Tonight at TNA One Night Only: Live 2, Eddie Edwards looks to defend the TNA world title for two nights in a row as he gives Ethan Carter III another shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event! Plus, Eli Drake hires “The Fixer” Tyrus to solve his problem of taking the TNA World Tag Team Championships from The “Broken” Hardys. All that and more at TNA One Night Only!

We are LIVE from Orlando, Fla. Josh Mathews and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero have the call tonight.

Lashley with the microphone before his match and he says he was on a mission last night to regain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and he was straight-up robbed by champion Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. Lashley says if he did that, he would be the most hated man in professional wrestling. Lashley says it is okay when The Wolves do it, but he would whip Edwards’ a** every single time if it was a level playing field. Edwards politicked his way out of facing him one-on-one tonight, but he gets the next best thing in facing his tag team partner. Lashley knows The Wolves Nation was excited for Richards’ return, but it will be only one night because Lashley says he will break every bone is his body tonight.

Bobby Lashley vs. Davey Richards

Lashley attacks as Richards comes down out of the corner and stomps him down in the corner. Corner tackle drops Richards. Richards moves out and lands roundhouse kicks against the barricade on Lashley. Big boot lands on Lashley, but Lashley with a knee inside and he continues to work him in the corners. Richards comes back with more kicks to the chest. Springboard back elbow caught and Lashley locks him in a torture rack before dropping him to the mat for a nearfall. Back elbow from Lashley and he continues to wear Richards down. Richards thrown out and he rolls back into a stalling suplex. Elbows against the ropes and a right hand. Lashley sent over the top as he charges and a big boot sends Lashley off the apron. Two suicide dives and a cannonball smash Lashley on the barricade and a double stomp connects on Lashley for a nearfall. Leg kicks from Richards and a suplex attempt blocked into an armbar variation for Lashley. Richards spins to grab a stretch muffler, but Lashley with a rope break. Lashley snaps the arm of Richards on the top rope and Richards with a dragon screw on the second rope. Fight on the apron sees Richards move up top and Lashley land a powerslam on the apron. Richards down outside, but able to beat the count.

Richards tossed back outside and Lashley follows to send him into the steps. Lashley moves up top and Richards meets him with headbutts. Superplex and a suplex chain on the mat get Richards a nearfall. Ankle lock applied on Lashley. Lashley hangs on and rolls through to send Richards into the ring post. Lashley goes for a Spear, but unable to complete his run on the injured leg. Shining wizard from Richards gets a nearfall. Ankle lock from Richards reapplied, but Lashley spins out to grab a kimura and Richards left with nowhere to go.

Winner by submission: Bobby Lashley

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

McKenzie Mitchell with TNA X Division Champion DJZ and he says he has new hair and it is a new year, but he has no new opponents because he is familiar with Braxton Sutter and The Helms Dynasty. DJZ says getting beat by the DJ will be nothing new to them either.

Four-Way Elimination Match for the TNA X Division Championship: DJZ (c) vs. Trevor Lee vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Andrew Everett

DJZ and Sutter work The Helms Dynasty in the corners and send them into one another to start. Pinning predicaments and Lee and Everett sent out. Sutter and DJZ feel each other out with submissions and counters. Lee runs in and gets hip tossed by DJZ and Sutter and Everett gets the same. Sutter with a clothesline on DJZ and Lee in. Lee chopped against the ropes, but Everett in to even the numbers and land a standing shooting star press for a nearfall on Sutter. DJZ with a gourdbuster on the knee on Everett, but Lee sweeps the leg as DJZ tries a springboard. Everett takes out Lee accidentally outside when DJZ sidesteps and DJZ with a flip dive to take out The Helms Dynasty. ZDT on Lee blocked as he pops DJZ off onto Everett. Victory roll from DJZ on Everett.

Andrew Everett has been eliminated.

Lee pinballed between DJZ and Sutter. DJZ thrown out and left with Sutter. Double stomp on Sutter inside and a running punt on the apron on DJZ. Cradle nearfall on Sutter. Hip toss on Sutter inside and DJZ has his arm wrapped around the ring post outside by Lee. Dropkick from Lee gets a nearfall on Sutter inside and he wears Sutter down while keeping DJZ on the outside while working the injured left wrist. Sutter fights up with an up kick and clotheslines. Powerslam on Lee and DJZ in with a crossbody off the top on Sutter. Back elbow out of the corner and a ZDT met by a big boot from Sutter. Lee with the jump knee and a handful of tights on Sutter.

