It’s not surprising that while “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner was promoting Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary in a teleconference he was able to sneak in some harsh words about the McMahons and the entire WWE, specifically its Hall of Fame. Instead of answering if he thinks he’ll be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Steiner did us one better, and posed a different question to the masses:

“GPS the WWE Hall of Fame, where’s it at?”

Scott Steiner. Photo courtesy Impact Wrestling

Non-Existent, according to Steiner, so apparently the honour of getting into the Hall doesn’t seem to attract Big Poppa to a place run by “Stephanie and Hunter McMahon.” So if you’re planning on seeing Scott Steiner at the WWE Hall of Fame, “cancel your reservation, ’cause it ain’t happening.”

But what if WWE actually made a physical location for the Hall of Fame? Would that then change his perspective? Well, by the sounds of it, no. Unless however, the WWE offers some cash to “Big Poppa Pump” to be a part of the ceremony. According to Steiner, it’s only fair since the McMahons are making money from the programming. (Steiner and his brother Rick were honoured by the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2014.)

As promised, Steiner’s conference call with invited media was unauthorized, unsanctioned, and uncensored. The teleconference, which was originally slated to last half an hour, lasted closer to 60 minutes. Over the hour, among other things, Steiner talked about his stints with Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA), specifically the difference in management. The always controversial Steiner was quick to call Dixie Carter a “joke,” and believes that the difference in management has been huge for Impact.

“If you talk to anybody, there’s a huge difference. When people see Jeff, they know that he knows what he’s doing. Clearly, everyone knew that Dixie didn’t know what she was doing,” Steiner explained, “She was a mark wanting to be on TV. It’s night and day. People wanna come to work, they’re excited about what everyone is doing, and it is a totally different atmosphere.”

Though Steiner did reflect on some of his favourite times in his first TNA stint. “My favorite moment was the Main Event Mafia.” Steiner said, “The champions were all together, and that was a lot of fun because you had a lot of history in the ring every time we stepped in the ring … to date, that’s been the highest rated portion of TNA’s existence. A lot of people bought into it because of the reality of everything. It was a lot of fun.”

Steiner also admitted to not watching a lot of wrestling nowadays, because he thinks there are a lot of things wrong with the big company running the show.

“The first change they should make is getting rid of Stephanie McMahon and Hunter McMahon, because they’re two idiots who are running the whole place up there. It’s like, I feel sorry for the wrestlers nowadays. They’ve got to follow the instructions of these two idiots that clearly don’t know what they’re doing. They’re not watching because the ratings are down, and the reason why I call him Hunter McMahon is because she obviously wears the pants.”

Despite those harsh words for WWE’s top executives, Steiner still has some wrestlers that he loves to watch, such as the Usos because Steiner wrestled with their uncles. Also, Bray Wyatt. Steiner reflected to times when young Bray Wyatt was running around the wrestling ring playing with Big Poppa Pump. “He was the funnest little kid.” Steiner remembered.

Steiner’s much anticipated match when he teams up with Josh Mathews to take on Joseph Parks and Jeremy Borash is set for the 15th annual Slammiversary on Sunday, July 2nd. After the show however, Steiner says there has been no talk of what him and Impact are going to do.