After having his orbital bone and nose broken with a baseball bat at the hands of Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards will be out for revenge in an I Quit match against Callihan at the upcoming Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha underground show.

However, after Josh Matthews announced the fight, Callihan claimed that he would not compete in the match.

“No ain’t going to happen. Sami Callihan ain’t coming to wrestle at WrestleCon for Impact Wrestling. At this point I’m done with that situation. I ain’t coming,” said Callihan on Wednesday afternoon during an Impact Wrestling conference call.

Callihan’s refusal of the match may be from Impact Wrestling’s management lack of communication about his booking on April 6.

“The way I find out what matches I’m booked in now is by online or conference call. Impact Wrestling management couldn’t go out of their way to at least give me a call or text message and say, ‘We want you to face Eddie Edwards at WrestlingCon,'” said Callihan.

“So, no one can give me a heads up. I love how you (Impact Wrestling management) treat the people who get you the best ratings and the most subscribers on YouTube. You just go ahead and book me in a match without giving me a heads up. That’s total B.S.”

Since Callihan voiced his displeasure about being booked by Impact Wrestling without notice, he may be representing Lucha Underground while Eddie Edwards may be representing Impact Wrestling during the WrestleCon show WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans.

“At this point, Impact management can kiss my ass. I’m going to do exactly what I want. Sami Callihan is not coming to wrestle at WrestleCon for Impact,” said Callihan.

The baseball bat incident on Impact Wrestling, which Callihan addressed in an earlier conference call, has garnered a lot of negative attention from people inside the wrestling business and fans with some people demanding that he retire from the sport.

“This is pro wrestling. Quit being a little bitch. Our society has a bunch of straight up bitches. It doesn’t matter what you say, what you think, something will offend somebody. All the people that I’ve offended, you can pretty much just kiss my ass. Jim Cornette can kiss my ass. Any of the wrestlers that want to speak out can kiss my ass. I’m making money. I’m setting the wrestling world on fire and I’m going to become legendary even if it’s for all the wrong reasons.”

“Shane Douglas wants to talk crap about me online. Shane Douglas broke Gary Wolfe’s neck. He didn’t feel bad about it. Owen Hart broke Stone Cold’s neck. He didn’t feel bad about it. Injuries happen in pro wrestling. Accidences happen and I’m going to make the best of it. I’m going to become the biggest professional wrestler in the world right now,” said Callihan.

The real incident that involved a baseball bat blurred the lines of who Callihan really is as a performer and person.

“At this point, I’ve kind of lost track of who I am as a real person and who I am as Sami Callihan. The lines are blurred,” said Callihan. “I’m pretty sure everyone thinks Sami Callihan is a mean son of a bitch, garbage, unsafe, dangerous, death match trash worker.”