Things were looking good for the “World Class Maniac” Eric Young. Last week, he beat Eddie Edwards to capture the Impact World Championship. And this week, he not only survived an “old-school” match against Tommy Dreamer, but actually beat the hardcore legend convincingly. But before you could say, “everything’s coming up Milhouse,” out came Rich Swann to exact some revenge on Young, who had attempted to end Swann’s career a few weeks back. Despite still wearing a cast and needing a crutch – the effects of the beatdown by Young – Swann was a man possessed, and in the show’s closing moments, he looked like the kryptonite that would destroy the man formerly known as Super Eric.

The show started off with Young coming to the ring. He noted how proud he was of his attack on Eddie Edwards, basically saying that he would have been happy to end Edwards’ career like he did Swann’s. Eddie’s wife Alisha came to the ring and confronted Eric, telling him that because of Eric’s actions, Eddie’s livelihood is in jeopardy, and that his whole life has been affected, noting that he can’t even pick up his own daughter thanks to his injury. Eric got in her face and basically laughed in hers, so she slapped his. He grabbed her and was about to Piledrive her, when Tommy Dreamer ran in brandishing a Singapore Cane to make the save.

Dreamer said that Alisha, Eddie, and Rich Swann were like his family, because they stayed with Impact after Eric had left. Dreamer called Eric a scumbag and dared Eric to a match, saying that Young could pick any stipulation that he wanted. He said he’d risk his career to get his hands on Young. This was a good opening segment.

A video from earlier today showed Moose going into the airport, and then cut to him boarding the plane, before they inexplicably cut to a commercial.

Rosemary and John E. Bravo were discussing their wedding plans with Taya. Rosemary said she was going to try to resurrect from the dead her choice for the officiant, and teleported away. Taya was super-excited to be part of the planning, but her ideas seemed pretty extravagant.

Match 1: Chris Bey vs. TJP

Walking to the ring, Bey seemed pretty down after having lost his X-Division title the other week. But he was still able to start off quickly, taking control of TJP early on. Rohit Raju, Bey’s former buddy who turned on him in order to win the title, then came to ringside, presumably to cheer on TJP. TJP was in control, but a huge clothesline by Bey sent him topsy-turvy. The advantage changed hands several times over the next couple of minute, with both men hitting a few big moves. Bey nearly ended things after a Torture Rack Bomb, but TJP got his shoulder up at the last second. But he failed a fancy flippery-doo-dah and TJP rolled him up for the win, to the delight of Raju. This was fun while it lasted – Bey and TJP can really deliver.

Winner: TJP

Locker Room Talk segment

Madison Rayne welcomed back Johnny Swinger, her co-host for Locker Room Talk, as he was back from Wrestle House. The guests this week were new BFFs, Kylie Rae and Susie. Madison acted pretty hostile towards the bubbly Rae, but didn’t get too far in the interview before Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee crashed the party. They challenged Rae and Susie to a tag match next week. The BFFs accepted the challenge, and then Madison promptly ended the segment.

John E. Bravo was on the phone trying to order all of the over-the-top accouterments for the wedding when Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz barged into the room. They wanted to know if they were invited to the wedding, and he said they’d have to talk to Taya. They said that he had to be a man and start making decisions without Taya, the first of which to pick them as his groomsmen. He said that Taya wouldn’t let that happen, so they questioned his manhood and left.

Brian Myers came to the ring and said that Willie Mack had no reason to be ashamed of losing to him. But that he should be ashamed about not shaking Myers’ hand like a true professional would. Mack came to the ring, but refused to shake hands, but rather he would wrestle Myers right now, as Impact management had authorized the match.

Match 2: Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers

Myers was still in his street clothes and generally unprepared for the match. But he was still thinking craftily, and after taking a beating early, Myers used a sneaky rope move to put the hurt on Willie. Myers laid on the punishment for a bit, but Willie Hulked up and hit some devastating big moves on Myers. Willie jerseyed Myers, and as the ref turned away to dispose of Myers’ T-shirt, he missed Myers kicking Willie right in the willie. A spiked DDT later, and Myers got the pin. Ho-hum match, and Myers once again fails to click as anyone important.

Winner: Brian Myers

Gia Miller interviewed Jordynne Grace who wondered where Tenille Dashwood had been for the past few months. She made Gia go with her as she tracked down Dashwood backstage. But when they got to her dressing room, a douchey guy named Kaleb (who I think is Caleb Konley) came out and said he was Tenille’s personal photographer. He said that Tenille was too busy to be there. A quick photo shoot collage video ended with the graphic that she would return to the show next week.

Backstage, Taya confronted Hogan and Steelz for speaking to Bravo, and said they should mind their own business. She and Steelz had words, and Taya challenged her to a match later tonight.

