Has The Undertaker been laid to rest by Mark Calaway? Only time will tell.

In Chapter 5 of the WWE Network documentary Undertaker: The Last Ride, The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) announced his retirement.

“There is nothing left for me to conquer. There is nothing left for me to accomplish. The game has changed. It is time for new guys to come up. The time just seems right,” said Calaway in the film.

Calaway did leave the door to a return open…just a crack though.

“If Vince (McMahon) was in a pinch, would I? Would I come back? I guess time will only tell, there. In Case of Emergency Break Glass and pull out The Undertaker. (Smiles) I would have to consider that. Never say never but at this point in my life and my career I have no desire to get back into the ring. This time, the cowboy really rides away,” he remarked.

Mark Calaway, his wife Michelle McCool and one of his four children. Courtesy: WWE Network.

Calaway is anxious to enjoy time with his family and everything he has worked for the last 33 years.

“I don’t want to miss out on anything else because I feel I have this certain match to walk away. My career and legacy speaks for itself. I am happy with it. At the end of the day, that is all that matters. I have this other life I need to go and experience,” he said.

Calaway describes the Boneyard Match against AJ Styles “as rough as it looked” and if that was his last match, he is happy The Undertaker was fortunate enough to literally ride away into the sunset.

“If there was ever a perfect ending to a career that right there is it,” he said.