Not only is tonight the final RAW before SummerSlam, it will be the final RAW from the WWE Performance Center. Starting next week RAW will be broadcasting from the THUNDERDOME! Actually, it will just tape at the Amway Arena in Orlando. You can apply to be in the virtual crowd, sign me up. This will be good for WWE, the PC was getting stale. And maybe Retribution won’t know the show has moved.

There’s already shenanigans to start the show with the opening video glitching.

WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, kicks off the show and he mad! The champ calls out Orton for brutalizing Ric Flair. He reminds Orton that at SummerSlam he will be faces an angry Scottish monster, not an old man. Drew is ready to go. He wished SummerSlam was tonight. Unfortunately, McIntyre’s promo is interrupted by more glitches from the production truck. I wonder what could be happening.

Oh, look, Retribution has infiltrated the production truck. The screen goes black and cuts to commercial. WWE owns the PC. They can’t shell out for some extra security. They are a public traded company! We’ve seen how much money they have made!

Backstage, Titus O’Neal is rallying the troops. Drew lets everyone know that Flair is okay, but Drew is worried that they won’t make it to SummerSlam because of Retribution. He want’s to stomp them out, but Seth Rollins interrupts. He calls himself the leader of the locker room. McIntyre points out no one respects him. Ricochet lets Rollins know that Rey is in the building tonight to avenge Dominic. Rollins isn’t afraid, as he knows how to protect himself. Murphy steps between the two, as Drew wants Seth to step up.

The Hurt Business is in the building and business is about to pick up. MVP knows what is going on and calls out Retribution, because they are tough. He calls out Apollo Crews as the leader of Retribution with Ali, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. MVP is full on driving into conspiracy theory territory.

Crews has heard enough, telling MVP that what he said is pretty low. MVP knows he can’t win without help. MVP calls what he does a business. Crews wants to do business; if he beats Shelton Benjamin tonight, Lashley and Benjamin will be barred from ringside on Sunday. MVP orders Benjamin to attack. Crews fends him off and slides into the ring, ready for the match.

Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin w/MVP and Bobby Lashley – Non-title Match

Got to love joining a match in progress and then the match is interrupted by R Truth. The 24/7 champ is on the run from Akira Tozawa and the ninjas. They literally run through the ring and up the ramp, but it gives Crews a chance to roll up Benjamin. Shelton can’t kick out and Crews picks up the win.

Winner via pinfall: Apollo Crews

The Hurt Business isn’t pleased and put the boots to Crews. Ali, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander run down to make the save. It takes all three men to tossed Lashley out of the ring.

Truth makes his way back to the ring and runs into a big boot from Benjamin, who covers Truth and wins the 24/7 title.

Winner and new 24/7 Champion via pinfall: Shelton Benjamin

MVP wants Crews to find two friends for a six man elimination tag match later tonight.

Angel Garza is still putting in work with his lady friend from the Bachelor, Demi Burnett. Until, Ivar shows up. She is truly smitten with him. He asks her to be his plus one for RAW Underground and gives her a turkey leg. Ivar infers that Garza had something to do with the poisoning of Montez Ford. He denies it and the two now have a match.

Ivar  w/ Erik vs. Angel Garza w/Andrade and Zelina Vega

Garza catches the spring kick and yanks Ivar to the mat by his beard. Demi watches from the back, and Angelo Dawkins rolls up to her. Ivar with splash in the middle of the ring and then crushes him post to post with clotheslines. Garza floats over, only to get squashed by a seated senton. Ivar knocks Garza off the apron, but Zelina cuts odd Air Ivar. Instead, he tosses Garza into the security barrier. Garza catches Ivar stepping through the ropes and lands a low drop kick. He covers and gets the win.

Winner via pinfall: Angel Garza

Demi  congratulates Angel on the win, and she can’t wait to watch their tag team match on Sunday. Angelo was talking up his buddy, Ivar, and calling out Angel for making time with Charly Caruso. Angelo has a video bombshell; Samoa Joe knows what is up. WWE has been going over security footage because of Retribution and he found something interesting. Zelina demands to know what he has. Joe tells her to wait and she storms off.

Dominic Mysterio took a beating last week; thirty shot from the kendo stick.

Angelo and Demi are still hanging out, when Garza shows up. Zelina wants Angelo’s phone. Charly Caruso steps in and wants to know what is on the video. He call for the tape to be run. The footage isn’t that shocking. Zelina poisoned Montez Ford. She denies the whole thing and blames Caruso, calling her jealous. Dawkins is angry, threatening Andrade and Garza. Montez Ford delivers the smoke out of no where and the two run off.

Natalya w/Lana vs. Mickie James

Natalya gains an early advantage as James is focused on Lana, who is filming the match from ringside. Natalya blocks the Mick DT, but then the two collide in the middle of the ring. Seth Rollins and Murphy walks to the ring and wants to know how the announcers know things. He wants to know who tipped them off about Rey Mysterio. Seth doesn’t believe him. All the while, James is down on the floor and gets counted out.

