Hey folks!  It’s Tuesday, and we are live from Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA. on Fite.TV, and it’s promo time!  Starting with Keita Murray who is a king on the rise.  Next it’s the One Called Manders and the Cornbelt Cowboy is ready for Beef Candy, followed by Richie Slade and Flex Scallion, the man whores who’re going to bring the “savory thickness and succulent sweetness.”  Ruby Raze says she is a Chingona, and Lindsay Snow is an American Kaiju. Andy Brown is ready to take everything from Rosas, because he is the Last of a Dying Breed, but Ray Rosas will show Brown that tonight, he is an extinction level event.

Your ring commentators this evening:  Alyssa Marino, James Kincaid, and Blake “Bulletproof” Troop (wearing two gold medals he earned over the weekend, and a chance at a wild card spot in a four-man tournament for Snake Pit, USA Catch Wrestling) have the call. Todd Keneley is away on assignment.  I’m kinda curious what assignment, and how I can get in on that alternate commentating gig.  But, alas, that is a wish for another day.  Let’s get the show started with the…

First Match:  Slice Boogie vs. Keita Murray

Start of the match really showcases the crisp moves and agility by demonstrated by Keita, but Slice Boogie is not pushover, and tries to strong arm Keita at the beginning.  Even though Keita is in control, Boogie stops his momentum with a big boot to knock Keita down.  He tries for a comeback but Boogie shoots that idea down, and hits the would-be King with a sidewalk slam, and he keeps Keita down with a headlock.  Keita escapes the hold, but Boogie slows him down.  He puts Keita onto the top rope for a suplex, but it gets reversed by Keita to his own suplex.  Boogie gets frustrated, and wants to slam Keita, but Keita catches the Queens, NY brawler with a Side Effect.  Unfortunately, Boogie’s attacks make Keita slow to cover, and he gets a two count.  Keita starts to fire up and goes at Boogie with kicks and strikes, and he hits what I can only describe as a front suplex into a cutter.  Keita covers, but gets a close two count for his effort.  Keita feels the momentum turning his way, with Boogie on wobbly legs.  Keita shoots to the ropes, but Boogie hits a flash pile driver and covers, but only a two count for him as well.  Finally, Boogie catches Keita in his Statue of Misery finisher, and it’s one, two, and three.  So fuggeddaboudit!  Because…

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Slice Boogie

We head backstage where Jack Farmer is in back with Ray Rosas, who’s conflicted about facing Brown who once stabbed him in the back. Simply put, Rosas is still standing and he doesn’t stay static. Now that we got that out of the way, it feels like it’s time for another match.

Richie Slade (w/ Flex Scallion) vs. The One Called Manders

Best line of the night by Marino, “Beef Candy will make anyone turn vegetarian.”  I actually giggled, and then took the opportunity to find recipes on Pinterest for Zucchini noodles around the time Flex Scallion got on the mic to introduce Slade (if anyone wants those recipes, email me, and I’ll be happy to share.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…errr, in the ring, Manders is in control early on, Slade tries to get cute with slapping around The Cornbelt Cowboy, but Manders just slaps the taste out of his mouth.  Slade confers with Flex outside, but Manders comes out and continues the action.  Manders tries to bring in Slade the hard way into the ring, but Slade takes the opportunity to use the ring ropes to get a jawbreaker assist on Manders. Slade then gets Manders in a sleeper hold, and takes Manders down.  Slade focuses on submission , the most unique of which I can only describe as a sideways Figure Four leg lock, but Manders cow punches his way out.   Slade then tries to take down Manders with elbow strikes, and Manders channels the American Dream Dusty Rhodes to deliver a Bionic Elbow, if you weeeell. Manders signals for The Bullhorn finisher, and hits the ropes, but Flex pulls the ropes down and Manders gets sent to the outside, knocked out on the concrete floor.  Slade tries to take over, but Manders unleashes with a wicked Lariat that turns Slade inside out.  Manders then picks up Slade and goes for an Iowa Stampede (which is really an Oklahoma Stampede, but we’ll worry about geography later) and gets the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  The One Called Manders

We go back again to Jack Farmer, who’s with physician Dr. James Morgan.  Apparently Chris Dickinson has a neck injury from the semifinal match with Fred Rosser last week (but you know that because your read the recap last week), and as a result, UWN will postpone the title match for a later date.

