MONTREAL – I remember going to a WWF house show at the Montreal Forum, and I wanted to get a t-shirts and see the stars but I also wanted Ricky Steamboat to take revenge on Randy Savage. Not much has really changed today at the WWE house show at the Bell Centre last night. I was with my kids and they wanted a t-shirt and they wanted to see the stars like most of the fans in attendance. The main difference to me was that Randy Orton got the biggest reaction even if everyone should have been cheering for Dean Ambrose to get revenge.

Wrestling is not the only form of entertainment looking to find a way for the bad guys to not be more popular than the hero — at the movies often enough a good bad guy like Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Thor: The Dark World will steal the movie from the good guy. Last night made it clear Randy Orton was a star and just like for a Star Wars movie fans were there to see Darth Vader and not Luke Skywalker.

The main event was the best match of the night with the in-ring action and mostly by the crowd reaction to everything they did.

After the second match, they said we would be able to tweet to select our main event. The choices were the already announced two-on-one street fight of Kane and Randy Orton against Dean Ambrose, or a tag team street fight between Kane and Randy Orton against Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. To no one’s surprise the tag team match won.

If Randy Orton got the biggest reaction from the faithful at the Bell Centre, Dolph Ziggler was right behind him much louder than even Dean Ambrose who has been headlining Raw recently.

They had the typical WWE street fight at a house show with the crowd really getting into it and what made the match was Dolph Ziggler — he struggled, his back was against the wall, but he give everything he had and he made the hot tag to Ambrose who came in and cleaned house.

Ambrose won the match on Kane by pinfall with a double arm DDT and if the shade of Mick Foley in his repertoire wasn’t clear enough, he had just give Orton a big elbow from the second rope with a chair to get rid of him.

As if the bad guys could not believe they had lost and that the crowd had just turned on them, they started to attack Ziggler and Ambrose. That brought in succession: The Usos, Goldust, Stardust, R-Truth, Miz, Damian Mizdow and finally to a great reaction local hero and NXT superstar Sami Zayn. After a short brawl, he helped the good guys clear the ring from all the evil doers. The show ended with his music with all of them celebrating in the ring and the crowd chanting OLE, OLE, OLE. This was a great way to give the show a local flavour. It made the evening memorable with something we can’t see anywhere else — certainly not on television.

Here are the other results from the show:

1) R-Truth beat the Miz who had Damien Mizdow with him. Mizdow stole the show as he was mimicking everything Miz was doing in the match from ringside. Mizdow said fans didn’t pay good money to see them lose and sent an open challenge to anyone in the back.

2) Great Khali beat Damien Mizdow with the big karate chop to the head in less than a minute after Miz retreated to dressing room.

3) Adrian Neville beat Sami Zayn to keep the NXT championship with the red arrow. Zayn was given mike time before the match to establish that he was home. Second best match of the evening. The local guy losing kind of send a cold shower into the crowd as they had us believed that maybe Zayn could win the big one at home. Right after that, they shook hands and made peace and reluctantly the crowd cheered both guys.

4) Natalya and Naomi beat Cameron and Layla when Natalya put the sharpshooter on Layla. Natalya really put a lot in her performance even taking selfies with fans before and after the match. This was better than expected.

5) Goldust and Stardust beat The Usos. At some point during this match, the crowd lost interest and started to chant, “Let’s go Cena, Cena Sucks” and “CM Punk.” They brought the crowd in at the end but barely.

6) Adam Rose beat Justin Gabriel after the Bunny came to distract Gabriel. After the match Rose took a selfie with someone and gave him his Bunny teddy bear — my two sons were jealous. This got over nicely. Among the rosebuds tonight were some local talent: Mary Lee Rose from NCW Femmes Fatales; Apokalips from NCW; Twiggy from C*4 and Battlewar; Giant Tiger from C*4 and Battlewar

7-Mark Henry beat Rusev by DQ when he was hit with a chair shot by Rusev. Rusev was the most hated wrestler of the night. Lana said that the Montreal Canadians were winning because they had a player from Russia. Well we are winning so I can’t argue.