In a surprising move by the WWE, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff have been appointed as Executive Directors of RAW and Smackdown, respectively.

Confirmed in an official WWE press release, both Heyman and Bischoff will be in charge of the creative development of the shows.

Heyman served as President of ECW from 1993-2001 and Bischoff is a former WCW President and New York Times bestselling author.

For Heyman, it will be his first return to a full-time creative leadership role in the WWE since his controversial departure from WWE-ECW and his first stint running the flagship show, RAW.

It will be Bischoff’s first time being involved in the WWE creative process. As Bischoff said recently, the WWE “never offered and I never asked” to be part of Creative during his time in the WWE.

Bischoff will not only be the Executive Director of Smackdown but also be in charge of interacting with executives from Fox, Smackdown’s new home.

Bischoff has worked with executives from various networks in the past such as TNT and Spike TV, just to name a few.

What is notable is that both Heyman and Bischoff will report directly to Vince McMahon and not through HHH or any other creative head or supervisor.