As someone who is both a pro wrestler and a personal trainer, I took great interest in the new Stephanie McMahon DVD from WWE’s Fit Series, and jumped at the chance to give it a try.

The WWE’s Fit Series workout program consists of five timed routines broken down as follows: Upper body; Lower body; Cardio; Mobility; and Flexibility. The program offers a solid introduction to exercise, perfect for beginners and anybody looking to get a decent workout in at home with limited equipment. Each section begins with a warm up and a demonstration of the exercises that will be performed, along with a modification for people that might not be able to perform the movement correctly. I felt that there could have been a clearer explanation of what muscle each exercise was working, but this may not be as important to somebody just starting out.

Stephanie is the instructor and does a good job of encouraging the WWE Divas, and also the at home viewers, however, there is an option to turn off Stephanie’s voice, which is beneficial if you are using the DVD on a daily basis.

If you are an aspiring pro wrestler, or a fan of the product, the setting will appeal to you. Each workout takes place in front of three WWE rings and are performed by NXT and main roster Divas. I’m sure fans are interested in how the Divas stay in shape, and this DVD gives some insight into their daily workout routines. There is an emphasis on functional training and mobility, if you aren’t familiar with functional training this series is a good introduction to it.

I felt that the workouts provided give you the most bang for your buck in terms of time spent and also give a nice variety so that you aren’t stuck doing the same movements over and over. That being said, if you are an avid exerciser looking for a challenge you might be disappointed. With such an emphasis on simple movements, more advanced participants may find the program stale. I had a decent sweat going, but I also felt like I needed to hit the gym afterwards to complete my workout. Perhaps on the next series they will offer an advanced option, I would like to see them include kettlebells, resistance bands, and plyometrics.

Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb. Photo by Holly Lengyel

One of my favorite sections of the program was the stretching component. Stretching after a workout is often neglected and it was refreshing to see Stephanie spend a good chunk of time demonstrating and discussing the importance of it. Unlike many other workout programs, this one does not include a nutrition guideline. Nutrition is a key component to a healthy lifestyle, and I would like to see them include this into future programs.

In closing, I felt that the Fit Series offers a well-rounded exercise program, perfect for beginners or anyone in a pinch looking to get a quick workout in. I enjoyed the focus on mobility and stretching and feel that everyone can benefit from these areas. I also liked that there was a modification for each exercise, which is especially beneficial to those of us with injuries. It would be nice to see them include an advanced option with an introduction to kettlebells, plyometrics and a nutrition guideline on future DVDs. Stephanie and the Divas all looked great, and were not at all intimidating. I recommend you give this program a try!!


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