This week on Impact Wrestling, Jordynne Grace returns to the ring in the main event to defend the Impact Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie!

Video recaps last week.

Impact management Scott D’Amore and Don Callis discuss the future of the Impact World Championship in their office.

We are on tape from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tenn. Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne have the call for this week.

Three-Way Match: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Sami Callihan

Shamrock runs down to the ring and attacks Elgin before the bell. The lights go out for Callihan’s entrance and he appears leaning in the corner and watching as Elgin and Shamrock go at it.

The match becomes official and Shamrock works Elgin down. Powerslam from Elgin lands. Callihan with a big boot and he sends Elgin outside. Apron kick lands, but Elgin drops Callihan on the apron. Shamrock with a dive over the top rope to take both out. Elgin with a missile dropkick on Shamrock back inside. Callihan and Shamrock inside get knocked down by an Elgin double clothesline. Shamrock sent out and Callihan hit with a uranage. Falcon Arrow for Elgin gets a nearfall. Elgin works Callihan down and Callihan chops up. Callihan and Shamrock team up on Elgin. Callihan flips Shamrock the bird and they trade shots. Callihan knocks him down for a nearfall that is broken by Elgin. Elgin and Callihan exchange until Elgin lands a German suplex. Elgin pulled off the cover by an Ankle Lock attempt from Shamrock. Shamrock pops up from Elgin DDTs and snatches an enzuigiri for the Ankle Lock. Elgin pulls himself up in the corner, but the turnbuckle falls off. Callihan grabs the hand of Elgin to prevent the tag and Shamrock switches to put him in the submission. Shamrock sent into the exposed turnbuckle and Elgin backfists Callihan out of the ring. Spinning powerbomb from Elgin on Shamrock.

Winner by pinfall: Michael Elgin, 3 out of 5 stars

This was back-and-forth throughout and it seems like Shamrock really found a groove here in the three-way match with two of the company’s best workers. Elgin taking advantage of the opportunity made for a good finish.

Post-match, Shamrock and Callihan exchange words. Callihan cuts the feed and disappears.

The announce team previews tonight’s show and throws to Gia Miller backstage with Impact Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace before she defends against Taya Valkyrie tonight. Miller asks if Grace is worried after her six weeks off and Grace says coming back to Impact is like home. Grace says being not able to defend her title made her uneasy and training and studying was driving her crazy. Grace is ready to return to normalcy in dominating the competition and driving Taya’s head through the mat will let her know it is back to normal.

Wentz and Dez of The Rascalz backstage and they say they have to win the Impact World Tag Team Championships this time. Trey Miguel comes in and he wants to discuss who attacked him backstage last week. Trey is suspicious of Wentz wanting to be a double-number one contender and Wentz says it could have been Ace Austin or Reno Scum. Dez says he saw Austin in the bathroom.

Impact World Tag Team Champions The North walk up and The Rascalz ask if they’re supposed to be in Canada. The North just wanted to let them know they are going to beat them again for the tag titles. Wentz says The North probably jumped Trey and Josh Alexander says they were in Canada, but Wentz was in America. Wentz squares up and Ethan Page says that only one Rascal can become a world champion first. The Rascalz and The North stare each other down and Page tells Trey to watch his back as he walks off.

Tasha Steelz (w/Kiera Hogan) vs. Susie

Steelz taunts Susie and Susie with side headlock takedowns and a bulldog. Steelz rolls out and a suicide dive from Susie met by a head kick from Steelz. Steelz works Susie down in the corner and taunts her. Susie rolls Steelz up, but Steelz puts her down with a clothesline. Susie slaps back and lands a Thesz Press. Steelz sent to the corner, but she kicks away and goes up top. Susie catches Steelz with a Shotei coming off the top rope for a nearfall. Kiera Hogan to the apron and it allows Steelz to hit a cutter.

Winner by pinfall: Tasha Steelz, No Rating

A bit short, but Steelz and Susie seem to have good chemistry between their characters every time they get in there. This was no different.