This leads to their sponsors, but I don’t recap the sponsors, unless they throw money my way, which I’ve yet to see happen, so enough of that nonsense.

We go backstage again with David Marquez being interviewed by Jonny Loquasto discussing, among other topics, the PrimeTime Live show and how it continues to grow, crowning the UWN World Title and the fate of that match, who he’d favor between Bennett/Dickinson, and working with other promotions like AEW, NJPW, et al.  It was a good interview, and if it gets posted to YouTube, I’ll try to throw that on this article at a later time. 

Backstage again with Jack Farmer, who is certainly earning his paycheck tonight, as he chats with Danny Limelight.  Limelight addresses “Mi gente, it’s Limelight Live”, a la Chris Jericho, and Clark Connors enters the picture and says he’s ready to beat him for a third time.  But wait, folks! Papo Esco enters the picture, and Limelight’s Bodega partner says in so many words to Connors that it’s on June bug.

Ruby Raze vs. Lindsay Snow

“Bulletproof” with the next best line of the night, “Want to know the difference between Godzilla and [Lindsay] Snow. Snow knows catch wrestling!”  Simply put, this match should have been billed as La Chingona (that’s “badass” for you non-Spanish speakers) vs. The American Kaiju, Pacific Rim Punch-out (and I’m trademarking that, by the way!).  Both of these women are no pushovers, and neither gives an inch.  Snow knocks Raze to the corner, and hits facewash, but Raze follows up with a neckbreaker near the edge of the ring apron.  Raze goes outside for the steel chair, but it gets kicked out by Snow.  Back in the ring. Snow goes for a roll up to a neck crank/choke hold.  That lasts about a minute before the Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker Raze gets back in control with some Equal Opportunity Ass Kicking offense, going from a fireman’s carry, slamming Snow’s head in to the turnbuckle then setting her in the Tree of Woe.  Ref tries to break in, but Raze ain’t having none of that.  She goes outside of the ring, and Snow follows up with a baseball slide, and then rams Raze to the ring post.  The ref goes out and tries to take control, but it is not happening.  Snow gets suplexed by Raze to the concrete floor, and now both feel the damage from that move.  Back in the ring, Snow stomps a mud hole to Raze, but Raze doesn’t want to go down.  Ref tries to take control one more time (which is like wrangling komodo dragons, but I digress), and he gets shoved by both competitors.  Finally the ref has had enough of this crap, and calls for the bell.

No Winner:  Match ruled a no Contest, via Double Disqualification

This is the first DQ since PrimeTime Live started, and while both women brawl out of the ring, with Raze clearly the Gypsy Danger to Snow’s American Kaiju, I wondered when those two will face up again, and it what capacity?  But no time for that now, since our next match is…

Danny Limelight (with Papo Esco) vs. Clark Connors

As Esco seconds Limelight during the entrance, I noticed that Esco’s vest said on the back, “One Man Lucha Gang.”  Somewhere, an African Dream named Akeem is going off about cultural appropriation, but that is a topic that we will have with the cancel culture sometime between “no chance” and “in Hell.”

In any case, Limelight goes for running drop kick, but Connors ain’t having that happy crap, and proceeds to light up Limelight with chops.  Limelight goes outside, but Connors follows close behind, and throws him at Esco, but Limelight bounces off his Bodega partner.  Back in, Connors goes for the Boston Crab, but Limelight escapes to the ropes.  Connors sti9ll in controls, but Papo Esco makes his presence known and throws Connors to the post, hurting his arm.  Limelight takes over, and really showing heel tendencies.  Even Marino notes Limelight must be getting tired of the losses to Connors and it’s now getting to him.  Majority of the match has Limelight work on Connors with arm submission offense.  Limelight goes up to do a swinging DDT, but Connors manages to counter with power slams and some nasty looking suplexes.  Back in the driver’s seat, Connors goes for a spear but gets turned inside out by Limelight in a neat reversal for an armbar that Connors just barely escapes.  Limelight getting frustrated, sets up Connors on the top rope for a superplex; but Connors tosses him off, and hits a top rope spear.  Middle of the ring, Connors gets Limelight into the Boston Crab, but his arm is still hurting.  Connors switches to a single leg Crab, but can’t hold on, and Limelight reaches the ropes. Connors argues with the ref, and in that time, Esco hands something to Limelight.  Connors finally gets tired of Esco’s interference and leaps over the ropes to Esco for a splash to the floor.  But that’s the opening Limelight needs to slip on the brass knuckles Esco slipped him earlier, and while the ref was distracted by the outside, Limelight knocks out Connors with the knuckles, and cheats to win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Danny Limelight

