The show hits a TV milestone this week with its first “very special episode”, in which Ariane’s brother learns about hanging out with the wrong crowd, Eva Marie has to deal with a gun in the house, and Daniel Bryan has to possibly compromise his principles in order to maintain his health and career. And Rosa Mendez shows off her boobs, so that’s good too. Check out the full recap below!

The Bellas meet up for brunch and Nikki sets a new show record by saying “vagina” within the first 15 seconds. She’s wearing half a shirt, which is probably good because it distracts people from seeing how stupid she is. Brie probably should wear something revealing too, for similar reasons, based on the inane discussion they’re having about whether a seal is a fish or not.

Brie is driving Bryan to his acupunturist, as he thinks that will cure his neck issues. Not sure, then, why the doctor is stabbing his hand and leg – of course, that assumes that this hocus-pocus is real medicine anyway.

Eva Marie is driving around with her fiancee Jonathan. He mentions a home invasion that happened near their place. Eva Marie wants to move, but he thinks they should just buy a gun. She’s anti-gun in general, but he insists she try one out before rushing to judgment.

Nikki and John Cena are working out and start speculating on Bryan’s neck situation. Cena dismisses acupuncture as well, and suggests that Bryan go for the surgery just like he did – and it didn’t seem to hurt Cena’s career much.

Eva Marie joins Ariane for brunch, and Ariane shows off her bruises she got while training at NXT. Ariane gets a call from her mom Tammy who says that Ariane’s younger brother is becoming a juvenile delinquent. Tammy asks her to come back home to talk some sense into this young menace.

They show the clip from the episode of RAW where Brie is sitting in the crowd and gets Steph-slapped. Backstage, Brie tells Nikki that Bryan doesn’t want to have a second surgery, and she supports his decision. Nikki is concerned because if he’s not working, he and Brie don’t have as much money, and all Nikki wants is what’s best for her sister. Ever so helpful, Nikki says Brie should demand Bryan get surgery.

Eva Marie and Jonathan head to the gun range. She does well, but is adamant about her objections to him buying one.

Brie and Bryan are out for dinner, where Bryan experience a nerve pain and he drops his knife. It’s scary and awkward and they leave shortly thereafter. Brie is scared that things are worse than Bryan had thought.

Ariane goes to her meathead boyfriend Vincent’s place and they head off to see her mom at her hair salon. Tammy says that she doesn’t know where little bro Quinton is, so they go off to find him.

At home, Brie tells Bryan he should go back to the doctor because she’s scared of what happened at dinner.

Ariane and Vincent find Quinton hanging out on a street corner with his hoodlum buddies. As she’s chewing him out for disrespecting their mom by not calling to tell her where he is, or return her calls, she busts one of his buddies who tries to hide a bag from her sight. She picks up the bag, and looks inside and gets upset, smashing it on the ground and breaking something – a glass bong, maybe? It was blurred out, so something definitely not TV-PG. She grabs him to take him home, and he’s just being a smarmy punk.

Jonathan is still trying to convince Eva Marie to get a gun, but she’s not having any of that noise.

Ariane decides to have an intervention for her brother at her place. She and Tammy start lecturing him, but he just walks away. If this was the Attitude Era, they would have booked him against the Acolytes to learn him some manners. Actually, having the Acolytes come out and beat the snot out of him would be some darn good TV. Vincent, too, just for fun.

Eva Marie goes home after a tour, and when she gets there, she finds that Jonathan has bought a gun while she was away. Of course, the dope left it lying in the middle of their bed, so that just screams safety.

Rosa Mendez is at a photoshoot and she must have gone to the same school as Nikki and Brie, as she wants to distract the world with her boobs – and in my case it’s working.

Bryan is with the WWE doctor explaining about the numbness and the muscle spasms that he’s been having. The doc’s diagnosis is that more surgery is required, which is obviously disappointing. If there’s any good news, it’s that the surgery is relatively minor and the heal time is pretty short.

Backstage at catering, Eva Marie tells Nattie, Jimmy Uso, and Titus O’Neal – who, in his short appearance joins Seamstress Sondra as one of the most entertaining people on the show – about Jonathan’s gun purchase. Everyone thinks that was way out of line.

It’s Money in the Bank, and Bryan comes to the ring to tell the WWE Universe that he has to go for the surgery and he’ll be out of action for longer than originally expected.

Ariane and Vinnie load Quinton up in the car and take him to the rough side of town to meet a bunch of ex gang members, including a guy with fangs and a tattoo-covered face. The gang-bangers tell Quinton about life on the streets, aiming to scare him straight. I thought it would be neat if they brought back Make a Difference Fatu for this, but the tattoo guy was much more effective – heck, I was just watching him on TV and I was scared.

At home, Brie wants Bryan to hang a picture, but he’s not allowed to lift up anything heavier than five pounds. Hearing this scares Brie enough to suggest that he go through with the surgery. As a staunch believer in naturopathy, Bryan is horrified by the thought.

Ariane and family go out for dinner later that night, and Quinton apologizes to his mom for being a disrespectful screw-up. He thanks Ariane and Tammy for caring about him, and it looks like he’s going to walk the straight and narrow for now. Hustle, loyalty, and respect, son.

Eva Marie and Jonathan are out for dinner too, and Eva Marie tells him that she’s ticked that he bought a gun without talking it over with her first. She says that she’s not going to be the kind of wife that will let him just do whatever the heck he wants. He apologizes, kind of, and it’s not clear if they will keep the gun or not, but they definitely won’t be getting a dog… or will they?

Brie, Bryan, and Momma Bella are out for lunch, and they tell her that the doctor has recommended surgery. Momma Bella is firmly in the surgery camp, but Bryan doesn’t want to have it without exhausting all other holistic possibilities. Sounds like a stupid decision to me… wonder if he’s been wearing Nikki’s shirt.

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