It is just common sense. If you are going to work for a magazine, you should read some back issues. If you are going to train to be a chef, you should get to know your ingredients.

If you are going to audition for the WWE, you should know something about the history of professional wrestling. Not according to Alexander Frekey. He didn’t think he needed to do his homework and for that Tough Enough viewers sent him packing over invisible woman Sara Lee (Sara who?) and Dianna, who should never have been facing the public vote, to begin with. With Dianna finishing well in the competitions and at the centre of so much drama, we are not sure what judge Hulk Hogan was thinking nominating her in the first place or if he was even thinking at all.

The issue of first-hand knowledge erupted early on with Alex and Patrick having a public debate on the subject in front of everyone.

”You don’t have to know wrestlers. You don’t have to know history. You don’t have to know matches. You don’t have to know anything about this sport,” Alex told Patrick insisting he was in the competition to “start a new age”.

”In order to start a new age, you need to know the history first that way you don’t repeat it,” argued Patrick.

“You came here to be a WWE superstar. You don’t go to the NFL and not know who Ray Lewis is. If you really want something, you educate yourself about it,” Patrick continued.

During the judge’s questioning, Hogan ripped Alex for not placing a priority on wrestling’s history.

”I disagree with all you guys. I think you need to know the history. You need to know who Andre the Giant is. You need to know who Buddy Rogers is. You need to know this. You need to know something you are passionate about,” said Hogan.

Alex gets the boot. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

In Week Two, it was the women who dominated the drama with two factions coming together. Dianna and her former rival Gabi against…pretty much everyone else. The two outsiders buried the hatchet once they discovered they shared a common bond: their dislike for the other women, especially Daria and Amanda.

Daria and Amanda on Tough Enough (Photo Courtesy: WWE)

”You know I said last week everyone didn’t like you? Well, apparently, everyone doesn’t like me either so I think it is going to be me and you against this entire household,” Dianna told Gabi.

Still, a tad upset at Dianna for her previous comments, Gabi approached the situation as keeping her “enemies closer.”

Roman Reigns visits Tough Enough. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Things have become so bitter between the foursome that Daria gave Dianna a new nickname.

”Princess Dianna, that is your name from now on,” laughed Daria.

Later on, Dianna finally snapped.

”You have called me that five times today. Just shut up,” said an irritated Dianna.

”Because that’s your nickname,” sniped Daria.

”That isn’t my nickname,” replied Dianna.

”Then, don’t act like that if you don’t want to be seen like that,” said Daria.

”It is called mutual respect. Have some respect,” answered Dianna.

”If I was disrespecting you, you would know it,” bumbled Daria.

”Whatever. I am just sick of you calling me Princess Dianna. Stop it,” said Dianna sternly.

With that, Dianna switched beds with ZZ and moved out of the women’s bedroom.

In the Courage Challenges, it was Dianna, Patrick and Giorgia who led the pack. Dianna lapped the competition in a swamp swim to retrieve NXT title belts while Patrick and Giorgia shone taking mat bumps from the top rope.

During the swim, Alex and Mada did not finish and Daria dropped her belt.

”Why is it not around your waist? So, if you win this and I put a championship belt on you, know you will carry it every single day but now you don’t have one and it is at the bottom of the lake somewhere, right? Everyone found a way to carry their stuff, except for you,” barked coach Billy Gunn reprimanding Daria.

The coaches at the swamp swim challenge. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

WWE superstar Roman Reigns and NXT superstar Bull Dempsey hosted the mat bump challenge which was optional.

”Now, I wouldn’t do that. I broke my neck in 2002 and I wouldn’t take a bump off that top rope now,” coach Lita warned the competitors but nobody sat out. Patrick and Giorgia were picked by coaches Booker and Lita as the best of the bunch.

Week Two: Bottom Three Nominations

Hulk Hogan: Dianna

Daniel Bryan: Alex

Paige: Sara Lee

Final Viewer Vote

Alex: 15%

Dianna: 35%

Sara Lee: 50%

Week Two Boot: Alex


Bull Dempsey on Tough Enough. (Photo Courtesy: WWE.)