Like many of the feuds heading into Slamboree, there is something deeper to the match between Curt Hennig and ‘The Perfect One’ Shawn Stasiak.

But unlike the Hulk Hogan vs Billy Kidman or Sting vs Vampiro matches, the extra layer doesn’t come from bad-mouthing. Instead it’s a common bond between two second-generation wrestlers, a history between the families.

“My dad wrestled with Curt’s dad,” Stasiak told SLAM! Wrestling, referring to his father Stan Stasiak, a former WWF world champion, and Curt’s father Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig. “When Curt was breaking into the business, my dad was kind of on his way out. He was pretty much into his 27th year, or 25th year, I can’t remember. His last couple of years, I’m sure he helped Curt. What Curt is doing with me is what my dad must have done with him.”

Shawn Stasiak. Courtesy WCW.

Hennig and others who went through the Portland territory during the senior Stan Stasiak’s last days in wrestling are always sharing stories with the younger Stasiak, telling him funny stories about how goofy it was, how much fun he was to be around.

Now only 29, with only a couple of years of wrestling behind him, Stasiak finds himself looking for suggestions and comments from some of the WCW locker room leaders. Diamond Dallas Page, Bret Hart and Hennig are three that he said really have been helpful.

“[They’re] watching my stuff, telling me what they think, telling me how I can maybe do it better. Just getting their expertise and their advice, which helps,” he said.

Overall, Stasiak finds the locker room “very friendly.”

“I feel very comfortable there, and even more so than when I was in the WWF.”

He finds it nice to have management believe in his talents, and show some faith in his abilites. A hyped PPV-match and a fairly well-defined feud are two things he never got while working for the WWF.

“I’d say thus far I’m very happy with where I am,” Stasiak said. “It’s a nice feeling to feel like you’re important, you’re being utilized. Your talents are finally being used as opposed to where I was with WWF. I don’t think that they utilized me very well there.”

Turning his focus back on Curt Hennig, the former Mr. Perfect in the WWF, Stasiak said that he won’t have a problem with the vet Sunday night at Slamboree.

“Worried about him? No, not at all. I’m The Perfect One, remember? That’s my attitude, remember too. He’s a wily veteran and he knows what he’s doing. I feel very comfortable in there with him,” the 6-foot-4, 255-pound Stasiak said.

Apparently, The Perfect One has a couple of tricks up his metaphorical sleeve too, but won’t let the cat out of the bag to SLAM! Wrestling. When asked about a special strategy for Hennig, Stasiak cryptically replied “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Whatever he does, I feel that I can do better. I’m younger, I’m stronger, I’m quicker and I think I’m more determined.”