For months now, SLAM! Wrestling has been collecting predictions on what will happen in the main event of WrestleMania 28, The Rock taking on John Cena. We asked current WWE stars, past WWE stars, and the current stars of the indy world. Read on to find out what they think!

Natalya, WWE Diva:
“When they announced it last year, it was like, oh my gosh, they gave us a whole year to think about it. But it’s so extraordinary. The Rock versus John Cena. Cena is WWE’s hometown hero, but The Rock, he’s larger than life. He’s a movie star, but they’ve both so much, they’re both so similar, but so different too. They’re both icons. The Rock comes from wrestling royalty, like my family, Samoans and greatness. But there’s something about John Cena, I feel like John Cena’s the underdog. I don’t know if it’s the Hart coming out in me, but I feel like I’m rooting for the underdog in this whole thing, and it’s maybe because The Rock doesn’t appear to be the underdog. The Rock appears cool, calm, and collected, like he’s got this whole thing in his back pocket. To me, I kind of like seeing John Cena rise from the ashes. Whenever someone’s the underdog, it’s what my grandfather, Stu Hart, kind of instilled in me, is you’ve got to go for the underdog. I don’t know. It’s a tough call. I respect The Rock as much as anyone. I think it’s amazing that he’s coming back to WWE and doing something extraordinary with John Cena. At the same time, John Cena is somebody that is not like anybody else that I know, that I’ve ever met. It’s like he’s unbreakable. He’s the male version of myself and Beth Phoenix! He’s unbreakable!”

Chuck Taylor, Evolve, Dragon Gate USA, CHIKARA
“As a fan, I was growing up when Rock was at his biggest, late ’90s, 2000s, that’s when I was at the height of my wrestling fandom for the most part, so he’s always going to have a special place in my wrestling fan’s heart. I’m sure it’s going to be something. It won’t be a five-star technical clinic, but with two guys with that much charisma, it’s going to be something exciting. … I think there’s no reason Cena shouldn’t win. I don’t think The Rock is going to come back full-time, so it really doesn’t make sense to have Cena lose, to me.”

Sara Del Rey, “The Queen of Wrestling”:
“I really don’t know, but even if I’m an insider, I’m looking forward to see the match because I’m really curious to know the outcome of it.”

“Road Dogg” Jesse James, veteran second-generation star
I think Rock versus Cena is a heck of a marketer’s dream and ticket sales were just goin’ out the window like crazy. The Rock is an international movie star and John Cena is as big as it gets in our world and made a couple of movies himself. This is a clash of the titans, it may not be a competitor for Dragon Gate match of the year but it is going to be a great match and do great business. The winner will be the fans.

Mercedes Martinez, SHIMMER, UWA:
“The Rock’s gonna win with the Rock Bottom because he’s a better worker and entertainer.”

Luke Gallows, former WWE star
“Don’t care who wins, but I’d like their payday.”

Christina Von Erie, female wrestling star:
“The Rock is going to win. Just because Cena is American and the American people is behind him, and he smiles at the little kid and he high-fives the soccer moms and he makes the little girls cry, doesn’t mean that he has what it takes to beat The Rock. He was the Scorpion King!

Dolph Ziggler, WWE superstar
“There’s going to be a lot of chanting back and forth from 80 plus thousand people. I hope Cena wins, because if he doesn’t, it kind of looks like if our leader of the young up-and-comers can’t get it done against Rock, then I don’t know who else can. I’m leaning towards the guy who’s with us in the trenches every single night; 200 days a year that we’re all on, plus charity work and things. I appreciate that he’s (Cena) always here. Nothing against The Rock at all, because he’s obviously gone on to other things, and I’m sure he’s in great shape. I’m looking forward to Cena kind of busting out some new moves and putting on a little clinic I hope. So hopefully Cena wins.”

Kevin Steen, Ring of Honor troublemaker:
“I will run-in from the crowd and help Rock score the win.”

Lufisto, SHIMMER, Femmes Fatales:
“John Cena, because The Rock has nothing to prove but Cena represents generation now and this generation still have everything to prove. Plus, Cena is the moneymaker of the company, it would be a bad business decision to put The Rock over.

The Honky Tonk Man, the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time:
It is a great match up and will be great for the fans but as a person in the business, obviously the WWE is lacking in some area of their own talent when they have to bring The Rock and last year Stone Cold back. They have had a whole year to build around The Rock who doesn’t really work for the company any more. When we set that attendance record at Wrestlemania 3 it was all off the talent roster, we didn’t need to have somebody from something else to do anything.

Jessie McKay, Australian female star:
“John Cena. The younger guy always win. I think The Rock is too old to win, but at the same time, I hope I’m wrong cause I’ll go crazy if he does!!”

Allison Danger, veteran women’s star:
“John Cena. If you follow me at @allisondanger I’ll tell you my reason for proving myself right!”

Colt Cabana, veteran wrestler, podcast star, comedian:
“They will both pull chairs into the ring and a double feature will play of The Marine and Tooth Fairy on the Titantron, after which the fans will vote and declare the true winner of Wrestlemania. It’s not for me to decide, it’s to the people!”

— with files from Pat Laprade, Jason Clevett, Greg Oliver and Blaine van der Griend


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