Another new episode, another round of arguments. Nikki and Brie argue about taking on an endorsement deal, while Nattie and TJ argue over whether TJ is depressed. Meanwhile, an old argument between Alicia Fox and Eva Marie resurfaces. If newest cast member Mandy Rose doesn’t get scared off by all of this like R-Truth in a roomful of cats, then nothing will. Check out the recap for all of the details.

The episode starts with Nattie planning a party for TJ where all of his locker room buddies will be invited so he can see them, despite him being out with injury. She assigns some duties to her parents, which is a disaster just waiting to happen.

Eva Marie returns to RAW and she’s hoping that her previous bad blood with the other Divas will be behind them. Nattie thinks that most of them will let bygones be bygones, but she isn’t sure about the Bellas with whom she clashed the last time. Eva approaches them backstage to clear the air, and she apologizes for any perceived slights. They all make up and in a bit of bonding, agree to follow each other on social media again.

Backstage, Nattie invites everyone to the party. This leads to a nonsensical story about R-Truth and his cat phobia, which will likely come up later since Nattie’s house is full of cats.

All of the girls have to attend a meeting with WWE suit Mark Carrano. He introduces them to the newest Diva, Mandy Rose, the winner of Tough Enough. The girls are taken aback by this, since it’s not usual for someone to get called up to the main roster that quickly. But Carrano says that “we know exactly what we’re doing.” I guess “we” aren’t the same people that brought up The Ascension or Tyler Breeze from NXT and then did whatever they could to bury them. Paige is especially irritated because she wasn’t impressed with Mandy when she was the judge on Tough Enough.

Eva Marie pulls Mandy aside to warn her about what she can expect as the new girl in the schoolyard. They start talking about being a tag team somewhere down the line, and somewhere else the Jumping Bomb Angels are spinning in their graves. Later, Eva and Mandy find out they have a lot in common and the bonding continues. What would be neat is if they find out they’re both married to that goof Jonathan and fight it out to the death. Hope springs eternal.

Carrano takes the Bellas aside to offer them a chance to be the spokespeople for a national food chain through some partnership with WWE. Nikki immediately jumps at the chance, but Brie, who is a organic-food-eating tree-hugger, says she can’t agree to something that promotes unhealthy eating. With delusions of grandeur, Nikki compares the Bellas to Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey, and I can’t hear the next couple of minutes because I choked on my beer after hearing that nonsense.

At home, Nattie tries to force everyone to smell her cat, which isn’t as dirty as it may sound. Then she tries to get TJ to stop watching the WWE Network, because she’s afraid it will depress him. He should be more depressed about being married to someone who makes other people smell her cat.

Nikki tries to convince Brie to agree to the endorsement deal by demonstrating some sexy poses and pouring water on herself while wearing a sports bra. Well, I’m sold. Brie is unconvinced.

At home, Nattie puts her dad, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart in charge of hiding the cats, which pretty much guarantees this party will be inundated with cats. Also, Nattie’s sister burns the food (which I’m presuming is not going to be cats).

Nikki tells John Cena that she’s mad at Brie for not wanting to be part of the endorsement deal because of her principles. Cena gives her an Attitude Adjustment, and Nikki decides to suggest to the company that she do the endorsement deal alone.

TJ returns early from the gym and ruins the surprise party, since he’s arrived before the guests. Big E arrives and gets felt up by Nattie’s sister. Then, they debate what you call a group of cats (the dictionary says it’s “a clowder”, I say it’s called “Total Divas“). Kofi and Truth show up and the party really kicks up. As everyone searches for Kofi’s son, a cat escapes the bedroom, sending Truth running out the door like a… well, another word for cat. He comes back after the cats are wrangled into a closet and he barricades the closet door shut with a bunch of furniture.

Carrano makes Paige, Alicia, Eva Marie, and Rosa take Mandy Rose in their car after a live event. Paige keeps throwing shade towards the newbie, and Eva gets all stressed out by the drama. She takes Paige aside and apologizes for any bad blood in the past and tells Paige she just wants them to deal with each other professionally. Paige returns the apology and acknowledges that she respects Eva for all the work she’s put in before coming back to the main roster.

Back at the party, things are picking up. Truth starts asking TJ about his spirits, and tells him that Nattie has been telling everyone that he’s been acting depressed lately. TJ is upset by this, and confronts Nattie about it. He tells her that he’s not depressed, and even if he was, she shouldn’t have told anyone about it.

Nattie is upset by this turn of events, so it’s up to Truth to be the voice of reason. He tells her that TJ has nothing to be sad about because Nattie’s with him. That she’s transferring her sadness over TJ’s situation onto TJ himself. Nattie sees the error of her ways.

Back on the road, the Divas bond over their distaste of boogers. Paige lets everyone know that she and Eva have put aside their differences. But then Alicia brings up all of the issues that were the impetus of the issues and the tension thickens all over again. Alicia basically shuts down any chance of reconciling with Eva, leaving Mandy concerned over all of the drama that potentially awaits her now that she’s on the roster.

Brie goes to some local organic restaurant that she has some business dealings with, and Nikki comes to crash the party. She tells Brie that she supports her, and that part of her is afraid that she won’t make it without her. Then she has more delusions of grandeur and compares herself to The Rock and John Cena. She should talk to Truth and get a reality check.

The next day, the travelling crew go to a makeup factory for a tour. Mandy asks Alicia what’s the deal with Eva and Alicia still has nothing nice to day, leaving Mandy wondering if she should distance herself from Eva lest she become universally disliked as well. In some heavy-handed editing, the makeup scientist talks about how mixing a deep red with a lighter colour (Mandy is a blonde) doesn’t lead to a good match, while the camera switches between Mandy and Eva Marie.

Nattie surprises TJ with a back yard picnic, and apologizes for telling everyone about TJ’s business. He accepts the apology and reassures her that if he ever felt depressed about anything, he’d let her know. They make up and all is well.


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