Sorry for the late report this week. At first I was just too consumed with Joan Rivers Oscar-tribute-snub outrage, and then for the past few days, was spending all my spare time trying to figure out the colour scheme of the infamous internet dress. Anyway, check out this summary of what happened on last week’s episode to find out what you missed.

Eva Marie’s family all got together for a family trip to Las Vegas. She was concerned that, because of her father’s ill-health, this could be the last time they all would be able to get together. After a weird scene with her loud and geeky father and all her brothers hanging out in a hot tub together (#AwkwardFamilyPhotos), she convinced her brothers to make this a memorable trip for dad, and asked everyone to think of “bucket list” items that they could all do. Even though they all had fun acting like white-trash in a club, and then going for some big-ass burgers, nobody liked the idea of going skydiving. Least of all dad, who refused to get into the death-trap plane. He overheard them saying something about a “bucket list” and got mad, insisting that he was far from dead. She apologized, and he said he appreciated the gesture, but that he’s fine, and in very good spirits, simply because the entire family is there with him. They decided to do stuff that he wants to do, namely racing sports cars at a racetrack, and it’s a fun time for all.

On the Bella Twins front, this week sees them at odds over Nikki’s spending habits, when she shows Brie a purse that she wants to buy that costs about $15,000. Brie says that Nikki wastes too much money on frivolous things, tells Nikki that she’s losing touch on financial reality because John Cena can afford to buy anything that Nikki wants. Nikki dismisses Brie’s view, and goes on a shopping spree for a bunch of clothes. Brie gets upset at this, but Mama Bella tells her to chill out, noting that Brie spends a lot of money too, like a water-filtration system, and to many, that’s as much of a white elephant as Nikki’s purse. After more nagging, though, Nikki agrees to see Brie’s financial advisor for some advice. At the financial advisor’s office, he notes that Nikki actually has things planned out well, since she has a real estate license – while it’s Brie that could be in trouble if and when her WWE career ends because she has nothing to fall back on at that point. Of course, Nikki needles Brie for this turn of events. Also, John Cena bought Nikki the purse, which I assume has magical powers, being that it’s so expensive.

After last week’s episode, when Nattie’s dad, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart went to go to rehab, Nattie is trying to be an emotional support for her mother. She’s shocked when she goes to visit her mom and finds out that her parents’ house has been flood-damaged. Though she’s still trying to maintain her distance from TJ because of their recent separation, she doesn’t know who else to call for help. Though surprised to hear from her, TJ is more than willing to help out. He calls up his buddy Art, a contractor, to help work on the place. Some time later, TJ offers to buy Nattie’s parents some new furniture, since there was so much damage to their old stuff. Nattie is taken aback by his generosity, and mentions it to Trinity, who wises her up and tells Nattie that TJ obviously still feels the love between them, despite their fight. Nattie realizes that she has been unfairly projecting her concerns about her father’s lifestyle onto TJ. When the house repairs are done, Nattie’s mom comes back and is thrilled to see the repairs and the new furniture. Nattie happily gives all the credit to TJ, and she realizes that their relationship is strong and worth rebuilding… just like the house.


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