Do WWE wrestlers play as themselves in wrestling video games? What NXT wrestlers are they most looking forward to facing? How about new moves a tag team has been working on? Former WWE tag team champion Jey Uso took the time to talk to SLAM! Wrestling about these questions and more in a two-part series. This one deals with the present and future of the Usos brothers’ wrestling career.

Jey Uso wants to regain the WWE tag team titles. Photo by Bill Otten, B&B Productions.

The Present

Hell in a Cell

The Usos already enacted their rematch clause against Gold and Stardust and were unsuccessful in their attempt to win back the belts. But given what a great match the teams had at last month’s Night of Champions PPV, it was inevitable that WWE would line up another match between the teams, and Jey was asked about the possibility of competing in the eponymous cell match at this Sunday’s PPV.

“I don’t care if it’s a mud wrestling match,” Jey said. “I want those titles back!” Of course, Jey did express interest in having a Hell in the Cell match because of the uniqueness of it. There’s only been one tag team Hell in a Cell match. Back in 2006 WWE’s PPV Unforgiven had a two-on-three handicap match with DX taking on the McMahons with the Big Show. It was the first time the new and improved Cell debuted and while no titles were on the line, it was truly a spectacle to behold as DX came away victorious in one of the more violent cell matches I’ve seen.

“It’s time to vamp that up,” Jey said but added, “we need something from the Edge and Christian, Hardy and Dudley Boyz era … I think me and my brother, the Wyatts and the Dust Brothers together could all top those matches.”

WWE 2K15

It’s getting closer to the holiday season which can only mean one thing: a new WWE video game, with WWE 2K15 hitting the shelves late in October. Of course WWE fans play it, but what about the wrestlers themselves? Jey is definitely one of those guys who enjoys the game.

“I have an eight-year old son so I play games all the time,” Jey said. When asked about what he’s most looking forward to, Jey had an interesting answer. This WWE video game is supposed to be the most extensive and in depth game, at least as far as career mode goes.

Even though Jey and Jimmy are twins, their movesets aren’t identical. That’s something Jey hopes is addressed in the game. “I’m excited for it coming out because I want to see how they differentiate us because there are certain moves I’ll do that Jimmy won’t do and some he’ll do that I won’t do,” Jey said. “I’m excited to see it… of course, it’s cool just to be in a video game.”

The big question regarding Jey playing the game is if he always plays as himself or if there’s another wrestler he prefers to wrestle as? It’s bit of both as Jey does use his own character sometimes but doesn’t mind switching between other characters. However, there is one requirement when he plays these games. “The guy I beat up HAS to be Heath Slater,” he joked.

The Future

Often in professional wrestling a tag team will eventually split up and go their separate ways in search of individual accolades. Often those teams will end up like the Rockers: with one wrestler really thriving as a singles guy (Shawn Michaels) while his former partner struggles to remain relevant (Marty Jannetty). It’s rare for both guys to have individual success, but it has been done before. Matt and Jeff Hardy both were world champions, at the same time no less, and even Edge and Christian held multiple world title reigns.

But those tag teams had a bad break up before searching for individual success. Jey Uso doesn’t see he and Jimmy following down that path. Jey believes the Usos can be successful as solo wrestlers and still remain on good terms. “We’re going to support each other, however it goes,” Jey said. “I don’t see us ever doing a tag team split. It’s not in my vision and it’s not in my brother’s vision. Why can’t the WWE tag team champions both be singles champions at the same time? I don’t think that’s ever been done.”

Jey hopes that eventually he and Jimmy will each hold singles titles at the same time and be the tag champs. Occasionally a tag team has featured one double champion, but not both at the same time. As for why Jey wants that, he referenced another set of WWE twins, the Bellas, when they claimed they were the co-Divas champion. “I liked seeing them go out there, both holding the title above their heads,” Jey said.

Favorite NXT Wrestlers

Just in case you haven’t ordered the WWE Network by now, you’re missing out on NXT, the next generation of WWE Superstars. Jey of course has seen his share of NXT and is looking forward to several wrestlers making the full-time jump up to the WWE ranks. “I like Tyler Breeze,” Jey said. “He’s pretty smooth in the ring. Me and him would mix well. I respect his abilities.”

As far as teams go, Jey says he and Jimmy are both looking forward to matches with the current NXT tag champs, the Lucha Dragons, as well as the former champs, the Ascension, because both would help the Usos plan for the tag team division. “I want the tag division to stay strong,” Jey said. “I know it goes up and down but me and my brother want to be behind it and push the division forward. It’s a lost art. I feel the fans really appreciate it.”

Future Tag Moves

A few weeks ago the Usos showed off their version of the Road Warriors’ Doomsday Device finisher. Fortunately, that’s not the only new move the Usos have been working on. “We got a couple of tricks up our sleeve we’re just waiting for the right time to pull out.” Jey spoke about the Alley-Us, the pop-up Samoan Drop but said he and Jimmy are working on another modified double-team Samoan Drop move. Essentially both Jimmy and Jey would hit their opponent with a simultaneous Samoan Drop, a move typically reserved for the Mark Henrys and the Bray Wyatts of the wrestling world. Of course, Jey did say it could be used “on the Dust Brothers to get our tag titles back.”