As a workout fanatic, wrestler, and personal trainer, I can vouch that the new Power Series Triple H workout DVD is a great introduction to exercise. It offers beginners the basic fundamentals to a full body functional workout. But was it enough for me? Read on!

The DVD is broken down into six sections: warm up, two separate upper body workouts, a lower body workout, muscle building cardio, and mobility or post-workout stretches. Stretching before and after workouts is CRUCIAL and both of those sections are very helpful.

I also strongly agree with the muscle building cardio. This is a remarkable way to achieve that lean, hard muscle look. Treadmills, ellipticals and machines often increase or help develop imbalances in the body. I’m a firm believer in that no two people are built the same so certain exercises are going to work differently for certain people. Therefore your body needs to move free as much as possible.

Everything on this entire DVD is done with free weights or your own bodyweight and posture. Not allowing you to rely on the assistance of machines and losing all advantages of strengthening your core and stability. A big benefit to the average person is that the whole DVD can be performed with only a few matching dumbbell options.

The workouts are done in the WWE Performance Center and Triple H has the help of six wrestlers from the WWE’s developmental system. They all look great but are just missing that special Pepper “The Body” Parks bravado.

A lot of workout DVDs can come across pretty cut and dry. The production and generic background music on here are a little cheesy but Triple H does a good job of keeping it fresh with his occasional ribs on Slate Randall. He’s very informative on what each exercise is doing and why, which is an excellent learning tool. He also gives options if you are experiencing any injuries and need things to be modified.

Spoiler alert, I hope shirtless sweaty dudes don’t make you uncomfortable because when the going gets tough some tarps definitely get peeled off.

Pepper Parks. Photo by Holly Lengyel

The only people who might not benefit from this DVD are those looking to gain mass. This is more of a fast-paced, fat-burning, toning style workout with little to no rest. If you’re looking for a traditional, one body part a day, three sets of 10, 8, 6 reps with long rest periods for your next heavier set, this isn’t what you are looking for. But if that’s your current workout routine and you are looking to change things up this could be a great new alternative.

I personally never stick to one routine for very long. To stay in shape you need to be exercising at least four to five times a week. Unfortunately getting it in once or twice a week and drinking the occasional protein shake isn’t gonna cut it.

My advice is to find an exercise routine you enjoy! Once that routine starts getting stale and you start slacking, change things up and the Power Series Triple H workout DVD is full of great options for a change of pace.


Pepper Parks is a professional wrestler and personal trainer, who lives in upstate New York. Follow him on Twitter @pepperparks, Instagram pepper_parks, and book him for a wrestling appearance at