Braxton Sutter has been eliminated.

Lee with a deadlift German Suplex and a bridging nearfall. Lee continues to work the left wrist and wear DJZ down. Enzuigiri misses for DJZ and Lee tries another deadlift, but DJZ rolls through and nearly gets Lee on the victory roll. DJZ runs into a double stomp that almost puts DJZ down for the count. Monkey flip from DJZ stopped by Lee, but DJZ pops him up with a kick and Lee lands on his chin on the boots of DJZ to set up the ZDT.

Winner by pinfall and STILL TNA X Division Champion: DJZ

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards backstage trying to calm Davey Richards down and Richards says it is easy for him to say as champion, but he is nothing but Edwards’ sidekick. Edwards asks Richards what he is doing and asks to talk with him as they walk off.

Robbie E makes his way out for his match and gets the microphone. Robbie says it is a new era and a new beginning and that means it is a new Robbie E. Robbie says he has always been a little crazy, but now he is a lot of crazy and crazy people like to fight. Robbie asks if anyone wants to see a fight and he has no idea how what he’s about to do will go, but what the hell? Robbie E issues an open challenge to anyone in the DCC.

Bram makes his way out and says Robbie E is either brave or stupid calling out the DCC. Bram says whatever happens in the ring, Robbie E did to himself. Bram gets to the ring and says he can’t be bothered on second thought and wants the night off.

Open Challenge: Robbie E vs. Bram

Robbie E goes up top and dives out on top of Bram. Bram with clotheslines and he works Robbie in the corners back inside. Robbie comes back with a Thesz Press and ground and pound as they move outside. Bram with suplexes on the apron outside and Robbie fights back inside, only to run into the ring post as Bram sidesteps. Bram goes back to working Robbie down outside and in the ring. Robbie E fights up and lands punches and a clothesline. Bram with two clotheslines to put Robbie back down for a nearfall. Corner forearm and a pop-up powerbomb from Bram nearly put Robbie away. Another pop-up powerbomb and another clothesline land, but Robbie kicks out again. Bram goes to second rope and misses on an axhandle. Boom Drop lands for Robbie. Bram takes off his arm brace and the referee distracted by it long enough for Bram to land a low blow to set up the Brighter Side of Suffering.

Winner by pinfall: Bram

Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

Recap of Moose retaining the Impact Grand Championship against “The Miracle” Mike Bennett last night.

Jeremy Borash with “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett and he asks about no holds barred against Moose last night. Miracle says his dad used to say that he brought Miracle into the world and he could take him out. Miracle says he brought Moose into TNA and he will take him out. Moose has been a whiny b**** and needed crooked judges last night. Moose can pump his fist all he wants, but Miracle says all he will need to remember after tonight is “yes, we do.”

Maria introduces “The Miracle.”

No Holds Barred: “The Miracle” Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett) vs. Moose

Bennett attacks Moose as he enters the ring and chokes him with his hoodie. Moose comes back with a clothesline and Bennett moves out. Miracle trips Moose on the apron and sends him into the barricade. Ladder propped on the apron by Miracle and he tries to land a Miracle in Progress. Moose fights out and drops Miracle to land a pump kick. Bennett laid on the ladder and Moose looks to fly out, but Maria saves Miracle. Moose moves back out and lawn dart drops him on the ladder. Flip dive by Moose sees him land on the ladder after Miracle rolls away. Table brought out by Bennett outside and he works Moose down inside. Chairs thrown in by Miracle and Moose comes back with right hands. Miracle with a drop toehold on the chair. Bennett stomps Moose down and throws a chair at his head. Bennett up top and Moose with a dropkick to send the chair back into the face of Miracle. Pop-up powerbomb and senton from Moose set up a moonsault for a nearfall. Game Changer blocked by Bennett and Moose comes back with a pump kick. Game Changer again blocked by Bennett, this time with a superkick. Moose again goes to the well and Bennett tries a cutter. Moose counters, but Bennett drops him for a piledriver. Piledriver lands on the steel chair, but Moose able to kick out.