Gia Miller waits for Ace Austin backstage and Austin shows up. Miller asks for Austin’s speculation about what Impact management’s announcement will be for the Impact World Championship title picture. Austin’s only speculation is that he won the tournament and became number one contender, and since the champion isn’t showing up to work, he’ll be the new Impact World Champion.

Self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose interrupts and says it is too bad that Austin won’t be challenging for his title at Slammiversary and not the “second-rate” title Tessa Blanchard is holding hostage in Mexico. Austin says it is a good looking belt and walks off.

Hernandez steps up and he wants a rematch after Rebellion. Hernandez doesn’t want to wait until Slammiversary because he wants it next week. Moose tells Hernandez not to get so close to him.

Deonna Purrazzo shown arriving earlier today.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz backstage after commercials and they say they aren’t afraid of anyone. They run into Havok and Nevaeh and Havok laughs and asks them to finish their thoughts. Hogan says something about them showing up all big and scary and wants them to move so they can celebrate. Nevaeh says they can meet them down in the ring, but Hogan says they are off the clock for the night.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week goes to Impact from May 17, 2016 and features “The Miracle” Mike Bennett beating Earl Hebner.

Rohit Raju catches up with Rhino backstage and asks why he hit him with a Gore last week. Raju tells Rhino that he needs to be lifting him up as a tag partner. Rhino says Raju learned nothing from the lesson he tried to teach him and says that Raju has always complained about what he hasn’t done. Raju attacks Rhino and they brawl out of camera view.

Impact Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace and Taya Valkyrie are shown preparing for the title match main event.

Johnny Swinger & Chris Bey vs. Cousin Jake & Willie Mack

Swinger starts with Mack and Swinger mounts him for punches in the corner. Mack punches him back and Cousin Jake in to do the same. Bey drops Mack with a knee from the apron and Swinger works Mack down. Bey and Swinger work Mack in their corner. Mack lands a big boot on Swinger and brings in Cousin Jake on the hot tag. Jake drops Bey on top of Swinger. Corner spear sees Swinger pull Bey out of the way and Jake crashes himself into the corner as we break.

Jake worked down in the Bey and Swinger corner. Nearfalls and Jake gets a clothesline out on both of them to bring in Mack on the hot tag. Mack punches back for the comeback and a standing moonsault hits both for a nearfall. Jake takes Bey down to the outside. Swinger looks for a neckbreaker, but Mack counters to the Stunner.

Winners by pinfall: Willie Mack & Cousin Jake, 2.25 out of 5 stars

This ended up decent with Mack and Cousin Jake keeping the match rolling against Bey when they got hot tags.

Post-match, Swinger and Mack get attacked and Cody Deaner makes the save.

Rosemary at the bar with John E. Bravo and she tires to get him to bite the apple once again. Taya Valkyrie comes in and asks Bravo what he is doing and he hasn’t planned anything for her return tonight. Rosemary says Bravo has done a good job keeping her company while Valkyrie has ignored them. Rosemary and Valkyrie banter and Rosemary says they need to reestablish their dominance in the Knockouts division. Rosemary has a surprise for Valkyrie and all three run off to prepare.

Scott D’Amore in the ring and he is here to announce the Impact World Championship situation. D’Amore says his responsibility as Impact management is to the integrity of the title itself.

Ace Austin interrupts and he says he heard Tessa Blanchard is not in the building tonight. Austin wants to spoil the announcement and says Scott D’Amore is here to crown him the Impact World Champion.

Michael Elgin interrupts. Elgin says Austin is speaking out of turn and he says D’Amore is right that the advertised title match at Rebellion didn’t happen. Elgin says Austin has to deal with him and he can either get out of the ring or fight him. Elgin says that anyone who decides to fight him can’t handle him.

Eddie Edwards returns and makes his way out. Edwards says Elgin’s short-term memory is failing him because Edwards isn’t afraid of him. Edwards has beaten Elgin and he says they are both asking to be handed a championship they haven’t earned. Edwards says they have to earn and fight for the title.

