This week, Nikki Bella makes Diva history as she breaks the record for the longest title reign. In hopes that one day she’ll do the same, Mandy looks to other Divas to learn all apects of her craft, from mastering social media, to actually knowing how to wrestle. If she does, maybe Paige and Alicia will plan her a party – though I wouldn’t ask Rosa for a referral. Check out the full recap for all the details.

Over lunch, Rosa says some really stupid things that prove her ignorance about babies and biology, and someone from Childrens Aid should be on standby to take her unborn kid away from her as soon as possible in order to protect the kid from her incompetence.

Backstage, Nattie takes a selfie with a special fan who inadvertently cops a feel. Later, she demonstrates, using Mandy’s chesticles, what happened, and this turns into a series of boob grabs. Best. Episode. Ever.

Nikki is trumpeting about being 14 days away from holding the record for the longest Divas Championship reign. She’s still a heel at this point.

Alicia Fox and Paige are excited to be planning Rosa’s baby shower. No boob-grabbing here, so this scene is pretty much filler.

Mama Bella makes an appearance, and after seeing Nikki working out and in pain, she tells her daughter to think about changing up her wrestling style lest she get hurt like Daniel Bryan. Because their styles are so similar, right?

Rosa, Alicia, and Paige head to a party store to get stuff for Rosa’s baby shower. Paige wants the party to have a goth theme, since Rosa’s loser baby daddy is a tatted up goth freak. Rosa doesn’t want a dark party, but when the call tattoo guy and ask him, he likes the idea.

Mandy works out at the Performance Centre, and Eva tells her that she’s hired a social media manager for herself because apparently that’s now a thing.

At dinner, Nikki tells John Cena that her spine is seizing up, and has has to massage her back. He also reveals that he just bought 55 expensive suits, and you can almost see her crying over her meal ticket spending money on things other than her. Anyway, she’s in so much pain that they have to leave the restaurant.

Eva has a photo shoot scheduled, and she invites Mandy along, and dear God, they strip down to bikinis, and this really could be the best episode ever. This is ostensibly to demonstrate the need to have a social media manager, but really this scene is just to spike the ratings during February sweeps. And it works for me.

Nikki and Sheamus are working out and Nattie stops by. She can see that Nikki’s in a lot of pain, which she says Nikki has to be careful of.

Backstage, Paige and Nattie playfully fight over whose cat is better, and there’s even more boob-grabbing.

Backstage, Brie finds out about the planned haunted baby shower, and she tells Rosa to demand that Alicia and Paige give her a normal one.

Nikki goes to visit Cena’s back specialist and he gives her a treatment. He suggests she take some time off, but she’s obsessed with getting the championship reign record. Brie says that Nikki should think about taking a break from wrestling. Smartest idea ever, I wholeheartedly agree.

Nattie is at the Performance Centre for her scheduled workout date with Mandy, who arrives way too late because she just had some kind of beauty appointment. Nattie gets irritated by Mandy’s lack of professionalism and commitment to work. Things only get worse when Mandy asks for a pre-workout selfie. Nattie finally loses her temper, telling Mandy she’s just wasted her time and not to bother her if she’s not interested in being serious. Nattie leaves, but Mandy comes out and apologizes, explains that she got into a car accident on the way, hence the lateness, and is serious about training. Nattie accepts the apology, and they get down to business.

Paige gets the word that she’s going to be on the Conan O’Brien show, but unfortunately, that will be the same night as Rosa’s baby shower. Then Rosa says that she wants the party moved to California instead of Florida where Alicia and Paige have been planning it. Alicia says that Rosa is being selfish, wanting to avoid traveling just because she’s pregnant. Rosa says Alicia is selfish for not caring about her feelings. Frostiness ensues.

Nattie gives Nikki some advice, suggesting she makes sure she remains healthy, but also encouraging her to do what she can to fight through the pain to meet her goal of breaking the reign record.

After complaining to Mandy about Alicia’s selfishness, Rosa confronts the would-be party planner. The two throw some shade at each other, and Rosa leaves. Paige acts as peacemaker and tells Alicia to go talk to Rosa. Things only get worse, though, and it looks like the Rosa-Fox friendship could be over.

Nikki has her match, and she retains her championship after a good match via “Dusty finish”. All the Divas celebrate her accomplishment. After the show, a few of the Divas go for dinner to celebrate Nikki’s honour. The party is on, but the tension between Alicia and Rosa is palpable. Until Alicia hijacks the celebration. She publicly apologizes to Rosa and says that whatever Rosa wants, she’s going to get for her engagement party.

The attention then turns to Mandy, who says she will do whatever it takes and forever how long it takes to be a worthy WWE Diva. Presumably, this means getting the occasional boob grab.

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