A lawsuit in which wrestling legend Ric Flair and his WWE superstar daughter, Charlotte, are being sued for $5.5 million is now heading to federal court in the United States.

In the case, Charlotte’s ex-husband Riki Johnson is suing her, her father, Brian Shields (the co-author of the Flairs’ autobiography Second Nature) and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Johnson claims the accusations in the book that he lost jobs because of drug abuse, he is sterile and that there was abuse against both Ric and Charlotte Flair are completely false.

Charlotte Flair. Photo by Ricky Havlik, RickyHavlik.com.

As for the abuse allegations, Johnson claims in the suit that during one such incident it was actually Charlotte (real name Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr) who was the “out of control aggressor in a physical and verbal tirade directed at the responding police officers as well as her disparaging and racist comments being directed at the Afro-American community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.”

Johnson claims there is police dashcam video footage of the incident.

Johnson also asserts the false allegations were made to push the narrative in the book that Charlotte overcame personal adversity and domestic abuse to become the star she is today.

The statement goes onto say that because of sterility accusations Johnson’s children are now “subject to ridicule and shame.”

“The false assertions in that book were purposely designed to willfully, maliciously and intentionally inflict emotional distress upon the Plaintiff,” states the court filing.

“We recently received what appears to be a meritless lawsuit and we will vigorously defend ourselves,” said the WWE in response to the lawsuit.