Corner clothesline from Bennett lands. Bennett caught coming in a second time and he gets sat down up top. Go to Hell lands, but unable to put Miracle away. Ladder propped in the corner by Moose. Maria creates a distraction for Bennett to land a tornado DDT. Miracle looks to spear Moose on the ladder, but a back bodydrop lands on the ladder. Miracle and Moose fight outside and Moose sent into the steps. Steps set up by the table and Miracle looks for a powerbomb through the table. Moose with another back bodydrop and Miracle through the table. Moose sets up another table back inside and lays Bennett on it. Moose tries a crossbody out of the corner, but Bennett rolls off and times him on the cutter through the table. Bennett recovers and rolls Moose over to make the cover, but Moose able to kick out. Discus forearms from Bennett and Moose ducks a third to land the Game Changer. Maria able to sideswipe the referee on the count. Moose corners Maria and thinks better of it, but turns around and sidesteps Miracle. Miracle spears his wife and Moose lands the Game Changer.

Winner by pinfall: 4 out of 5 stars

Recap of TNA World Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys on Fact of Life with Eli Drake last night.

Eli Drake backstage with McKenzie Mitchell and he takes the microphone from her. Drake says there is two things on his mind and they are the TNA Tag Team Championships. Drake calls The Hardys dummies and he says he has a problem and he fixes problems when he has them. Tyrus walks behind Drake and he says The Hardys tag title reign will be made broken and obsolete tonight and that is not an insult, that is just a fact of life.

Marshe Rockett makes his way out for a match and has the microphone. Rockett wants all the jive turkeys out there tonight and calls himself the hottest commodity in Impact Wrestling today. Rockett says he is bigger, faster, and stronger than anyone who walks down that ramp and tonight is the night that he kicks off the year of “Mr. M-80.”

Marshe Rockett vs. Mahabali Shera

Rockett rolls under a tie-up and taunts Shera. Rockett works Shera in the corner and Shera comes out with a shoulder tackle. Shera works him in the corners and Rockett with a side headlock. Shera comes back with clotheslines and back elbows. Rockett rolls to the apron and snaps the head down. Dropkick drops Shera for a nearfall and Rockett works Shera down. Powerslam and Rock Bottom from Rockett connect. Shera moves outside and Rockett runs him into the apron. Shera comes back with clothesline, but Rockett with a Rock Bottom and a heel kick. Shera comes back with clotheslines again and lands a running powerslam to set up the Sky High.

Winner by pinfall: Mahabali Shera

Rating: 1.25 out of 5 stars

TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary backstage and she says we have brought Decay to the Knockouts division and it is Sienna’s fate to meet her across the ring. Rosemary says there is no cure for the virus we spread and Sienna will decay tonight.

TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim makes her way to the ring. Gail says she needs to clarify some things tonight. A lot of people have been asking her if she is retired and if Rosemary ended her career. Gail Kim says she is not cleared to compete and the injury has taken her longer to recover from than anticipated, but she is not retired and her career is over when she says it is. Gail Kim warns Rosemary she will be back for her TNA Knockouts Championship.

TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary makes her way out and meets Gail Kim in the ring. Rosemary says Gail is not medically cleared, but she says there may be nothing wrong with her body. Rosemary says there is something wrong with her soul because they misted Gail and that poison stays with her and decays her from inside. Rosemary says Gail’s fate belongs to them and she will never wrestle again. Gail chokes Rosemary into the corner and officials have to separate the two.

Madison Rayne joins commentary.

