnbuckle. Styles fights his way down, and hits Orton with a chop block. The Phenomenal forearm gets blocked, allowing Orton to set up the draping DDT. Styles counters and tries to roll into the Calf Crusher. Orton tries to fight, but Styles locks it in. Orton tries to get to the ropes, but Orton is able to break free. An uppercut sends AJ to the apron and Orton hits the draping DDT. Randy signals for the RKO, dropping to the mat. Omos pulls AJ out of the ring.

Alexa Bliss appears on the Titantron, playing with a Jack in the box. She say not yet, but instead lights a match and blows it out. The ring posts explode in fire, as Randy starts coughing up black bile. Styles hits the distracted Orton with a Phenomenal forearm and covers to get the win.

Winner via pinfall: AJ Styles

After the match, Bliss just laughs and laughs. See you next week in the ThunderDome!

Monday Night RAW 3/8/2021

The ThunderDome at Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida

Monday Night RAW delivered another solid effort. While not living up to bar set last week, the show still was entertaining. We got a WWE title match in the first hour, followed by a brutal No Disqualification match between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. Alexa Bliss continues to torment Randy Orton, and in my book, that’s a good thing. The women unfortunately got shorted tonight. The tag team belts were defended in the only women’s match of the night.