WINDSOR, Ont. — Border City Wrestling turned 20 years old in grand style Saturday night with a card that showcased a ton of new and old talent, and paid tribute to the many, many men and women who have trained in the Can-Am Wrestling school in town.

The show was at St. Clair College in Windsor, and drew over 1,000 fans (with many more having to be turned away at the door due to venue capacity restrictions). The show was taped as well, with Arda Ocal and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas acting as the commentary team.

Before the show, host Jeffrey Scott introduced the BCW Commissioner Chuck Fader and ring announcer Sonny Berelli.

Here are the results:

1) Moose def. Bry Sullivan.

2) Abe “Action” Jackson and Dean Prince beat Johnny Bravo and N8 Mattson.

3) Larry Destiny won a BCW Legends Gauntlet Battle Royale, also featuring Mike Legacy, Tommy Wonder, Gutter, Denny Kass, Pat Ryan, Sinn, Bobby Clancy, Irish Mickey Doyle, and “Arrogant” Otis Apollo.

4) The monstrous Kongo Kong w/ The Beholder overpowered Brad Freakin’ Martin to get the win.

5) Angelina Love beat Jasmine w/ Truth Martini.

6) Japanese star Kushida won a stellar 4-way match, reminiscent of TNA’s X-Division in its prime, over Petey Williams, Jimmy Jacobs, and Brent Banks.

7) Rikishi stink-faced Johnny Swinger’s manager “Handsome” Johnny Bradford, then hit a butt-drop on Swinger for the pin.

8) Rhino put Krimson through a table with a GORE to win their Extreme Rules contest.

9) In a special edition of the Snake Pit, host Jake “the Snake” Roberts interviewed Kongo Kong and The Beholder. After a verbal confrontation, Jake DDT’d the manager, but then got squashed by Kong with four giant splashes.

10) Cody Deaner, BCW Champion Phil Atlas, and Cody Hall w/ Scott Hall beat The Syndicate (Tyson Dux, Jon Bolen, and Scott D’Amore). Scott Hall kicked this one off with a “Hey, yo!” and did one of his famous surveys. Tyson Dux tried to one-up that by doing “the dance”. In the end, Scott and Cody Hall double-teamed D’Amore and then set him up on the top turnbuckle. Cody then hit a Razor’s Edge on D’Amore, and Phil Atlas finished him off with a superkick to get the win for his team.