TNA Knockouts Championship: Rosemary (c) vs. Sienna

Rosemary and Sienna mmet on the ramp and Rosemary clotheslines Sienna down. Sienna rolled back inside and Rosemary clotheslined on the apron. Rosemary slammed into the apron and Sienna works her down inside. Corner splash gets a nearfall and Sienna runs into a boot in the corner. Legscissors choke over the ropes by Rosemary broken before the five count. Sienna sends Rosemary into a chair face-first outside and works her down inside. Sienna bites the hand and immediately regrets the taste. Fishhook off the mouth by Sienna with the pinkie sees Rosemary bite the finger. Sienna works on the back of Rosemary, but misses on a senton off the second rope. Rosemary with ground and pound and she bites Sienna. Sienna with a Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Big boot from Sienna sees Rosemary pop back up and Rosemary with a forearm out of the corner. Sienna stops the comeback with a back suplex for a nearfall. Silencer connects and Rosemary rolls outside. Sienna able to get Rosemary back in for a nearfall. Rosemary rolls under the rope and the referee breaks Sienna away. Sienna shoves the referee away and Rosemary mists Sienna to set up the Red Wedding.

Winner by pinfall and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Rosemary

Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

Jeremy Borash with Jessie Godderz and he asks about his opponent “Cowboy” James Storm. Godderz says they have a lot in common. They are both phenomenal tag team wrestlers who have made it as singles competitors. Neither of them lack confidence and Godderz says if he puts half as much of an effort as he does with anything else he does in life, it will be a breeze. Godderz is prepared for the DCC.

“Cowboy” James Storm (w/Kingston & Bram) vs. Jessie Godderz

Storm works Godderz into the corner and Godderz switches position to land uppercuts. Slams and a back elbow set up a dropkick for Godderz for a nearfall. Storm held by Bram and the referee tries to separate the two. Kingston sneaks in and drops Godderz from behind. Storm throws Godderz out to the DCC and keeps the referee’s attention. DCC work Godderz at ringside as Storm continues to wear him down inside. Godderz fights back up with a backbreaker and locks in the Adonis Crab. DCC distracts Godderz to get him out of the hold and Storm goes up top. Frankensteiner from Godderz lands for a nearfall and a powerslam gets another. Kingston on the apron and the distraction almost backfires as Godderz rolls Storm for a nearfall after bouncing him off Kingston. Storm comes back with an Alabama Slam for a nearfall. Eye of the Storm connects for another. Godderz sent back out and he drops both Bram and Kingston. Shoulder to the midsection from the apron on Storm and a springboard clothesline gets a nearfall for Godderz. Last Call attempt by Storm caught by Godderz and the Adonis Crab locked in. Kingston and Bram run in and get sent out by Godderz. Storm able to get up to land the Last Call.

Winner by pinfall: James Storm

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

The lights go out post-match and Decay appear behind the DCC. Bram and Storm misted and Abyss and Steve attack Kingston before laying him out with a chokeslam. The lights go back off and Decay disappears.

Ethan Carter III with Jeremy Borash and he asks if he will regain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Eddie Edwards. EC3 says him and Betty White made it through 2016 and EC3 says he won every match in 2016, except the ones that mattered. Last night, EC3 was left with a Spear into the turnbuckles, but he is still the best here even not at 100%. EC3 says this is where you’d usually say Edwards is a great champion and a friend, but he doesn’t have a friend out there tonight.

Reby Hardy plays TNA World Tag Team Champions The “Broken” Hardys in on the piano. “Broken” Matt with the microphone and Jeff Hardy takes the microphone. Jeff says Eli Drake and his big mouth are about to rendered obsolete. Matt says The Hardys met the pinnacle of tag team wrestling in 2016 and it is time for their first title defense of 2017. Matt introduces his brother as the “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy and says they will render the “Legion of Dummies” Eli Drake and Tyrus obsolete tonight when they delete them.

TNA Tag Team Championships: The “Broken” Hardys (c) vs. Eli Drake & “The Fixer” Tyrus

Tyrus throws his shirt at “The Pope” on commentary and tells him to watch his chain. Drake starts with Matt and Drake works him into the corner. Drake and Matt get into an “E-LI DRAKE!” and “DELETE!” battle and Matt bites the finger to bring in Jeff. The Hardys work Drake in the corner and land a double-team suplex for a nearfall. Corner splash misses for Matt and Drake with a neckbreaker. Side headlock inverted DDT from Matt gets a nearfall and Jeff brought back in for Poetry in Motion. Dropkick to the back from Jeff gets a nearfall. Tyrus brought in and he works Jeff down. Jeff fights up and goes up top, but Tyrus picks the ankle and Jeff bounces off the turnbuckle wrench. Drake in with a superplex for a nearfall and some ground and pound brings in Tyrus. Wishbone leg drop gets Tyrus a nearfall and he lands a heart punch as they continue to work Jeff down.

