For the moment, Brodus Clay appears to be a tag team wrestler, and Monday night at Raw, he teamed with Sweet T (Tensai) in a losing cause against the Usos to figure out the top challengers for the WWE tag belts.

But he’s game to switch things up too.

There is still a desire in him to be a singles guy.

Brodus Clay in January. Photo by Devin Chen,

“I like tagging with T. I think the two go hand in hand,” Clay told SLAM! Wrestling last Monday. “If there was an opportunity for a singles match in a second — but I also like tagging up too. It’s a lot of fun.”

His character as a big, funky, dancing dude is not a traditional, serious babyface chasing a title. Would the goofiness have to go and the character reinvented for a true singles run, maybe with one of U.S. title or Intercontinental belt?

“I don’t know if necessarily agree with goofy, but it depends on what the situation is. Everything changes from week to week in WWE, and that’s what’s cool about it,” he said. “All it takes is one minute you’re smiling and the next minute you can be a savage. It just really depends on what the situation is. I’m always looking for new challenges.”

The interview took place just after the Payback pay-per-view, where Clay had been a lumberjack during one of three matches between John Cena and Ryback.

Was it frustrating to just be a lumberjack?

“I don’t think it was frustrating. You’ve just got to wait for your time and be ready when you get your opportunity,” he said. “Obviously you want to be on every show, you want to do everything you possibly can, but you don’t make those decisions.”

What was his favourite part of the Payback card?

“With the return of [CM] Punk, the place went nuts. [Curtis] Axel capturing the Intercontinental championship was a special moment on Father’s Day; I think that was powerful. The reaction to Cena and Ryback was pretty good. All around, I thought it was a pretty solid show. Alberto [Del Rio] and Dolph [Ziggler], that really surprised me,” he said.

Given the storyline of Del Rio attacking Ziggler’s head — savagely — after Dolph’s return from a concussion, the question was posed, Are you aware of each other’s health issues, like hurting body parts, and discuss that before a bout?

“Guys are, just like any other competition, not too many guys disclose if they’re hurt or stuff like that,” he said, sounding like a hockey coach dismissing the seriousness of a player who has left a game in an ambulance.

The two dancers that accompany Clay to the ring, The Funkadactyls (Naomi and Cameron), are a part of the new WWE Divas show on E! called Total Divas. Has the taping affected him at all?

“We have stayed out of that. I only worry about the stuff that’s put in front of us. That’s their thing, and they can do what they do with that. I don’t worry about the stuff that I have to worry about.”

Like what’s next.

He know knows when he arrives at the arena.

“Tonight’s Raw. When I get there, I’ll see what’s cracking.”