Austin says D’Amore was here to crown him the champion and he calls D’Amore “Porky” when he demands him to go get the title. D’Amore tells Austin to back up and keep social distance and every one of them will face Tessa Blanchard in a five-way Impact World Championship match at Slammiversary. Austin says D’Amore can’t count and D’Amore tells Austin to turn around. Trey Miguel hits a springboard dropkick and all five brawl to the commercials. D’Amore did a good job carrying the weight as the authority figure and building up Blanchard’s return with a big time title match for Slammiversary. This seemed like a solid way to settle a wild card of a situation.

Gia Miller at the locker room of Deonna Purrazzo and she isn’t there. Miller says she will be on the hunt for Purrazzo backstage.

#CAncelCulture makes their way out and Joseph P. Ryan introduces Jacob Crist. Ryan says Crist is truly a new man. Ryan says Crist is now the biggest advocate to make Impact Wrestling the safe space for a place where women like Katie Forbes can express themselves however they want and problematic words like “Crazzy” aren’t welcome. Ryan says Crist will teach “Mentally Unwell Steven” a lesson tonight that words can hurt and using words that hurt will get you hurt.

Jacob Crist (w/#CancelCulture) vs. Crazzy Steve

Crist knocks Steve down, but Steve drops Crist and hits a side Russian legsweep for a nearfall. Steve with a snapmare and neck twist. Steve with a Tarantula over the ropes and Crist tips him up to work him down inside. Steve comes back with back elbows and a short-arm clothesline for a nearfall. Ryan distracts Steve from ringside and Crist lands a kick out of the corner. Spinning hook kick lands on Steve and knocks him out.

Winner by pinfall: Jacob Crist, 2 out of 5 stars

While #CancelCulture looked like it could have some promise and maybe give Ryan something fresh to chew on, it seems like it is going to bog down Crist’s matches and hopefully this thing speeds up a little with more talent being able to come in.

Video package for Slammiversary and the announce team previews the show and next week’s episode.

Impact Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/John E. Bravo & Rosemary)

Valkyrie moves outside immediately, but Grace hits a suicide dive to wipe out Taya and her friends as we break.

Grace works Taya down in the corner as we return. Grace works Taya down and clotheslines her in the corner. Chops land and Taya turns it around for chops of her own. Grace comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. Valkyrie moves back outside. Grace gets caught up on the apron for a Taya knee and Taya works Grace down as we break.

Grace lands a sidewalk slam as we return and Taya again moves outside. Grace follows and Taya sends her into the steel steps. Taya works Grace down back inside with stomps and double knees in the corner for a nearfall. Grace fights out of a chinlock and they fight up top. Grace blocks a superplex and tries a sunset flip powerbomb. Taya blocks for a moment, but Grace completes the powerbomb. Grace and Taya exchange strikes and Grace starts her comeback. Taya sent into the ring post and Grace with double knees and a sliding elbow. Vader Bomb gets Grace a nearfall. Taya gets Grace cornered and hits a spear for a nearfall. Taya with a pop-up knee and a Road to Valhalla blocked by Grace. Grace with short-armed clotheslines and a sleeper hold applied. Taya reaches out for Bravo ringside, but he is too busy chatting up Rosemary.

Winner by submission and STILL Impact Knockouts Champion: Jordynne Grace, 3 out of 5 stars

Solid main event that didn’t really peak as high as expected, but it gave us some storylines to work with between the falling out of Rosemary and Taya, as well as what happened post-match. It was built more to advance those stories than to deliver a title classic.

Post-match, Deonna Purrazzo comes out. Purrazzo offers Grace a handshake, but snatches a Fujiwara armbar and leaves Grace laying in the ring.

Michael Elgin on the phone to close the show and he says that Canadians are team players as it closes with a Slammiversary logo.



Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennesseee

Decent all around show for Impact, but nothing really popped throughout. This seems like the official beginning on the road to Slammiversary and it felt like this show was setting up storylines for the show.