After the match, the Bodega continues the beat down of Clark Connors, using their double team moves to leave Connors laying in the center.  This was a side of Danny we have not seen before, and the One Man Lucha Gang brought the worst out of the Limelight in the best of ways.  But we can pontificate on that later, because now it’s time for…

Your Main Event for the Hollywood Heritage Championship:  Ray Rosas (C) vs. Andy Brown

The story of this match is that both men were friends and tag partners until Rosas decided to pursue his own championship glory, Brown split from Rosas, formed SoCal Distancing with Adrian Quest and has proceeded to make Rosas life a living hell.  That’s the short version, or you can catch up with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood episodes on Fite.tv, as “Bulletproof” Troop suggests.  So, maybe take him up on that.

Anyhoo, back to the ring, and Rosas drops the belts and starts throwing bombs at Brown.  It’s all Rosas, and he goes outside the ring and continues the carnage on.  Rosas throws Brown back in the ring and tries to crotch Brown on the ring post, but brown pulls his legs in, and Rosas gets hit in jaw by the self-same post.  So let that be a lesson, as Andy Brown demonstrates, to never skip leg day (*ahem*).

Now Brown returns the favor to the outside, focusing on the injured jaw of Rosas.  Rosas keeps fighting on, going for a superkick, but Brown counters by a high knee.  Brown kneels in the corner, and has the ref count out Rosas, but Let gets up before the ref reaches ten.  Brown goes for the C.O.D. finisher, but Rosas counters to a belly to back suplex into the turnbuckles.  Now Rosas picks up steam with a swinging neckbreaker, then a fisherman’s buster, but only gets a two count.  Rosas goes up top for the big elbow finisher, but Brown rolls out.  Rosas walks up to him on the apron, but his feet are on the ring skirt, which Brown yanks out from under him, making Rosas land hard on the apron.  Brown hits the C.O.D., but gets a two count for his trouble.  Brown then sends out Rosas to the hard ramp for a pile driver, but Rosas turns the tables and launches Brown from hard ramp to the ring post on outside.  Rosas doesn’t want the easy victory, and rolls Brown back in to pin, but Brown was played possum and hits a knee exploder, followed by a pile driver, and….Rosas kicks out at two. Brown is flabbergasted, but Rosas returns the favors with his own knee exploder, then hits the big elbow, and…a two count as well.  Now Rosas is equally flabbergasted, but both men are worn down.  Brown decides this is the time to yell, “You can’t beat me Ray!”, and Rosas responds with superkicks, a clothesline w/ authority, and the coup de grace is a pump handle lungblower for the finish.

Your Winner and Still Hollywood Heritage Champion:  Ray Rosas

Next week, we will get the return of Shawn Daivari, and possibly some update on the status of the “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson and the fate of the UWN World Title finals picture.

Final Thoughts on Episode 10:

While there was no big match featuring anyone from the NWA, after ten episodes, the talent of the United Wrestling Network have proven they are ready to step into the spotlight (or the Limelight, right, Danny?) to make an impact, and this show was no exception.  I was especially impressed by Keita Murray’s Primetime debut, and he was able to hold his own against Slice Boogie in the opener.  Raze and Snow need another match, preferably no-DQ, so they can stomp all over the Thunder Studios and show what they can do, but this match really whets the appetite for the carnage they delivered tonight.  Connors vs. Limelight turned a corner, and Danny crossing to the dark side of the Bodega adds another element to his rivalry with Connors.  But, as always, a strong main event carried the way in Rosas vs. Brown.  While I was not as familiar with their back history, the credit should go to the commentators for summarizing their past, and both Rosas and Brown deserve equal credit for ratcheting up the intensity in this title match.  Again, PrimeTime Live delivers the goods, and is still worth the $7.99 price tag on Fite.tv.

Until next time, see you in seven, and subscribe to the shows!