Match 3: The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs. the Motor City Machine Guns (c) – for the World Tag Team Championship

The Rascalz jumpstarted the match, attacking before the bell and flattening the Guns with stereo dives, followed by a flurry of kicks that nearly had Sabin down for the count. The veteran Guns turned things around with some double-teaming and soon Wentz was the one in trouble. Wentz did a great job of selling the pain in this one as the Guns worked over his leg. He finally got the hot tag to Dez who then took it to Sabin. But when the Rascalz missed a double-team move, the Guns hit him with a half dozen of their own, ending things with a double-team double-drop on Dez for the pin. This was a really fun match – credit to Wentz for selling his knee like a champion.

Winners, and still Tag Team Champions: the Motor City Machine Guns

After the match, The North rushed in and attacked the North from behind. The Guns fought back, but then Mad Man Fulton and Ace Austin joined the party and helped The North. The four of them teamed up and lay a 4-on-2 beating on the Guns, until the Good Brothers ran down for the save. The fearsome foursome were sent to the floor where they fell prey to a diving attack by the Rascalz who had recovered by this time. The Guns, Good Brothers, and Rascalz stared uneasily at one another in the ring for a while to end this segment.

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes were so happy about the news that their new “Whole F’n Talk Show” debuts next week that they had to make out. This was followed by a video by RVD’s nemesis Sami Callihan, who said he had plans for Van Dam and Forbes.

Match 4: Tasha Steelz (w/ Kiera Hogan) vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo)

Taya had the size and power edge, and she capitalized early on those advantages. But some outside interference by Hogan turned the tables. Bravo was too busy on the phone making wedding plans to help even the odds. So Taya had to fend for herself to her dismay. Angry by this, she channeled her anger on Steelz, smashing her hard with a huge knee to the face. A big Spear followed by the Road to Valhalla ended things. Hogan attacked Taya after the match, but Bravo finally hung up the phone and ran in to break things up. Taya didn’t seem thrilled by Bravo’s slowness to respond, but didn’t dwell on it. Taya is head and shoulders above Tasha in the ring, so the definitive ending was the right decision.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Moose went back to visit his old football coach to ask him for help against EC3. The Coach appeared to be possessed by EC3, as he gave Moose a dire message using EC3’s words. A spooked Moose freaked out. These supernatural elements of EC3 are verging on goofiness now. Too bad, since his hype videos leading up to this storyline were tremendous.

In the Impact Flashback Moment of the Week, Moose and Mike Bennett beat EC3 and Eddie Edwards. Strange that they’d show a match where Bennett got the win when he’s the only one of the four of them not signed with the company… or is he? Dun dun DUN!

Rhino went outside the building to talk with Heath who was waiting for him. Rhino told Heath that management wasn’t thrilled with Heath’s actions last week where he disguised himself to break into the building and help Rhino beat Reno Scum. Rhino said this may jeopardize Heath’s shot at getting a contract with the company. Heath said he’d up the #Heath4IMPACT campaign, but he’s running out of money to fund the ads. Rhino said he knew a good way for Heath to earn some cash. To be continued.

Match 5: Eric Young vs. Tommy Dreamer – Old School Rules match

Was Eric Young wearing a Nashville Predators rally towel? He’s going to have to give up his Canadian passport for that, no? Dreamer paid tribute to two heroes with his fashion today: in addition to his Dusty Rhodes polka-dotted pants, he also came to the ring wearing a headband, a-la Terry Funk. And early on, he paid tribute to the iconic Dominik Mysterio when he clobbered EY with a Singapore cane. But Young took over when the match spilled to the floor, and after a bit of a clobbering, he tried to end Dreamer by removing the ringside mats and going for a Piledriver on the exposed concrete floor. Dreamer was able to block the attempt, and then brought out some plunder in the form of a garbage can, some chairs, and some other goodies. Dreamer tried for a move off the top, but got pushed down and he landed hard on the back of his head – that looked brutal. The World Class Maniac put the beatdown on the hardcore icon, walloping him with a cookie sheet and a chair. But Tommy got his foot up to thwart a top rope attack and Eric ate the steel. The two exchanged punches in the centre of the ring, with Dreamer getting the edge. The devious EY clipped Dreamer’s knee, and then targeted it with a Figure Four and a kick. Dreamer reversed a whip into a garbage can and then hit a DDT for a very close two-count. Dreamer then channeled his inner Devon Dudley and got the tables, setting it up in the corner. But before he could use it, Eric hit him with a low blow. He then smacked Dreamer in the head with the hockey mask, and followed that up with a Piledriver to get the win. This was fun. Young can deliver in any type of match, and Dreamer takes a beating like nobody’s business. Only disappointment is that the table wasn’t used… Chekhov is rolling over in his grave.

Winner: Eric Young

After the match, Eric continued to lay a beating on Dreamer, smashing his knee with the cane and setting him up for the Pillmanizer. But before he could deliver the killing blow, Rich Swann crutched his way to the ring and attacked the champ, who made a hasty retreat. Young and Swann yelled at each other as the show came to a close.


Impact Wrestling - Sept 8, 2020

Impact Zone - Nashville, TN

This was a fairly routine episode with some solid matches. Seeing Tommy Dreamer in action rarely disappoints, and he and Eric had a strong match. Young was the episode’s MVP from his strong opening segment to the match with Dreamer.