Winner via count out: Natalya

After the match, Lana taunts Mickie, who kicks her in the face.

Rollins is still demanding the source. He says if Rey and Dominic show up tonight it will be the last mistake they ever make.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Asuka and Shayna Baszler – Non-Title Match

Sasha and Bayley cut a promo before the match. They don’t believe Asuka can beat both of them in one night. Bayley volunteers to wrestle first on Sunday to set up Sasha for an easy win. Shayna interrupts,  calling next for the RAW women’s title. Asuka tells Shayna that they have to fight together before they will fight each other for the title. They send Banks and Bayley scurrying out of the ring.

On the outside, Shayna is hit by someone in the crowd. It’s Nia Jax, who punched through the plexi -glass. WWE official tell Jax to leave, but Baszler goes after her into the crowd. Asuka is let alone, but uses a hip attack to take out Banks and Bayley.

After the break, Asuka is still flying solo, but now Banks and Bayley are able to take advantage.  She is double teamed in the corner and slammed to the mat. Bayley looks to drop the elbow from the top turnbuckle, but Asuka blocks it. She nails a spinning back fist on Bayley, but Banks made the tag. Sasha hits the backstabber and locks in the Banks Statement. Baszler runs in and breaks the hold. Asuka makes the tag, taking the fight to Banks. She knees her in the face, but misses an elbow stomp. Bayley makes the blind tag, breaking up the Kirifuda Clutch. Banks with a backstabber and Bayley connects on the Bayley to belly, but can’t get the pin. Banks is tossed out of the ring, and Baszler with a gut wrench suplex. She connects with  a knees strike and locks in the Kirifuda Clutch. Banks breaks the hold, only to get taken out by Asuka. She locks Banks in the Asuka lock on the floor. Baszler locks in the Kirifuda clutch on Bayley, who quickly taps out.

Winners via submission: Shayna Baszler and Asuka

Backstage, Apollo Crews thanks Ali, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander for having his back. He wants Ali and Ricochet to help him. Cedric is disappointed and wants in, but Crews wants him to know it’s not personal. Alexander seems to accept things.

Backstage, Shawn Michaels tells Drew McIntyre that Orton will use his frustration against him. He needs to refocus. Drew feels that he has let everyone down by letting Orton run all over everyone. Michaels offers more words of encouragement. You can do it!

The IIconics are still giving Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan trouble backstage. Billie informs Liv that Peyton will be taking her place in their match tonight. It’s a surprise to Royce, but since they are such good friends she will do it. They look over and see Shayna Baszler chatting with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke.

Ruby Riott w/Liv Morgan vs. Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay

Riott with a double leg take down. Royce retreats to the apron, only for Riott to kick her to floor. Ruby slams her into the security barrier. Ruby breaks the ten count, but this give Peyton the chance to recover. Peyton slams Ruby into the security barrier. In the ring, Royce with a knee strike and makes the cover while staring down Liv. Ruby kicks out and is able to isolate Peyton in the corner. She connects with a kick to the face. Peyton goes back to the outside, only for Riott to hit a cross body off the apron. Billie tries to get to Riott, but Morgan cuts her off. Peyton attacks Riott rfom behind, sending her crashing into Morgan. She rolls Riott into the ring and hits the Deja Vu. Peyton covers and gets the win.

Winner via pinfall: Peyton Royce

It’s time for RAW Underground. Erik from the Viking Raiders is fighting someone. The ref has to stop the fight and Erik is the winner. Shane McMahon is with Dolph Ziggler, who is not impressed. He gives him a four out of ten. Erik calls Dolph out, who accepts. Ziggler looks to lock in a sleeper hold and thumbs Erik in the eye. Ziggler puts Erik to sleep to win. Ivar charges Dolph, launching him off the stage.

Rey Mysterio is back on RAW. He walks to the ring with his son, Dominic. Rey had trouble watching Seth Rollins and Murphy beating his son last week. It made him feel a rage he hasn’t felt before. No one, not even the doctors, will stop Rey from protecting his son. Mysterio tells Seth that at SummerSlam he will be in his son’s corner for a street fight. Dominic appreciates the gesture, but he knew what he was getting into.

Rollins and Murphy pop up on the Titantron. He can’t believe they showed up. Rollins preaches that this all could have been prevented if he just would have submitted to the greater good, but now the Mysterio legacy must be sacrificed. He tells them not to move. Rollins and Murphy walk out on stage. Wisely, Rey and Dominic exit the ring. Rollins taunts them. Dominic grabs kendo sticks, sneaky in behind Rollins and Murphy. Dominic strikes and takes turns striking Seth with his dad. They tie him up in the ropes, but Murphy sacrifices himself to make the save.

