“Paging Dr. Stipich.” No, this is not a gimmick; rather the profession that Shawn Stipich, better known in pro wrestling as Shawn Stasiak, has embraced the past eight years. 2002 saw the second generation performer step away from the squared circle to pursue a different goal — to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Several licenses and certificates later, the son of former WWWF star Stan “The Man” Stasiak is ready to take another crack at the industry he knows and loves.

“It’s in my blood, always has been and always will be. I realized that I never even scratched the surface of what I can bring to the wrestling business.”

The Oakville, Ontario-raised Stipich excelled in amateur collegiate wrestling at Boise State, parlaying that into two runs in the WWE with a successful stint with WCW sandwiched in-between. The question is how will the doctor shake up his character to make a true impact?

“I will draw from my own personal life energies and channel that into my ring work and promos,” explained Stipich. “You will feel my emotion, fire, and passion that has been there all this time but has been built up and now would be a perfect time to showcase it.”

Following three WCW tag team championships and numerous WWE hardcore titles, SLAM! Wrestling asked the 6-foot-2, 242-pound performer what his main goal is in returning to sports entertainment?

“To know that I actually got a real and fair opportunity to showcase my talents,” he said, adding, “a title around my waist would be nice, but ultimately just to know that my last run was where I finally got the chance to show what positive contributions I can bring to any company that I work for.”

Stipich has mainly played a heel character in his career, however, his new positive outlook on life leans him more towards the good guy side this time around.

“I’ve been doing some indie bookings and have really enjoyed playing the babyface as this has been new for me,” said Stipich. “The fans and I seem to be really connecting due to my new aggressive style, especially during my comebacks in matches.”

When it comes to where he would like to work, Stipich enjoys the intimacy of the independent circuit, but does have bigger aspirations.

“I would love to go to Japan. My amateur wrestling background I believe would blend well with their style.”

Of course he also would not mind a return to a major North American promotion. “TNA or WWE? I guess where the best business opportunity was. I do like TNA’s work schedule better than WWE and feel that with all the exciting stuff that is taking place could be a great opportunity for me and for them.”

Having been able to step back from wrestling, Stipich has pondered a pair of dream feuds that he would love to sink his teeth into.

“I worked with Randy Orton in dark matches years ago when WWE just brought him up. We had great chemistry in the ring.” The doctor goes on with, “he’s come a long way and is a great athlete, but now with my new found strength and spirit, it would be very interesting to face off with him. He needs a good beating anyway!” His other ideal opponent would be his old friend and new TNA World champion Rob Van Dam.

A recent shot of Shawn Stasiak.

Being away from the squared circle for so long, what has Dr. Shawn’s in-ring work been like in his recent indie bookings? “I’m feeling real good and aggressive in the ring. I’ve trimmed down a few pounds, feel light on my feet, and don’t get blown up. Everything seems to be more relaxed and flow better.”

Stipich’s passion is absolute and he wants to get across a clear message in his return.

“Never say never. Overcome your trials and tribulations, struggles and challenges to become a stronger spirit to succeed in any chapter of your life.”

Any promoters wanting to book Shawn Stasiak for matches and appearances can visit www.shawnstasiak.com or email him at bookshawnstasiak@yahoo.com.