It’s a total cliché to say “never judge a book by it’s cover” but it still is often true. This time, the book is Brodus Clay — BC Monster during the interview — as he’s the newest participant in Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot series. And while BC may look like a big, dumb jock, his discussion with Sean Oliver as he answers fan questions proves that he’s anything but.

The concept of this video is simple: Oliver reads questions or shows videos that viewers have submitted and BC answers them honestly. While he doesn’t have the answers to all the questions, as some are about old rumours of wrestlers from yesteryear, BC (real name George Murdoch) doesn’t hold back his responses, but still keeps it very professional. With the video lasting nearly two hours, there are a lot of questions. Here are a few highlights from the video.


Before he was a professional wrestler, BC spent time as a bodyguard for Snoop Dogg. And yes, there is some crossover between being a bodyguard and a sports entertainer, just not what you’d expect. BC credits the job with helping him talk to the public, especially as a heel because it was his job to announce when Snoop had to leave or the interview was over. BC said he always delivered the bad news with a smile on his face and that’s why he was basically a heel bodyguard.


Other than having a boss/employee relationship, BC didn’t have too much contact with Mr. McMahon. However, Vince was instrumental in helping put together the Funkasaurus dance. According to BC, before he debuted this new gimmick he was in the ring working on his dance moves. Vince decided to help him out and joined him in the ring and basically told BC to do whatever felt natural. Seeing Vince unafraid to look silly definitely helped out because BC could joke to himself thinking, “And I thought I was a bad dancer!”


Unlike previous eras when a lot of the boys would have beefs with each other, BC said he never had any serious issues with any of the other talent. When asked about who the biggest bully in the locker room was, he did have a very interesting answer: Hornswaggle.

There was a brief period when ‘Swaggle was BC’s manager and BC thinks he was constantly being hamstrung by the former cruiserweight champion. One instance took place during a European tour. Just before going out to address the crowd, Hornswaggle reminded BC that they were in Newcastle. The problem was they were in Birmingham so when BC said “Hello Newcastle!” he was booed throughout his entire appearance when his opponent was Jinder Mahal. BC didn’t take too kindly to that rib and decided to return the favour by giving ‘Swaggle a “turkey-tap” (a punch to the crotch) for retaliation. Otherwise, he claims to never had been in other locker room brawls.


If there’s one thing to take away from this interview, BC has a huge issue when talking about certain wrestlers being buried in the WWE because he doesn’t necessarily relate storylines to the current standing of any particular wrestler. BC’s reasoning is simple: if you are still on the WWE’s payroll (he refers to it as the top spot in the biz and I can’t argue that) regardless of your exposure, you’re doing fine.

BC says that even if a wrestler doesn’t appear on television programs, he’s still valuable to the company. Of course, with all the indy wrestlers looking for their big break into the WWE, there’s always someone trying to take your spot on the roster and until that indy person can prove otherwise, the current WWE wrestlers should never feel as though their career is getting killed.


As per the usual YouShoot series, nothing is off limits as BC answers questions ranging from backstage dirt to ring rats on the road. Just like his Funkasaurus personality, BC definitely has a good sense of humour. While not all of the questions he answers are specifically about him and his wrestling career, if you’re interested in learning more about both BC’s career and certain wrestling rumours that never seem to die, this is worth checking out. Just remember if you’re under 18 to call your momma for permission.