From the sounds of it, wrestling fans are about to see John Cena in something completely new — a good movie.

After less-than-spectacular showings in the likes of The Marine and 12 Rounds, and a modest improvement for Legendary, Cena is one of the love interests in Trainwreck, the Judd Apatow-director movie starring the hot comic Amy Schumer.

Early reviews for the film, which comes out July 17, are positive, as are the thoughts on Cena.

Amy Schumer and John Cena

Last Friday, there was a Screen Actors Guild screening of Trainwreck in Los Angeles, and Schumer and Cena were both there, speaking with the press, along with co-stars Colin Quinn and Vanessa Bayer. Judging from the trailer, basketball star Lebron James steals the scenes he’s in too.

The film, written by Schumer, has her as a journalist with intimacy issues, unable to commit to a relationship. While eventually she falls for a surgeon played by Bill Hader, Cena is a BIG bump along the road. (The trailer, rated R, so we’re not putting it here, has a funny bit about Cena’s size.)

A story interviewed the key people, including Cena (Amy Schumer Talks Trainwreck Sex Scenes and Almost Being The Bachelorette).

As Schumer’s “fitness-obsessed boyfriend, [Cena] proves to be a natural, stealing scenes from experienced comic actors,” wrote Jenelle Riley.

Said Schumer, “John came in and was the funniest guy at the audition, at the table read, and I think the funniest person on set — and I say that with only jealousy and resentment because everyone in this movie is a comic or a trained-ass actor and John came in and was brilliant. It’s really upsetting.”

Unlike the John Cena we see on WWE TV every week, Cena the actor, is less confident and didn’t think he’d get the part.

Once cast though, he said it felt right.

“I wasn’t doing a period piece or anything, it was something I very much felt I could accomplish,” he told Variety. “And I was surrounded by extremely funny people who were kind enough to welcome me in and encourage me.”

No word on what Nikki Bella might think of the sex scene between Schumer and Cena, though.

The two traded jokes at the screening, with Cena saying that things got a little strained. “I’m pressed on top of you and we have to stay there for a long time and my arms are giving up,” he said. “I have a piece of cloth over me but I’m very naked and a lot of people are there. At first it was a closed set but one by one — it was almost like a turnstile — people filed in. Before I knew it, it was full and people were hanging from the rafters!”

Schumer added, “But they weren’t there for me, and it really hurt my feelings!”

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Cena said he had a little help for the sex scene.

“I was gifted a stunt penis. I had to do a sex scene that involved me being almost all the way naked,” Cena said. “I had to stuff myself in a small nylon sock and they gave me a stunt penis to insinuate an erection.”

In an interview with, Schumer talked about the prop penis.

“I think it was part of a broomstick,” Schumer said. “Jimmy was our prop guy and he was whittling one day. I was like, ‘What you doing, Jimmy? What you working on?’ He was like, ‘I’m making John’s erection.'”

All in all, it doesn’t sound like a very PG-John Cena. How refreshing!