This week’s episode sees a couple of the Divas worried about their family. Nattie’s worried that her dad’s personal demons may spell the end to his WWE return, while Brie is worried that she’ll never be able to have a family of her own. Meanwhile, Paige and Eva Marie both learn the lesson that you should be true to yourself. Check out the full recap for the details.

The show starts off where it left off last week, with most of the Divas squawking to Eva Marie about her private training privileges. Eva takes off because she’s tired of the negativity. To her credit, Naomi tries to defend Eva, but nobody will have any of that, especially Alicia Fox who seems to really hate Eva Marie for no reason other than this show.

Backstage, WWE suit Mark Carrano surprises Nattie by letting her know that her dad, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart will be coming in for WrestleMania Axxess for a father-daughter signing session. Nattie’s thrilled since it’s been a long time since Jim was considered to be part of the WWE family, and this is like a reward for beating his personal demons.

At an airport, Brie and Paige are talking WWE Hall of Fame wardrobe, and Paige is worried because she doesn’t have any formal clothes.

In LA, Eva heads into her training session with The Brian Kendrick and tells him about the grief she got from the others. He tells her that they’re all just jealous and to ignore their pettiness, and she should just take a hit from his bong and relax, man. Okay, I made that last part up – but he’s so relaxed, I’m sure all the clocks in his gym are permanently stopped at 4:20.

The Bellas are out driving and Brie wants a donut, and perhaps she’s craving for two, since she thinks she may be pregnant.

At home, Nattie gets a call from her mom who tells her that Jim has been causing a ruckus at the rehab centre, and is getting thrown out.

At home, Brie gets a visit from the Big Red Machine (not Kane), meaning that she’s not pregnant, and gets all sad since she’s really got a dose of baby fever. Later, at brunch with Mama Bella, Brie stresses about not having kids even more. Mama Bella suggest Brie take Daniel Bryan to a fertility clinic to see if they both can have kids.

Nattie picks Jim up from the rehab centre and he’s jonesing for some pain meds. Nattie starts to lecture him about the importance of staying clean lest he fall out of favour with WWE, but he blows her off.

Brie and Daniel go to the clinic, and it’s awkward for all concerned, as the cameramen follow Daniel to and from the room where he has to… tag himself in, if you know what I mean.

Paige and Alicia are driving around and Alicia tells Paige that it was Naomi who stooged on them to Eva Marie about what they said about Eva’s private trainer. But they don’t dwell on it, because instead they’re going on a shopping tirp to buy Paige a HoF-worthy dress.

It’s Mania week and the girls are all settling into the hotel for the week leading up to the big event.

Nattie gets a call from her dad who seems uninterested about being feted as a legend and instead wants some more meds. Nattie tries to impress upon him how important this week can be for him, but he doesn’t seem to appreciate the sentiment.

At the hotel, Alicia has set up a private wardrobe consulting session for Paige. A few dresses are tried on, but Paige just seems really uncomfortable with the thought of wearing anything fancy.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon approaches Daniel, who’s there with Brie, and asks him to present the Warrior award to Connor the Crusher at the HoF ceremony. He’s honoured to do it.

At the hotel, Nattie heads up to her parents’ room to let Jim know that he’s been pegged to be included in a WWE video game and for a couple of action figures to be made in his image. She also lays down some ground rules, and says he’s cut off from drinking for the rest of the weekend.

Meanwhile, Naomi is now getting heat from the others for taking Eva Marie’s side on the whole private training thing. Brie and Paige go for a walk around San Jose, and Brie tells Paige about her baby-making woes. Then, they trash Eva Marie as well.

At the hotel, Nattie is eating with Bret Hart, Bret’s wife, and TJ, and Bret sympathizes with her about her trying to keep Jim away from the sauce. Bret advises Nattie to have faith in her dad, and to not kill herself worrying about him.

Alicia and Paige are out shopping to find Paige some fancy clothes. While out and about, in the most contrived moment ever on this show, and that’s saying a lot, Paige meets a fan who tells Paige that she’s her inspiration. That gives Paige the idea that maybe she shouldn’t change who she is, HoF or not.

Eva Marie is worried about what will happen when she sees the Divas again, but her husband Jonathan basically tells her to not even care what the others think. Clearly, he’s been listening to The Brian Kendrick inspirational tapes.

At Axxess, Nattie and her dad are signing together, and things go well. She’s happy to see him revelling in the compliments that the fans send his way, and she sees this as his first step of opportunity to do more with the company moving forward.

After their autograph session, Nikki wants to find Eva Marie in hopes that they can patch things up between them and bring peace back into the Divas locker room. Brie couldn’t care less about reconciling with Eva.

Paige is a hit at Axxess and she chalks it up to just being herself – which seems to solidify her stance to not get all dolled up at the HoF.

Eva and Jonathan head to a charity event where the rest of the Divas will be. She’s nervous about what’s going to happen, but the show comes to an end before she walks into room. Guess we’ll find out next week.


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