MVP approaches Cedric Alexander just to talk. MVP does his best to turn Cedric on his friends. MVP wants Cedric to think over a previous offer.

Back to the Underground, Auturo Ruas takes on Riddick Moss. The two fight off the mat and into crowd. They they start fighting other people. Shane is super excited, though.

Apollo Crews, Ricochet and Mustafa Ali vs. MVP, Shelton Benjamin and MVP – Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match

Ricochet hits an enziguri on Benjamin. Ali tags in, as well as Lashley. He runs through Ali, knocking Apollo and Ricochet off the apron. Lashley hits the dominator on Ali and gets the pin.

Eliminated via pinfall: Mustafa Ali

Ricochet tags in and hits Pay Dirt on Ricochet. He covers and gets the pin.

Eliminated via pinfall: Ricochet

Benjamin crashes into the top turnbuckle after missing a splash. Crews delivers the toss power bomb and covers to get the pin.

Eliminated via pinfall: Shelton Benjamin

MVP steps into the ring, but on the outside Cedric Alexander surprises Benjamin. He rolls up the 24/7 champ and gets the pin.

Winner … and new 24/7 Champion … via pinfall: Cedric Alexander

Lashley pounds Crews into the corner and spears him. MVP tags back in with a running boot. Crews kicks out of the pin. MVP misses a boot in the corner and gets caught up on the turnbuckle. Crews hits the toss power bomb and gets the pin.

Eliminated via pinfall: MVP

Lashley immediately runs in and over powers Crews. Apollo gets to his feet and hits a flying forearm. He follows up with an enziguri. Crews with a standing moonsault, but Lashley kicks out. Crews fights out of the full nelson, but is then taken out with a spear. Lashley covers to get the win.

Winners via pinfall: Bobby Lashley, MVP and Shelton Benjamin

After the match, The Hurt Business taunt Crews.

Shane McMahon is talking with Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke.

Cedric Alexander (champion) vs. Akira Tozawa (challenger) w/ninjas – 24/7 Championship Match

Tozawa calls for his ninjas, but Cedric puts one down. Tozawa a spinning heel kick and goes up top. He misses the stomp, allowing Alexander to hit the Nueralizer and finish him off with the Lumbar Check. Alexander covers to get the win.

Winner … and still 24/7 Champion … via pinfall: Cedric Alexander

At the bell, Shelton Benjamin hits the ring. He connects with Pay Dirt and covers Alexander for the three count.

Winner…and new 24/7 Champion…via pinfall: Shelton Benjamin

Back to the Shane McMahon Underground, where Marina Shafir is making her debut. Shafir wins with a knee bar. Her celebration is cut short by Nia Jax, who strikes from behind.

Shayna Baszler is game to fight. The bell rings and Jax runs off. Shane isn’t pleased. There’s only one rule in RAW Underground. You fight.

Andrade w/Angel Garza and Zelina Vega vs. Montez Ford w/Angelo Dawkins

Ford comes out firing, laying into Andrade. He connects with a drop kick, sending Andrade to the floor. Montez takes flight over the ropes, crashing into Andrade. Ford goes up top, but gets caught. Andrade hits the superplex, but can’t get the pin. Ford delivers a clothesline and follows with a flying forearm. He can’t get the pin after a standing moonsault, though. Ford with a hurricanrana off the top rope. Zelina Vega jumps to the apron, allowing Andrade to knock Ford off the turnbuckle. Bianca Belair runs down; Zelina tries to attack, but Belair catches her, slamming Vega to the floor.  Ford uses the distraction roll up Andrade and get the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Montez Ford

WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring. He explains how so many show gratitude to Ric Flair, everyone does but Randy Orton. Flair mentored Orton on a daily basis. Michaels tells Orton that at SummerSlam he will meet justice from Sweet Chin Music or a Claymore. He will see it coming.

Michaels starts to leave, when Orton attacks from behind. He hits him with an RKO and then punts the Heartbreak Kid in the head. Drew McIntyre runs Orton off and checks on Shawn. He calls for help. Orton tries to blindside the champ, but Drew fights him off. McIntyre slams Orton into the barrier and tosses him over the announce table. McIntyre goes back to check on Shawn. Orton sneaks up from behind and drops the champ with an RKO. Orton stares down HBK as he slithers out of the ring.

That’s the show. See you next week in the THUNDERDOME!




Monday Night RAW 8/17/2020

WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida

Monday Night RAW is making incremental improvements after cratering two weeks ago. It still doesn’t help that in the first 45 minutes there was only one short match that was literally run through. The multiple 24/7 title changes kept the show on it’s toes. I’m here for the Hurt Business, but RAW underground has yet to win me over. And that is despite Ivar launching Dolph Ziggler into the crowd. The show did a decent job building into SummerSlam. Maybe the TUNDERDOME will be a change of pace next week.