Jeff tries to fight up against Tyrus, but runs into a clothesline. Tyrus applies a nervehold and Matt steps in to bite the head of Tyrus to break the submission. Tyrus headbutts Matt off the apron. T-bone suplex lands on Jeff and a corner splash follows. Vader Bomb misses for Tyrus and Drake gets the tag to prevent the hot tag temporarily. Jeff kicks away and Matt in on the hot tag. Belly to belly throw gets a nearfall and a Side Effect gets the same on Drake. Tyrus sneaks a tag and clotheslines Matt down as he tries a Twist of Fate on Drake. ICU spike stopped as Drake calls for a tag. Twist of Fate from Drake sees Matt push him off and Drake knocks Tyrus down off the apron.

Jeff with a Twist of Fate on Tyrus outside and Drake puts Matt down with a clothesline inside. Drake with ground and pound and Jeff comes in to land a Twist of Fate on Drake. Matt lands one as well and Jeff goes up top to land the Swanton Bomb.

Winners by pinfall and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Hardys

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Jeremy Borash with TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards and he asks about the main event. Edwards says it has been a crazy start to 2017 and he has another world title match up next, but this craziness is what makes a world champion. EC3 wanted another shot and Edwards is happy to give him another shot. Edwards wants no controversy and wants to prove why “Mr. AIP” is always greater than EC3.

Bobby Lashley pulls up a chair on the stage for the main event.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Ethan Carter III

EC3 and Edwards fight for position in the corner and exchange side headlock takedowns. EC3 with a side headlock and shoulder tackle. Edwards counters with a hip toss and EC3 rolls out. Edwards comes back with a back elbow back inside and EC3 returns fire with a lariat as Edwards tries for another hip toss. EC3 works Edwards down. Chops exchanged and Edwards works EC3 back into the corner with his. Atomic drop from Edwards and a dropkick connects. EC3 comes back with a clothesline to send Edwards out. Dropkick off the apron by EC3 and a suplex on the floor. Lashley stares EC3 down and makes his way down the ramp with chair in hand. Lashley stops and makes his way to sit at ringside. Edwards and EC3 fight on the apron and Edwards with a head kick. Back suplex on the apron connects for Edwards. EC3 connects on a clothesline inside, but Edwards puts him back down with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Senton on the back of EC3 gets a nearfall as well. Chops in the corner by Edwards land and EC3 sent into the opposite corner. Edwards misses as he runs into the corner and EC3 rolls him for a nearfall and picks him up for a powerbomb for a nearfall.

Lashley moves to the steel steps and EC3 with an EC3 Splash and flapjack. TK3 connects for a nearfall. The referee keeps an eye on Lashley and EC3 sizes Edwards up for the One Percenter. Edwards drops down into a victory roll nearfall. Exchange sees Edwards land a shining wizard and both land a clothesline at the same time. EC3 lays Edwards out with a lariat and both down for the referee’s count. Both up and EC3 Splash in the corner misses and Edwards with a lungblower off the second rope for a nearfall. Chin Checker attempt blocked by EC3, but Edwards with a head kick and the Chin Checker connects for a nearfall. Boston Knee Party called for and Lashley picks the ankle. The referee moves outside to eject Lashley and Lashley pins him against the barricade. Edwards with a suicide dive that takes both Lashley and the referee out.

EC3 catches the One Percenter on Edwards coming back in. Cover and no count, so EC3 takes Edwards up top. TK3 off the top connects. Lashley makes his move and comes inside with the chair. Lashley sizes up EC3 and hands him the chair. Lashley says it should be between him and EC3 and EC3 takes the chair. EC3 flips Lashley the bird and tosses the chair, so Lashley with a Spear. Lashley brings the chair back in and looks to take EC3 out with it. Davey Richards runs out and takes the chair from Lashley. Richards with a swing and Lashley ducks. EC3 takes the chair to the back and Richards frustrated. Lashley runs off and Edwards chases. Boston Knee Party from Edwards lands.

Winner by pinfall and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Edwards

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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